Historic Adventures on the Colorado Plateau

Historic Adventures on the Colorado Plateau

by Bob Silbernagel


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ISBN-13: 9781467138109
Publisher: History Press, The
Publication date: 05/28/2018
Series: Transportation
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 514,252
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Robert Silbernagel was the editorial page editor for the Daily Sentinel newspaper in Grand Junction for nineteen years. Now retired, he continues to write a regional history column for the Sentinel. Mr. Silbernagel is the author of the book Troubled Trails: The Meeker Affair and the Expulsion of Utes from Colorado, published by the University of Utah Press in 2011. He also wrote Dinosaur Stalkers: Tracking Dinosaur Discoveries of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah, published by Dinamation International, the Bureau of Land Management and the Museums of Western Colorado in 1996. Mr. Silbernagel has written a number of history articles for periodicals, including the Wisconsin Magazine of History and Colorado Heritage. He and his wife, Judy, live near Palisade, Colorado.

Table of Contents

Foreword Mlike Perry 11

Acknowledgements 15

Introduction 19

Section I The Earliest Travelers

1 Early Humans Found Shelter along Gunnison "River (11,000 BC-AD 1800) 25

2 Natives Had Their Own Highway Networks (Unknown-AD 1850) 29

3 Utes Became Skilled Equestrians of the Mountains (1640- Present) 34

4 Hidden from History, Ute Wickiups Alter the Narrative (1795-1916) 38

Section II Explorers and Traders

5 Juan Rivera Comes Calling (1765) 45

6 Domínguez and Escalante Achieved Success Without Reaching California (1776) 51

7 Antoinc Robidoux, Merchant in the Wilderness (1828-1844) 56

8 Old Spanish Trail Was Commercial Highway (1831-1850) 60

Section III Rivers of Opportunity

9 John Wesley Powell Ally Jack Sumner Became a Bitter Critic (1869-1905) 67

10 Mining Ambitions Created Dolores River's Hanging Flume (1883-1904) 73

11 Rough Water Ahead: Steamboats and Wild Rivers (1901-1902) 78

12 Dams, Diversions and Irrigation Systems (1902-1960s) 82

Section IV Ranchers and Homesteaders Arrive

13 Hole-in-the-Rock Expedition Overcame Unimaginable Obstacles (1879-1880) 89

14 Death on the Range: The Killings of Charles Sieber and Joe Harris (1902-1909) 93

15 Sheep Army Was on the Move during War with Cattlemen (1908) 97

16 Recluses and Eccentrics Traveled Far to Make Plateau Their Home (1899- 1916) 100

Section V Miners Dig the Colorado Plateau

17 Merrick-Mitchell Mine Discovered, Then Lost (1879-1900s) 105

18 Copper Frenzy Struck Unaweep Canyon (1898-1919) 109

19 Cass Hite Embraced Rugged Life in the Warm Confines of Canyon Country (1882-1914) 113

20 Fanny Wright, Mining-Town Madam (1900-1940s) 117

21 Uranium Fever Floods the Plateau with Prospectors (1948-1960) 120

Section VI Outlaws on The Move

22 Isolation, Poor Access Made Robbers Roost a Perfect Hideout (1870s-1902) 127

23 Cunning, Great Horses Saved Bandits on Long Ride (1882) 131

24 Ann Bassett, Queen of the Cattle Rustlers (1900-1913) 135

Section VII Mechanization and Mobility

25 Uintah Railway Conquered Baxter Pass (1904-1939) 143

26 Carnegie Horses Hauled Fossils at Dinosaur National Monument (1910-1925) 147

27 Auto Enthusiasts Struggled on Midland Trail (1912-1914) 151

28 Driggs and Adair Took to the Skies above the Plateau (1914-1923) 154

Section VIII Far-Flung Entertainment

29 People Traveled Many Miles to Dance the Night Away (Late 1800s-l950s) 159

30 Norman Nevills Invented Commercial River Running (1938) 163

31 Early Cultures Revisited (Twenty-First Century) 168

Bibliography 173

Index 183

About the Author 191

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