Historic Organs of Pennsylvania

Historic Organs of Pennsylvania


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Release Date: 12/27/2005
Label: Organ Hist. Society
UPC: 0034069600321
catalogNumber: 3


  1. Capriccio for organ in D
  2. Trip to Pawtucket, for organ
  3. Rondo, for organ
  4. The Bristol March, for organ
  5. Chorale Prelude "Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr," for organ (I), T. 14 (also attrib. Buttsett)
  6. Chorale Prelude "Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr," for organ (II), T. 15 (also attrib. Buttsett)
  7. Voluntary for organ in G major, Z. 720
  8. Fuga à 4 über den Namen BACH, for organ
  9. Herz nach dir gewacht, for organ
  10. Pieces (3) for organ (from the film score "Richard III"): Elegy
  11. Work(s): Toccata in C
  12. Variations on Fairest Lord Jesus, for organ
  13. Flute Voluntary for organ: Fugue
  14. Andante for mechanical organ in F major, K. 616
  15. La Romanesca con cinque mutanza, for organ
  16. Improvisato for organ, Op. 37/6
  17. Canzonetta for organ, Op. 71/4
  18. Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn, Op. 3/1
  19. March Rinale and Fugue on a Theme from Handel's "Messiah" for organ
  20. Tre Tonestykker (3 Tone Pieces), for organ, Op. 22: No. 1. Moderato
  21. Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten, chorale prelude for organ
  22. L'organiste Vol.1, for organ (or harmonium), M. 41: Andantino in E Minor
  23. The Nines, for organ
  24. Pospieszcie pasturszki do stajenki, carol for organ
  25. Thunderstorm, for organ, Op. 108
  26. Hymn prelude on America the Beautiful, for organ
  27. Våren (Last Spring), song for voice & piano, Op. 33/2
  28. Toccata No. 3 for organ in G major
  29. Ein Feste Burg, chorale prelude for organ
  30. Fuga No. 4 for organ
  31. Open Diapason March, for organ
  32. Mozart Changes, for organ
  33. Humoresques for organ ("L'organo Primitivo")
  34. Prelude for organ in E flat minor
  35. As the Dew from Heaven Distilling (Theme of the Mormon Tabernacle Radio Program)
  36. Organ Sonata No. 5 in C minor: Recitativo; Choral et Fugue
  37. Suite for organ in E major
  38. Dreams, for organ
  39. Fanfare d'Orgue, for organ
  40. Canon on F.H. Himmel's "An Alexis send' ich dich" for piano in A flat major, WoO 4
  41. Portraits of the Psalms, for organ: O Give Thanks to the Lord, for He is Good
  42. Hymn Prelude, Op. 38/7 "Bethany"
  43. Count Your Blessings, for solo Organ
  44. All My Hope on God is Founded
  45. Characteristic Pieces (3) for organ, No. 1, Pastoral - Prelude
  46. Characteristic Pieces (3) for organ, No. 2, Interlude
  47. Voluntary on a Moravian Hymn, for organ
  48. Will o' the Wisp (Scherzo-Toccatina), for organ
  49. Leoni, for organ: Chorale Variations
  50. Nocturne, for organ, Op. 50/6
  51. Festival Toccata for organ
  52. Prelude on the Introit of the Epiphany, for organ, Op. 13
  53. Fantasy on "Torah Song", for solo Organ
  54. Prelude for piano No.6 in G minor, Op. 23/5
  55. Symphonic Improvisation on The Star-Spangled Banner (in the style of Reger), for organ
  56. Miniature Suite, for organ
  57. Who Is He in Yonder Stall, carol for chorus
  58. Trumpet Tune in D
  59. Gavotte
  60. Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue, for keyboard in D minor, BWV 903 (BC L34)
  61. Valse Mignonne, for organ, Op. 142/2
  62. Chorale Fantasia ("Halleluja! Gott zu loben, bleibe meine Seelenfreud"), for organ, Op. 52/3

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