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History of World Societies: Volume C: from 1775 to the Present / Edition 7

History of World Societies: Volume C: from 1775 to the Present / Edition 7

by John P. McKay
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Explore World History with A History of World Societies! With its vibrant, distinctive narrative and commitment to telling the stories of all peoples, A History of World Societies will be your guide through the many cultures of human history. Individuals in Society introduces you to the unique stories of dynamic characters. Listening to the Past brings influential and interesting voices to life. Global Trade helps you make connections about the interactions of cultures.

Succeed in your World History course with A History of World Societies! A new foldout timeline will help you put events and eras in the proper chronological and global context. Within the text, chapter outlines, chapter focus questions, chapter chronologies, boldface key terms, chapter summaries, and suggested readings are all designed to help you succeed. Visit our Online Study Center for learning objectives, chapter outlines, pre-class quizzes, focus questions, flashcards, short-answer review questions, and ACE self-quizzes. You will also have access to interactive maps and primary sources, an audio pronunciation guide, a glossary, and tips on how and why to study history. For access, visit

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ISBN-13: 2900312683367
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martin's
Publication date: 01/10/2006
Edition description: Seventh Edition
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Maps     xv
Listening to the Past     xvi
Preface     xvii
The Revolution in Western Politics, 1775-1815     659
Liberty and Equality     660
The American Revolutionary Era (1775-1789)     661
The Origins of the Revolution     661
Independence     663
Framing the Constitution     664
The French Revolution (1789-1791)     664
The Breakdown of the Old Order     665
Legal Orders and Social Realities     665
The Formation of the National Assembly     666
The Revolt of the Poor and the Oppressed     668
A Limited Monarchy     668
World War and Republican France (1791-1799)     670
Foreign Reactions and the Beginning of War     671
The Second Revolution     672
Total War and the Terror     675
The Thermidorian Reaction and the Directory (1794-1799)     677
The Napoleonic Era (1799-1815)     679
Napoleon's Rule of France     679
Napoleon's Wars and Foreign Policy     681
Individuals in Society: Jakob Walter, German Draftee with Napoleon     683
Summary     685
Key Terms     685
Notes     685
Suggested Reading     688
Listening to the Past: Revolution and Women's Rights     686
The Industrial Revolution in Europe     691
The Initial Breakthrough in England     692
Eighteenth-Century Origins     692
The Agricultural Revolution     693
The Cost of Enclosure     694
The Growth of Foreign Trade     694
The First Factories     695
Energy and Transportation     697
The Problem of Energy     697
The Steam Engine Breakthrough     698
The Coming of the Railroads     700
Industry and Population     701
Industrialization in Continental Europe     703
National Variations     703
The Challenge of Industrialization     704
Agents of Industrialization     704
Capital and Labor     707
The New Class of Factory Owners     707
The New Factory Workers     708
Conditions of Work     711
The Sexual Division of Labor     712
The Early Labor Movement     714
Individuals in Society: The Strutt Family     709
Summary     715
Key Terms      715
Notes     716
Suggested Reading     716
Listening to the Past: The Testimony of Young Mine Workers     718
The Triumph of Nationalism in Europe, 1815-1914     721
The Peace Settlement     723
The European Balance of Power     723
Metternich and Conservatism     725
Radical Ideas and the Romantic Movement     725
Liberalism     725
Nationalism     726
French Utopian Socialism     728
The Birth of Marxian Socialism     728
Romanticism     729
Reforms and Revolutions, 1815-1850     731
Liberal Reform in Great Britain     731
Revolutions in France     732
The Revolutions of 1848 in Central Europe     734
