History of United States Naval Operations in World War II: The Liberation of the Philippines - Luzon, Mindanao, The Visayas, 1944 - 1945

History of United States Naval Operations in World War II: The Liberation of the Philippines - Luzon, Mindanao, The Visayas, 1944 - 1945

by Samuel Eliot Morison


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After the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which crushed Japanese naval power in the Pacific even more effectively than American naval chiefs were aware at the time, we moved against Japan to liberate the Philippines. A series of amphibious operations took place on the islands and shores of Mindoro, Lingayen Bay, Palawan, Panay, Negros, Cebu, Corregidor, and Mindanao. The carrier actions supporting these operations are told in detail. In this period of the war (the winter of 1944-1945) the Japanese Kamikaze Corps arose as an effective threat, taking a terrific toll of ships and sailors' lives.

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ISBN-13: 9780252070648
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Publication date: 01/28/2002
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 392
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Table of Contents

Part IPlanning and Preliminaries
IPlanning for Luzon, October-December 19443
1.Luzon, Not Formosa3
2.The Planning Process6
3.The Target and the Setup11
4.Japanese Plans and Preparations12
IIMindoro, December 1944-February 194517
1.The Plan17
2.The Approach, 12-14 December22
3.The Landing, 15 December26
4.Air Attacks and Resupply Convoys, 16-24 December33
5.Christmas Call by Admiral Kimura37
6.Mindoro and Marinduque Secured, 27 December 1944-10 February 194543
IIIFast Carrier Forces in Support, 10 December 1944-10 January 194552
1.New Carrier Tactics52
2.Weather Making Up, 15-17 December59
3.Typhoon, 18 December65
4.The Ordeal of the Destroyers71
5.Rescue and Inquiry81
6.TF 38 Back to Battery, 29 December 1944-9 January 194587
IVPreliminaries to the Lingayen Landings, 15 December 1944-9 January 194593
1.Staging and Rehearsal93
2.Oldendorf's Eventful Passage, 2-6 January98
3."One Helluva Day" in Lingayen Gulf, 6 January104
4.Turn for the Better, 7-8 January111
5.Attack Forces Move Up, 2-9 January115
Part IILuzon Liberated, January-February 1945
VThe Lingayen Landings, 9 January 1945123
1.Lingayen Attack Force Lands123
2.San Fabian Attack Force Lands130
3.Unloading and Progress Ashore, S-day133
VIProgress of the Operation, 9-17 January 1945137
1.Hot Night in the Gulf137
2.Unloading Problems and Departing Convoys140
3.Reinforcements Arrive; Kamikazes Return144
4.Assault Operations Concluded, 13-17 January 1945153
VIIThird Fleet Cuts Loose, 10-27 January 1945157
1.The Mindoro-Lingayen Line157
2.Halsey's Plan and Supporting Air Operations161
3.Into the South China Sea, 10-20 January164
4.Strategic Discussions, 11-19 January174
5.Fast Carriers Strike Formosa and Retire, 20-27 January179
VIIILuzon Liberated, 17 January-30 June 1945184
1.Southward Drive and Subsidiary Landings, 17 January-3 February184
2.On to Manila, 27 January-15 March193
3.Clearing the Bay and Harbor, 3 February-18 April198
4.Liberation Completed, 31 March-30 June207
Part IIICentral and Southern Philippines, February-August 1945
IXPalawan and Zamboanga, March-April 1945213
1.Plans and Procedures213
XThe Southern Visayas, February-June 1945228
2.Negros Occidental231
4.Bohol and Southern Negros237
XIMindanao, April-July 1945239
1.The Malabang-Parang Landings239
2.The Mindanao River Campaign244
3.Davao Gulf Operations246
4.Macajalar and Minor Landings249
Part IVMiscellaneous Operations, 1942-1945
XIIBorneo, February-August 1945255
1.Borneo in Pacific Strategy255
3.Brunei Bay263
XIIISubmarine Operations Southwest Pacific, January-August 1945278
1.Japanese Prowlers in Philippine Waters278
2.American Submarine Operations280
XIVThe U. S. Naval Group, China289
1.The "Rice Paddy Navy"289
2.The Pony-back Navy294
3.The Yangtze Raiders295
4.The Coast Watchers296
5.The Final Naval Battle of World War II300
Appendix ITask Organization for the Invasion of Luzon, January 1945303
Appendix IITask Organization for Third Fleet, 1 December 1944-23 January 1945315
Appendix IIITask Organizations in Operations to Liberate the Southern Philippines, February-April 1945321
Appendix IVShips Hit or Near-missed, and Casualties Inflicted, by Kamikaze Attacks in Lingayen Operation, January 1945325

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JungleJim More than 1 year ago
An absolutely indispensable reference for any study of the Second World War. Admiral / Professor Morison wrote from a timely perspective. The works were published shortly after the end of the events and compilation of the records. This edition was published by the University of Illinois Press which no longer has the publishing rights, which are now published by others.This is the 13th Volume of the 15 volume set. The photos, maps and illustrations are clear and support the document and enhance the reading.