History of Nursing in the Field of Mental Retardation and Development Disabilities

History of Nursing in the Field of Mental Retardation and Development Disabilities

by Wendy M. Nehring



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ISBN-13: 9780940898684
Publisher: American Association on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
Publication date: 01/01/1999
Pages: 205

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Chapter 1Early Care, Terminology, and Organized Education: 1800 to 18991
Mental Retardation in the 19th Century2
Terminology and Early Systems of Classification2
Censuses and State Legislatures3
The Change From Educational to Custodial Care3
Professional Organizations5
The Role of Women5
Early Nursing Care6
General Nursing6
Nursing of People With Mental Retardation7
The First Organized Training of Nurses9
General Nursing9
Training Schools for Nurses Working in Asylums10
Nursing Leadership13
Dorothea L. Dix: The First Nursing Leader in Mental Retardation13
Linda Richards: A Nursing Leader for the Times15
Chapter 2Eugenics, Community Services, and the Growth of Nursing Education: 1900 to 192917
Significant Issues Affecting People With Mental Retardation17
Mental Testing20
Mental Hygiene Movement20
Child Guidance Clinics20
Classification Systems20
Supporting Organizations23
The Children's Bureau23
Social Service Organizations24
Influences From the Women's Movement24
Changes in Nursing24
Nursing Roles and Responsibilities24
Nursing Education25
Nursing Roles in the Field of Mental Retardation26
1900 to 190926
1910 to 191929
1920 to 192935
Nursing Education in the Care of Persons with Mental Retardation35
1900 to 190936
1910 to 191936
1920 to 192940
Lillian Wald: Nursing Pioneer in Public Health41
Chapter 3Growth of Nursing in Institutional and Community Settings: 1930 to 195943
Significant Issues Affecting Individuals with Mental Retardation43
Mental Testing44
Medical Advances45
Federal Influences45
Supportive Organizations45
Parent Groups45
Social Service Organizations46
Influences of the Women's Movement46
Changes in Nursing47
Roles and Responsibilities47
Nursing Education48
Nursing Roles in the Care of People with Mental Retardation49
1930 to 193949
1940 to 194951
1950 to 195953
Nursing Education in the Care of People with Mental Retardation55
1930 to 193955
1940 to 194956
1950 to 195956
National Workshops for Nurses in Mental Retardation57
Books Written by Nurses57
Chapter 4Federal Support for Mental Retardation and Nursing Education: 1960 to 196959
Significant Issues Affecting People with MR-DD59
Terminology and Classifications60
The Kennedy Presidency and Legislative Changes60
Mainstreaming in Education61
Delivery Systems of Care62
Effect of the Birth of a Child With Developmental Disabilities on the Family62
Medical and Health Care Changes63
Supportive Organizations63
Influences From the Women's Movement63
Changes in Nursing63
Expansion of the Nursing Role and Advanced Practice Nursing64
The Associate Degree in Nursing and the Decline of the Diploma Schools65
Graduate Education in Nursing65
The American Nurses' Association's 1965 Position Paper65
The Development of Nursing Theory65
Nursing Care and Roles in MR-DD65
Knowledge Needed for Nursing in MR-DD66
Nursing Care and Roles in the Institution66
Nursing Care and Roles of Nurses in the Hospital and Community72
Expanded Nursing Roles in the Community75
National Meetings Related to Nursing Care75
Important Books and Booklets Written by Nurses76
Nursing Education in MR-DD76
Nursing Education in Academic Settings76
Nursing Education Through Inservice Programs77
Nursing Research in MR-DD79
Standards of Practice for Nurses in MR-DD80
A National Group for Nurses in MR-DD81
Nursing Leaders in MR-DD81
Una Hayes81
Camille Leagay Cook82
Marion Holtgrewe82
Other Leaders82
Chapter 5Mental Retardation in a New Light: 1970 to 197985
Significant Issues Affecting Persons with MR-DD85
Classification Systems86
The 3% Prevalence of Mental Retardation86
Significant Court Cases87
Educational Changes Through Legislation87
Transdisciplinary Care87
Influences from the Women's Movement88
Changes in Nursing88
The Development of Nursing Diagnoses88
Additional Nursing Theories89
Nursing Care and Roles in MR-DD89
Nursing in the Institution89
Nursing in the Community91
Expanded Roles in Community Nursing94
National Meetings for Nurses in MR-DD94
National Workshops for Nurses in Mental Retardation94
National Conferences on the Nursing Role in Early Intervention95
Books Written by Nurses96
Nursing Education in MR-DD97
Nursing Education in Academic Settings97
Nursing Education Through Inservice Training98
Nursing Research in MR-DD99
Standards of Practice for Nurses in MR-DD100
The Nursing Division of AAMD and Networking Efforts100
Nursing Leaders in MR-DD101
Kathryn Barnard101
Patricia McNelly101
Chapter 6Setting the Standard for Education, Practice, and Research: 1980 Forward103
Significant Issues Affecting Persons with MR-DD104
Terminology and Classification104
Significant Legislation106
Educational Laws106
Community Services107
Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Teams108
Medical Advances108
Parent Groups108
Influences From the Women's Movement109
Current Issues in Nursing109
The Growth of Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing109
Nursing Diagnoses, Interventions, and Theories110
Nursing Care and Roles in MR-DD111
1980 to 1989111
1990 to Present115
Nursing Education in MR-DD121
Nursing Education in Academic Settings121
Nursing Education Through Inservice Training122
Nursing Research in MR-DD122
Standards of Practice for Nurses in MR-DD123
Standards for Nurses in Early Intervention123
Standards for Nurses in Genetics123
National and International Groups for Nurses in MR-DD123
American Association on Mental Retardation123
Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association124
International Society of Nurses in Genetics (ISONG)125
Nursing Leaders in MR-DD125
Fay Russell125
Athleen Godfrey125
Marilyn Krajicek126
Other Leaders126
Chapter 7The Changing Role of Nursing in Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities in the 21st Century127
Changing Health Care Delivery System127
Changing Faces of Disability127
Health Care Reform and Managed Care128
Advances in Disease Knowledge and Management130
Genetic Breakthroughs131
Nursing Influences in MR-DD in the Next Century131
The Further Expansion of Roles in Nursing131
Issues Related to Nursing Practice132
Nursing Research Needs134
The Future of Nursing Education in MR-DD134
The Future of Nursing in MR-DD135
Legislative References171
Appendix AA Parallel Look at Important Events in History175
Appendix BColorado State Home and Training School for Mental Defectives181
Appendix CTexts, Guidebooks, and Pamphlets on MR-DD Written by Nurses187
Appendix DSignificant Legislation Related to MR-DD Since 1960191
Appendix EChronological List of Nursing Dissertations on Topics Related to MR-DD199

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