His Touch of Ice

His Touch of Ice

by Kody Boye



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ISBN-13: 9781500292287
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/02/2014
Pages: 132
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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His Touch of Ice 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
His Touch of Ice is the story of Jason a former college student who's been down on his luck ever since he was kicked out after being falsely accused of plagiarism by another student. Tired, anxious and alone he spends time in chat rooms seeking a connection. On a whim he meets up with a man he's sure will turn out to be just another jerk and finds that there's a lot more to Guy Winters than he had at first bargained for. Despite his better judgement he follows tall, handsome and intriguing back to his place. Going home afterwards turns out to be less than appealing, especially when it turns out the eviction notice and belated rent payment have finally come to bite him.  Guy , who's turned out to be a very mysterious but seemingly trustworthy hook up offers to let him stay at his place and Jason soon takes him up on it. Things are fine for a while but one evening a break in changes that and the pair finds themselves on the run. It seems Guy is more than he at first appears and Jason was right to be uncertain. Lost in a world he doesn't understand Jason is quickly swallowed up in Guy's world, swept along in a battle he may not be able to handle. His Touch of Ice is a surprisingly quick read and a very satisfying one at that. Boye's characters are very likeable and we instantly relate to Jason's life and concerns. It's been a while since I got into a PNR book and this one is a fresh new take on the usual PNR tropes. I really liked what he did here with the Kaldr (distant relatives of the ice giants in norse mythology) and Howlers (a different take on werewolves)who are enemies battling it out in Texas. Fans of m/m romance and erotica will enjoy this book immensely and find a lot to interest them.  There are a few typos and certain elements might do well with some fleshing out, but I found these things did little to distract from the plot. I'm hoping we'll get to see a bit more about this world and it's characters as many elements of the book leave it open for at least one more story. Boye has a lot to offer his readers and I for one will be seeking out other books from this author.
R_Rearden More than 1 year ago
Life gets difficult at times. Add paranormal weirdness and it’s a whole new extreme. Jason knows this firsthand. Kicked out of college after being falsely accused of plagiarism, Jason has hit rock bottom. He’s being evicted from his apartment and has no money to pay his bills. Then he meets Guy Winters and life becomes insanely complicated. A home invasion forces the pair to run. Guy draws Jason into his world, without much explanation and Jason must trust Guy to keep them both safe. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. I liked the premise of the story. The Kaldr part of the plot was interesting.  It would have been easier to follow if more information had been given as the story unfolded early on instead of waiting until more than halfway through the book to finally give the reader (and Jason) an explanation. Another issue that bothered me was the relationship development between Guy and Jason. Insta love or attraction doesn’t bother me if there’s a reason. In His Touch of Ice, Guy is attractive. Jason is drawn to him immediately. I get the lust angle. Works for me. My problem is the desperation that drives Jason toward Guy. They had no real foundation and are immediately forced into an extreme situation. When the immediate threat occurs, assumptions were made by the characters that wouldn’t have occurred in real life. Things would have followed a natural path of questions and discussion. Guy should have given Jason a better explanation right then of who he was and why he could keep Jason safe. That would have been more plausible than the “these characters have to be together and this will force them to be” circumstance in the plot. Also, the timeline jumped several times by large chunks without clear transitions. I had to go back and reread a section to make sure I didn’t miss something important. It didn’t ruin the story by any means, just interrupted the flow. Though the book mostly explains the storyline, it doesn’t work as a stand-alone novel. Too many questions are unanswered. Just when I got a handle on the culture and direction of the plot the book ended. I wanted more…in a good way. Hopefully, there will be a next book and this is not the end of Jason and Guy’s story.