History of Peter the Great

History of Peter the Great

by Jacob Abbott


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Using original research and documentation, master storyteller Jacob Abbott once again weaves his magic to transform dry history into an intensely readable and action-packed epic, this time turning his attention to the story of Peter the Great.
Starting with the family intrigues which led to his ascension to the throne, this narrative tells of his military and political adventures which successfully expanded the czardom into an empire and ultimately a major European power.
By personally visiting western Europe-often in commoner's disguise-Peter identified the necessary social, technological, and cultural reforms needed to jolt Russia into the Age of the Enlightenment-even if he, as Abbott shows too clearly, very often used medieval methods against his personal opponents.
The reader is provided with many of the sometimes grisly details of palace intrigues and subversion, but also of the military victories Peter achieved in the Great Northern War with Sweden, and in the Crimea against the Turks. In addition, the story of the incredible efforts to build the metropolis of St. Petersburg, his marriage to the Empress Catherine, and Peter's ultimate end, are told with the detailed and customary flair and style which Abbott fans will know all too well.

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