History of the World and Jerusalem: According to the Bible and Islamic traditions

History of the World and Jerusalem: According to the Bible and Islamic traditions

by Indy Jane


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History of the World and Jerusalem: According to the Bible and Islamic traditions by Indy Jane

Where do we go after we die?
Are we really going to heaven or hell as religion tells us?
Is it true that religion does not go along with science?
Why are there so many religions?
Can any religion be the "right" one when all religions have caused so many wars on the planet?
Why do the three siblings of Abrahamic religion (i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam) constantly being in a state of conflict?
Why do followers of these three religions fight for dominion of Jerusalem?
What are their religious teachings actually telling about this Promised Land?

In the first book of this MythoReligio series author Indy Jane compiled stories directly from the Old Testament, New Testament and Islamic traditions in order to answer the above questions. From these stories readers will be able to see what Jews, Christians and Muslims are taught concerning the creation and the end of the world, as well as learning about the background story of one of the most conflicted regions in the world - Jerusalem.

These data are available for everyone to read directly from the scriptures or search easily and freely all over the Internet. However, although many are familiar with bits and pieces of these stories when compiled together one might be surprised realizing how the details of these stories are actually not widely known at all. These are details that are shockingly unfair, illogical and downright brutal.

In this first book, the author is not sharing many of her thoughts yet, as at this point she is merely sharing the stories in simple language using many images and charts to follow the storyline easily.

Further, in the next books of this series she continues with stories from other religions, world mythologies and finally compares them with modern science. The result of this comparison study is truly shocking and may alter history as we know today.

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ISBN-13: 9781502925879
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Publication date: 12/06/2014
Pages: 264
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About the Author

Indy Jane (a pen name) is a world traveler who loves to read and contemplate about life. Jane studied in a Christian school as a child and went on for higher studies in international (business) schools.
Having lived in several countries since a young child mainly in Europe and Asia, she encountered many people with differs religions and cultural backgrounds. She was raised as a Muslim, although her mother almost raised her as a Christian. Her ancestors might have been Hindus or even pantheists. Some of her aunts are Christians. Her husband came from a Roman Catholic family. And for many years, Jane lived in a Jewish household in Europe.
All these encounters with diverse cultures and people of various religions make her wonder about the validity of religion and trigger her to make her own research by studying various religious scriptures. Her ultimate goal is to find out about the true pre-history of humanity since she feels that the explanation given by conventional teachings (both creation and evolution) today are unsatisfactory.

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