History of United States Naval Operations in World War II: Operations in North African Waters, October 1942 - June 1943

History of United States Naval Operations in World War II: Operations in North African Waters, October 1942 - June 1943

by Samuel Eliot Morison


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One of America's most distinguished historians, Samuel Eliot Morison, was commissioned in the Naval Reserve early in 1942 with the sole duty of preparing the history of which this book is the second volume chronologically. The work, as a whole, is a "shooting history," written from the inside out, in effect simultaneously with the events it records. Captain Morison spent more than half his time at sea during the war, seeing active duty on eleven different ships and emerging with seven battle stars on his service ribbons. Either he or one of three officers on his staff covered personally every major operation after 1942. His is the story of naval combat, surface actions, submarine and anti-submarine warfare as conducted from carriers and naval bases ashore, and amphibious warfare.

This second volume, actually the first to be published, covers naval aspects of Operation "Torch," the North African campaign, which carried out the plan favored by President Roosevelt for opening a second front to relieve the Russians. Told with the accuracy of a historian, the pace of an experienced narrator, the detail of firsthand observation and participation, it is a full record of what was, at the time it occurred, the largest overseas expedition ever undertaken.

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ISBN-13: 9780252069727
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Publication date: 03/28/2001
Series: History of the United States Naval Opera
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Abbreviations Used in Text2
Part IThe Expedition Against French Morocco
IPreliminaries, July 1940-October 19423
1.The Diplomatic Contest over North Africa3
2.The Decision, 25 July 194211
a.Africa--Thank God
b.The Concept
3.The Western Naval Task Force19
a.Amphibious Force Atlantic Fleet
b.Joint Planning and Training
c.The Plan
IIThe Crossing, 20 October-7 November 194243
IIILanding at Fedhala, 8 November 194255
1.Initial Landings55
2.The French Side of the Fence65
3.The Battle for the Beaches72
a.Silencing Shore Batteries
b.The Landings Analyzed
c.Varied Adventures
IVThe Naval Battle of Casablanca, 8 November 194288
1.The Carrier-based Planes88
2.The Opening Bombardment91
3.The Morning Naval Battle98
4.The Afternoon Engagement108
VThe Northern Attack, 7-11 November 1942115
1.Conditions and Objectives115
2.The Landings at Mehedia118
3.Difficulties Ashore124
4.Dallas Wins Through129
VIThe Southern Attack, 7-11 November 1942135
1.The Problem135
2.The Assault138
3.Fire Support and Air Support148
4.Unloading and Fueling153
VIIMorocco Secured, 9 November-1 December 1942157
1.Events at Fedhala157
a.Unloading Progress
b.Shift of Command
c.Unloading Troubles
2.French Hostilities Concluded161
3.The Axis Takes a Hand167
4.The Move to Casablanca174
Part IIThe Expeditions Against Algeria and Tunisia
VIIIPreparations, October-November 1942181
1.Plans and Targets181
2.La Haute Politique184
IXThe Winning of Algiers, 8-15 November 1942189
1.The Eastern Naval Task Force189
b.The Passage
2.The Landings198
a.Group "Charlie" Lands East of Algiers
b.Groups "Apples" and "Beer" Land West of Algiers
c.H.M.S. Broke and Malcolm Attempt a Frontal Attack
d.Diplomacy Ashore
3.The Thomas Stone Flotilla209
4.Air Raids, 8-15 November212
5.Politics Again214
6.Bougie and Bone Secured220
XThe Capture of Oran, 8-11 November 1942222
1.Plans and Forces222
2.Hartland and Walney225
3.The Landings231
b.West of Oran
XIThe Navy in the Tunisian Campaign, November 1942-May 1943239
1.The Race for Tunisia239
2.The United Nations Build-up244
3.North Africa Cleared of the Axis258
4.Motor Torpedo Boat Operations261
a.PT Background
b.Operations of Squadron 15
5.Arrival of the New Landing Ships266
a.LST, LCT and LCI
b."Spitkit" Convoys
1.The Anchored Carrier275
2.The Pelagies280
Appendix IAllied Ships Sunk in Operation "Torch," 7-16 November 1942283
Appendix IIWestern Naval Task Force: Expenditure of Ammunition, 8-11 November 1942285
Appendix IIISummary of Beginning Action, 8 November 1942286

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