Hispaniola: A Photographic Journey through Island Biodiversity, Biodiversidad a Través de un Recorrido Fotográfico

Hispaniola: A Photographic Journey through Island Biodiversity, Biodiversidad a Través de un Recorrido Fotográfico


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Hispaniola: A Photographic Journey through Island Biodiversity, Biodiversidad a Través de un Recorrido Fotográfico by Eladio Fernández

First, there is a soft rustle in the underbrush, then a low-slung, utterly bizarre-looking insectivore dashes in front of Eladio Fernández. With a reflexive click of digital shutter, he's captured the reclusive (Solenodon paradoxus--a living fossil. A Dominican-based conservationist and photographer, Fernandez is documenting the efforts of a distinguished team of international scientists as they unravel the workings of evolution being played out on the island of Hispaniola.

A short flight from the Florida coast, Hispaniola offers unique opportunities, not just to photographers like Fernández, but to evolutionary biologists as well. At 40 million years, Hispaniola is far older than the Galápagos. Its considerable age, along with a diversity of habitats--from mountains and cloud forests to savannahs and tropical lowlands--makes this island one of the most spectacular, if poorly understood, troves of biota on the planet. The extraordinary richness of species, much of it endangered and yet to be described, is showcased here in nearly 400 spectacular photographs. The photos are accompanied by essays--in both English and Spanish--that make known the Hispaniolan fungi, plants, and animals by the experts who know them best.

Insights gained from Hispaniola's unique flora and fauna, from its rare orchids to its stunningly beautiful bird life, may enrich our understanding of other, more complex, living systems worldwide. What Fernández captures here so vividly is not just the amazing variety of living creatures that have erupted in evolutionary isolation, but the urgency of scientists racing to give that variety a name before it vanishes.

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ISBN-13: 9780674026285
Publisher: Harvard
Publication date: 10/15/2007
Edition description: Bilingual
Pages: 396
Product dimensions: 12.20(w) x 10.30(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Eladio Fernández is a naturalist and a conservation photographer specializing in the fauna and flora of the Greater Antilles. Based in his native Dominican Republic, he is president of Sociedad Ornitologica Hispaniola, a conservation organization that works to save critically endangered birds. Fernández is also active in Societé Audubon d'Haïti, a sister organization based in Port-au-Prince, which works towards the preservation of Haiti's two remaining national parks, Pic Macaya and La Visite. He is a contributor to the field guide Birds of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Edward O. Wilson is Pellegrino University Professor, Emeritus, at Harvard University. In addition to two Pulitzer Prizes (one of which he shares with Bert Hölldobler), Wilson has won many scientific awards, including the National Medal of Science and the Crafoord Prize of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Table of Contents

  • Prólogo / Foreword [Edward O. Wilson]
  • Introducción / Introduction [Philippe Bayard]
  • Notas del Fotógrafo / Photographer’s Note [Eladio Fernández]
  • Ensayos / Essays

    • Biodiversidad de las Aves de la Española / Biodiversity of Birds on Hispaniola [Steven C. Latta and Christopher C. Rimmer]
    • Los Mamíferos de la Española: Paleobiología, Biodiversidad, y Conservación / The Mammals of Hispaniola: Paleobiology, Biodiversity, and Conservation [Charles A. Woods and José A. Ottenwalder]
    • Los Anfibios y Reptiles de la Española y Su Conservación / The Amphibians and Reptiles of Hispaniola and Their Conservation [S. Blair Hedges]
    • Los Insectos de la Española / The Insects of Hispaniola [Brian Farrell]
    • La Flora y Vegetación de la Española / The Flora and Vegetation of Hispaniola [Milcíades Mejía and Ricardo García]
    • Los Macro-Hongos de la Española: Esquivos, Bellos, y a la Espera de Ser Descubiertos / The Macrofungi of Hispaniola: Elusive, Beautiful, and Awaiting Discovery [Timothy J. Baroni and Sharon A. Cantrell]

  • Mapa / Map
  • Fotografías / Photographs

    • Parque Nacional Lago Enriquillo
    • Reserva Biológica Bahoruco Oriental
    • Parque Nacional Jaragua
    • Parque Nacional Sierra de Bahoruco
    • Parc National la Visite
    • Parc National Pic Macaya
    • Massif du Nord
    • Parque Nacional Montecristi
    • Cayos los Siete Hermanos
    • Reserva Científica Ébano Verde
    • Parque Nacional Armando Bermúdez
    • Parque Nacional José Del Carmen Ramírez
    • Parque Nacional Juan B. Pérez Rancier
    • Parque Nacional Los Haitises
    • Parque Nacional del Este
    • Monumento Natural las Dunas de Baní

  • Amenazas a los Recursos Naturales en la Española / Threats to the Natural Resources of Hispaniola
  • Agradecimientos / Acknowledgments
  • Contribuidores / Contributors

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