Nation Building in Italy and Germany     735
Cavour, Garibaldi, and the Unification of Italy     736
Bismarck and German Unification     738
Individuals in Society: Giuseppe Garibaldi     739
Life in Urban Society     743
Taming the City     743
Urbanization and Social Structure     745
The Middle Classes     746
The Working Classes     747
The Changing Family     748
Science and Culture     750
The Responsive National State (1871-1914)     752
The German Empire     752
Republican France     753
Great Britain and Ireland     754
The Austro-Hungarian Empire     755
The Modernization of Russia     755
Jewish Emancipation and Modern Anti-Semitism     757
Marxism and the Socialist Movement     758
The Socialist International     758
Unions and Revisionism     758
Summary     760
Key Terms     760
Notes     760
Suggested Reading     761
Listening to the Past: The Making of a Socialist     762
Africa, Southwest Asia, and Western Imperialism, 1800-1914     765
Industrialization and the World Economy     766
The Rise of Global Inequality     766
The World Market     767
The Great Migration     769
Global Trade: Indigo     770
Western Imperialism, 1880-1914     773
Causes of the New Imperialism     774
Western Critics of Imperialism     776
African and Asian Resistance     777
The Islamic Heartland Under Pressure     777
Decline and Reform in the Ottoman Empire     779
Egypt: From Reform to British Occupation     780
Individuals in Society: Muhammad Ali     781
Sub-Saharan Africa: From the Slave Trade to European Rule     783
African Trade and Social Change (1800-1880)     784
Islamic Revival and Expansion     787
The Seizure of Africa (1880-1902)     788
Southern Africa in the Nineteenth Century     791
The Imperial System (1900-1930)     793
Summary     795
Key Terms     796
Notes     796
Suggested Reading     796
Listening to the Past: A French Leader Defends Imperialism     798
Asia in the Era of Western Imperialism, 1800-1914     801
European Penetration     802
South and Southeast Asia: The Consolidation of European Colonial Control     803
India and the British Empire in Asia     803
The Dutch East Indies     807
Mainland Southeast Asia     807
The Philippines     809
East Asia: Pressure to Conform to a Western-Dominated International Order     810
China     811
Japan     814
Korea      818
The Movement of Peoples     819
Westerners to Asia     819
Asian Emigration     820
Individuals in Society: Chin Gee-hee     823
Summary     824
Key Terms     824
Notes     824
Suggested Reading     825
Listening to the Past: A Call for Rebellion     826
Nation Building in the Western Hemisphere and Australia     829
Latin America, 1800-1929     831
The Origins of the Revolutions     832
Race in the Colonial Period     833
Resistance and Rebellion     834
Independence     837
The Consequences of Independence     839
Neocolonialism     840
The Impact of Immigration     841
The United States, 1789-1929     844
Manifest Destiny     844
Black Slavery in the South     846
Westward Expansion and Civil War     850
Who Is Black? The Racial Debate     852
Industrialization and Immigration     853
Individuals in Society: Crazy Horse     847
Canada, from French Colony to Nation     856
British Colony (1763-1839)     856
The Age of Confederation (1840-1905)     857
Growth, Development, and National Maturity     858
Australia, from Penal Colony to Nation     860
Penal Colony     861
Economic Development     862
From Colony to Nation     863
Summary     865
Key Terms     866
Notes     866
Suggested Reading     866
Listening to the Past: Simon Bolivar's Speculation on Latin America     868
The Great Break: War and Revolution     871
The First World War     872
The Bismarckian System of Alliances     872
The Rival Blocs     872
The Outbreak of War     874
Stalemate and Slaughter     877
The Widening War     879
The Home Front     882
Mobilizing for Total War     882
The Social Impact     883
Growing Political Tensions     884
Individuals in Society: Vera Brittain     885
The Russian Revolution     886
The Fall of Imperial Russia     886
The Provisional Government     886
Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution     887
Dictatorship and Civil War     890
The Peace Settlement      891
