History and Tourism in Benin, Women Warriors of early army: Dahomey Kingdom and its People settlement centuries ago.

History and Tourism in Benin, Women Warriors of early army: Dahomey Kingdom and its People settlement centuries ago.


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The Original history of Benin people "Dahomey" find out about Fon people and more others. Hidden sight of Africa is what to describe of Benin, a lot to discover in Benin starting from slave trade to traditional fishing and local gods which makes the life in Benin look more African and original. Tourism to this tiny country attached to their traditional life style and it has not been discovered to some extent due to its size and silence Benin may be just a slice of land in West Africa but it is the 'cradle of voodoo', the biggest center of slave trade (ages ago) and the only country in this part of the world to have embraced Marxism. Benin isn't all about the supernatural; it's also a country of friendly people, quaint villages on stilts and exotic local handicrafts in colorful bazaars. Not exactly the place for history and architecture lovers, but you can start talking to locals who'll regale you with tales of otherworldly experiences!Take your time in Benin and the secrets will gradually unfurl to give you a mystical holiday quite unlike any other place on this planet. And that too without having to worry about political skirmishes or ambushes. Tourism in Benin eBook contains the information related to tourism in Benin, for a better knowledge before arriving, knowing the environment in hand and the strategic places for tourism in Benin, the security provision and information, which is very important for touring a foreign country.You are being detailed with the history and Culture of Benin republic, letting out the much needed information on slave trade which Benin is the heart for South American destination, how it was carried out. The culture and tradition of these people is an interesting one for African life and portrays the image of typical African life.

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Sampson Jerry and Anderson Jones. Sampson Jerry is a historian on African history and a computer scientist. Anderson Jones is also a historian on African history and a journalist, we both base in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) while working on what we know best. History and information have being our desired attention of which we enjoy the most, but we same leisure unlike we do in our profession, Anderson loves football, while Sampson loves table tennis and lawn tennis. We promise to reach out the world through our profession as much as we can. We love you all

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