History Of King Richard The Third Of England

History Of King Richard The Third Of England

by Jacob Abbott


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Abraham Lincoln raved that this series of historical biographies gave him "just that knowledge of past men and events which I need. I have read them with the greatest interest. To them I am indebted for about all the historical knowledge I have."

Considered what we would now call "young adult" literature, this collection, first published between 1848 and 1871, was designed to present a clear, distinct, connected narrative of the lives of the great figures of world history, those people who have been most influential, at least as American author and educator JACOB ABBOTT (1803-1879) saw it from his 19th-century perspective.

Wildly popular and republished many times under different collected names, this replica set mimics the 1904 reprint known as the "Makers of History" series. It will delight students of history as well as show the scholar how history telling has changed over the last few centuries.

More than 30 other volumes in the series are also available from Cosimo Classics.

This volume, dating from 1858, covers English king Richard III (1452-1485), from his childhood and ascension to the throne through the downfalls of York and Lancaster, the scandal of the princes in the Tower, and much more.

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ISBN-13: 9781605207681
Publisher: Cosimo
Publication date: 09/08/2009
Series: Makers of History Series
Pages: 340
Sales rank: 879,156
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Iady Cecily's family. Names of the children. ture that was had at dynner to those that be in her presence. After supper she disposeth herself to be famyliare with her gentlewomen to the seasoning of honest myrthc, and one hower before her going to bed she taketh a cup of wine, and after that goeth to her pry vie closette, and taketh her leave of God for all nighte, mak- inge end of her prayers for that daye, and by eighte of the clocke is in bedde." The going to bed at eight o'clock was in keeping with the other arrangements of the day, for we find by a record of the rules and orders of the duchess's household that the dinner-hour was eleven, and the supper was at four. This lady, Eichard's mother, during her married life, had no less than twelve children. Their names were Anne, Henry, Edward, Edmund, Elizabeth, Margaret, William, John, George, Thomas, Eichard, and Ursula. Thus Eichard, the subject of this volume, was the eleventh, that is, the last but one. A great many of these, Eichard's brothers and sisters, died while they were children. All the boys died thus except four, namely, Edward, Edmund, George, and Eichard. Of course, it is only with those four that we have any thing to do in the present narrative. The boys' situation and mode of life. Their letters. Several of the other children, however, besides these three, lived for some time. They resided generally with their mother while they were young, but as they grew up they were often separated both from her and from their father the duke, their father, being often called away from home, in the course of the various wars in which he was engaged, and his wife frequently accompanied him. On such occasions the boys were leftat some castle or other, under the care of persons employed to take charge of their ed...

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