Historical Viewpoints: Notable Articles from American Heritage

Historical Viewpoints: Notable Articles from American Heritage

by John Arthur Garraty

Paperback(4th ed)

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ISBN-13: 9780060422783
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Publication date: 01/28/1983
Edition description: 4th ed
Pages: 2

Table of Contents


1. A New World.

Mound Builders, Michael E. Durham.
The Clash of Cultures: Indians, Europeans, and the Environment, William Cronon and Richard White.

2. Colonial Life.

Spain In North America, Henry Wieneck.
Daily Life in Colonial Massachusetts, Robert N. Linscott.
William Byrd II of Virginia, Marshall Fishwick.
Witchcraft in Colonial New England, John Demos.
The Middle Passage, Daniel P. Mannix and Malcolm Crowley.

3. The Birth of a Nation.

The Ordeal of Thomas Hutchinson, Bernard Bailyn.
*George Washington, Spymaster, Thomas Fleming.
Women in the American Revolution, Mary Beth Norton.
The Most Successful Revolution, Irving Kristol.

4. The Federalist Era.

Shays' Rebellion, Alden T. Vaughan.
*Adams and Jefferson: Intimate Enemies, Joseph J. Ellis.
America, France, and Their Revolutions, Garry Wills.
*The Electoral College, Frederic D. Schwarz.
Alexander Hamilton: The Founding Wizard, John Steele Gordon.

5. National Growing Pains.

Marbury v. Madison, John A. Garraty.
Jefferson, Adams, And The American Dialogue, Joseph J. Ellis.
Andrew Jackson And The Annexation of Texas, Robert V. Remini.

6.Antebellum Society.

Religion on The Frontier, Bernard A. Weisberger.
The Education of Women, Elaine Kendall.
Everyday Life Before the Civil War, Jack Larkin.
Prison “Reform” in America, Roger T. Pray.
Samuel Slater Imports a Revolution, Arnold Welles.
Black Slaveowners, Philip Burnham.

7. Civil War and Reconstruction.

A War That Never Goes Away, James M. McPherson.
*John Brown: Father of American Terrorism, Ken Chowder.
Stonewall Jackson's Deadly Calm, Robert K. Krick.
*William Tecumseh Sherman, Victor Davis Hanson.
The South's Inner Civil War, Eric Foner.
Why They Impeached Andrew Johnson, David Herbert Donald.
Ride-In: A Century of Protest Begins, Alan F. Westin.

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