A History of the Mahrattas

A History of the Mahrattas

by James Grant Duff


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ISBN-13: 9781108072991
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 05/19/2011
Series: Cambridge Library Collection - History Series
Pages: 614
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

1. From AD 1784, to AD 1787. Tippoo; 2. From AD 1785, to AD 1790. Sindia's embarrassments; 3. From AD 1787, to AD 1792. Tippoo breaks the treaty with the Peishwa; 4. From AD 1792, to AD 1794. An inquiry into the reasons which induced Lord Cornwallis to refrain from subjugating Tippoo's territory, is foreign to the object of this work; 5. AD 1794. Mahadajee Sindia's death, an event of great political importance; 6. From AD 1794, to AD 1795. Reflections on the preceding details, and on the condition of the Mahrattas as a military nation at this period; 7. From AD 1795, to AD 1796. Nana Furnuwees; 8. From AD 1797, to AD 1798. New administration; 9. From AD 1798, to AD 1800. Disorders increase at Poona; 10. From AD 1800, to AD 1802. Death and character of Nana Furnuwees; 11. From AD 1793, to AD 1803. Affairs of Baroda; 12. From AD 1802, to AD 1803. Events at Poona; 13. AD 1804. Reflections on the late war; 14. From AD 1805, to AD 1806. The siege of Bhurtpoor commences; 15. From AD 1806, to AD 1814. Review of the condition of the Mahratta states; 16. From AD 1803, to AD 1817. The Peishwa's proceedings, after being re-established on his musnud; 17. From AD 1814, to AD 1817. The Marquis of Hastings assumes charge of the government of British India; 18. From AD 1817, to AD 1818. The Peishwa proceeds to Punderpoor; 19. From AD 1817, to AD 1818. Pindharees; 20. From AD 1818, to AD 1819. The final reduction and settlement of the Peishwa's territory; Index.

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