History of the Parsis

History of the Parsis

by Dosabhai Framji Karaka


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ISBN-13: 9780344233272
Publisher: Franklin Classics Trade Press
Publication date: 10/26/2018
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x 0.81(d)

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CHAPTER II. DISTINGUISHED PARSIS OF BOMBAY. First Parsis in Bombay The Portuguese rule Cession to England Khar- shedji Pochaji Panday The old fortifications Dorabji Nanabhai The early revenue of Bombay Rastamji Dorabji His heroic character Great service to the English The title of Patel A romantic episode Eavasji Rastamji Parsi passes Hirjibhai Rastamji Banaji Limji The first Parsi traders with the far East The first Parsi merchant in Burmah In Calcutta The Modi family Contractors to the Company Importers Agents and bankers "The honest shopkeeper" The Readymoney family Trading with China Its profitable character Sorabji Readymoney Grants of land to Parsis The Kama family The Wadia family Parsi shipbuilders The first dockyard at Bombay The master-builders of the East India Company A family of skilful shipwrights Sir Thomas Trowbridge on Parsi-built men-of-war Sir Edward Pcllew's opinion The SalscUe The Minden The master-builder of the present day The benevolence of the Wadia family The first Parsi High Sheriff of Bombay The memorial fountains of the city Parsi agents to France Letters from French Government The Dadiseth family Their good work Jamshedji Jijibhai His birth His first journey to China His later journeys Captured by a French vessel His letter describing his adventures His return to Bombay His success and charity The monuments of his generosity The first Parsi knight Addresses on the auspicious occasion Further honours Freedom of London His cosmopolitan charity Baron Hausmann's letter His statue Lord Elphin- stone'a speech Lady Jamshedji The Mahim causeway The opening ceremony Created a baronet His descendants Framji Kavasji Banaji His good service His agricultural tasteOfficial report on the subject First present of mangoes to the Queen The Bombay Times ...

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