His Wonders in the Deep

His Wonders in the Deep

by Andrea McDougal


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"It is time for God's people to begin to launch out into 'the deep.' It is only in deep waters that the things we have hoped for and longed for will become a reality in our lives. It is only in deep waters that we will see the wonders of God and experience His presence upon our lives in profound ways. Have you longed to see a move of God? Are you looking for a harvest? It could be a harvest of souls, a harvest of finances, a harvest of ministry. Are you wanting greater revelation, more power, signs and wonders? Then you need to launch out into 'the deep.' It is there that you will find what has been missing in your life and ministry. It is there that revelation, miracles, signs and wonders, God's manifested presence and His glory will be revealed to you in a powerful and special way!
"In the deep, you will find His wonders, His presence, His glory, His harvest, and His revelation in ways you could have never imagined. You will find your life and ministry reach a whole new level. There are new levels to be reached in the Kingdom of God, but if you remain in the shallow waters of ministry and of this life, you will never reach those places, nor experience the depths that the Holy Spirit is so willing to take you to! Shallow waters produce shallow lives and shallow ministries.
"There are things that you have not yet experienced that the Lord is waiting for you to experience, but they can only be experienced in the deep. Jesus told His disciples to launch out into the deep. In fact, He commanded them to do so. It wasn't until they left the shallow waters that they were then able to experience the benefits of the deep.
"Have you ever run from what the Lord was wanting you to do? Have you ever run from your destiny? Jonah was called by the Lord to go to Ninevah, but he didn't want to do what the Lord was commanding him to do! Instead, he went in the opposite direction. When the ship he was on was about to be destroyed because of his disobedience, he was found out by the others on the ship. He told the men on board, "Just throw me in the sea, and you and the ship will be okay." In other words, "Just throw me in the deep, and everything will be okay"! Some of you need to take the plunge and dive into deeper waters where there are waters to swim in. They are healing waters, cleansing waters, miraculous waters." - Andy McDougal

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ISBN-13: 9781934769744
Publisher: McDougal & Associates
Publication date: 01/31/2014
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Andrea “Andy” McDougal is an ordained minister, anointed teacher, and prophetess who is not afraid to declare the message of the moment, and the Lord is confirming the word she preaches with unusual signs and wonders. Many are healed and delivered in her meetings, as she travels throughout the world, ministering in churches, conferences, retreats, and other special meetings to people of every denominational stripe. More than anything, Andy has become a revivalist, and those who are blessed to sit under her ministry are lifted to new spiritual heights.

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