History of the Byzantine State

History of the Byzantine State

by George Ostrogorsky, Joan Hussey



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ISBN-13: 9780631110705
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Pages: 616

Table of Contents

Authors Preface
Translator's Foreword
Series Editor's Foreword
Introduction. The Development of Byzantine Studies

I. The Early Byzantine State: Its Development and Characteristics 
II. The Struggle for Existence and the Revival of the Byzantine State
III. The Age of the Iconoclast Crisis 
IV. The Golden Age of the Byzantine Empire
V. Government By the Civil Aristocracy
VI. The Rule of the Military Aristocracy
VII. Latin Rule and the Restoration of the Byzantine Empire
VIII. The Decline and Fall of the Byzantine Empire

Genealogical Tables
Lists of Rulers and Despots
Lists of Patriarchs and Popes

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