History of the World & the Gods (B/W): According to Hinduism, Buddhism & World Mythologies

History of the World & the Gods (B/W): According to Hinduism, Buddhism & World Mythologies

by Indy Jane


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In the second book of MythoReligio series author Indy Jane continues compiling stories, this time from Hindu books, Buddhist traditions and world mythologies to gather information to answer the above questions and to continue with the comparison studies.

For the world mythologies, she compiles compacted stories concerning the creation of the Universe, humans and the destiny of humanity from representatives of the world 6 "continents", i.e. ancient Middle East (Sumeria, Akkadia, Babylonia and Egypt), ancient Europe (i.e. Greece and Germanic/Norse), America (i.e. Maya and Aztec), Asia (China), Africa and Australia/Oceania.

Surprisingly, there are so many stories in Hinduism, Buddhism and world mythologies that are similar to the Abrahamic religious stories (i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam). Stories such as: the world flood, crucified/sacrificed gods/sons of gods, babies sent afloat in a box in a river that finally become leaders, etc. How did these happen? If some religions/cultures borrowed from each other, then who borrowed from whom? Or did these stories really happen?

As in the first book, author Indy Jane is still not sharing many of her thoughts yet, as at this point she is still merely sharing the stories first. Although at the epilogue, she poses many questions that will make you ponder upon the similarities and the origin of all these stories. Further, in the next book she will continue with the stories (or theories) from modern science (among others the Big Bang theory and theory of Evolution) and finally compares them with all the stories that she have compiled and shared with you. The result of this comparison study is truly shocking and may alter history as we know today.
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ISBN-13: 9781512311587
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/30/2015
Series: MythoReligio , #2
Pages: 264
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About the Author

Indy Jane (a pen name) is just a "normal" gal who likes to travel,read books and contemplate about life. Jane studied in a Christian school as a child and went on for higher studies in international (business) schools.

Having lived in several countries since a young child mainly in Europe and Asia, she encountered many people from various religions and cultural backgrounds.

She was raised as a Muslim, although her mother almost raised her as a Christian. Her ancestors might have been Hindu or even pantheists. Some of her aunts are Christians. Her husband came from a Roman Catholic family.

And for many years, Jane lived in a Jewish household in Europe. All these encounters with diverse cultures and people of various religions make her wonder about the validity of religion and trigger her to make her own research by studying various religious scriptures.

However, her real passion is to find out about the true pre-history of humanity since she feels that the explanation given by conventional teachings today are unsatisfactory.

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