The End of the War     892
The Treaty of Versailles     892
American Rejection of the Versailles Treaty     895
Summary     895
Key Terms     896
Notes     896
Suggested Reading     896
Listening to the Past: The Experience of War     898
Nationalism in Asia, 1914-1939     901
The First World War and Western Imperialism     902
The Middle East     904
The First World War and the Arab Revolt     904
The Turkish Revolution     908
Iran and Afghanistan     909
The Arab States and Palestine     911
Toward Self-Rule in India     912
Promises and Repression (1914-1919)     912
The Roots of Militant Nonviolence     913
Gandhi Leads the Way     914
Turmoil in East Asia     916
The Rise of Nationalist China     916
China's Intellectual Revolution     919
From Liberalism to Ultranationalism in Japan     920
Japan Against China     923
Southeast Asia     925
Individuals in Society: Ning Lao, a Chinese Working Woman     921
Summary      926
Key Terms     926
Notes     926
Suggested Reading     927
Listening to the Past: Arab Political Aspirations in 1919     928
The Age of Anxiety in the West     931
Uncertainty in Modern Thought     931
Modern Philosophy     932
The Revival of Christianity     934
The New Physics     934
Freudian Psychology     936
Twentieth-Century Literature     936
Modern Art and Music     937
Architecture and Design     938
Modern Painting and Music     938
Movies and Radio     941
The Search for Peace and Political Stability     942
Germany and the Western Powers     942
Hope in Foreign Affairs (1924-1929)     944
Individuals in Society:Gustav Stresemann     945
The Great Depression (1929-1939)     947
The Economic Crisis     947
Mass Unemployment     948
The New Deal in the United States     948
The Scandinavian Response to the Depression     950
Recovery and Reform in Britain and France     950
Summary     952
Key Terms     952
Notes      952
Suggested Reading     952
Listening to the Past: Life on the Dole in Great Britain     954
Dictatorships and the Second World War     957
Authoritarian States     958
Conservative Authoritarianism     958
Radical Totalitarian Dictatorships     958
Stalin's Soviet Union     961
From Lenin to Stalin     961
The Five-Year Plans     962
Life and Culture in Soviet Society     964
Stalinist Terror and the Great Purges     965
Mussolini and Fascism in Italy     966
The Seizure of Power     966
The Regime in Action     967
Hitler and Nazism in Germany     968
The Roots of Nazism     968
Hitler's Road to Power     969
The Nazi State and Society     970
Hitler's Popularity     971
Aggression and Appeasement (1933-1939)     971
The Second World War     975
Hitler's Empire in Europe, 1939-1942     975
Japan's Asian Empire     980
The Grand Alliance     982
The War in Europe, 1942-1945     983
The War in the Pacific, 1942-1945     984
Individuals in Society: Primo Levi      979
Summary     986
Key Terms     986
Notes     986
Suggested Reading     987
Listening to the Past: Radical Nationalism for Japanese Students     988
Global Recovery and Division Between Superpowers     991
The Division of Europe     992
The Origins of the Cold War     992
West Versus East     994
Renaissance and Crisis in Western Europe     995
The Postwar Challenge     995
""Building Europe" and Decolonization     997
The Changing Class Structure     999
Economic and Social Dislocation, 1970-1990     999
Global Trade: Oil     1000
The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1945-1991     1003
Stalin's Last Years     1003
Limited De-Stalinization and Stagnation     1004
The Gorbachev Era     1005
The Revolutions of 1989     1006
Cold War Finale and Soviet Disintegration     1008
Individuals in Society; Vaclav Havel     1009
The United States: Confrontation and Transformation     1010
America's Economic Boom and Civil Rights Revolution     1011
Youth and the Counterculture     1012
The United States in World Affairs, 1964-1991     1012
The Resurgence of Japan as a First World Power     1015
Japan's American Revolution     1015
"Japan, Inc."     1016
Japan in the Post-Cold War World     1017
The Post-Cold War Era in Europe, 1991 to the Present     1017
Common Patterns and Problems     1019
Recasting Eastern Europe and Russia Without Communism     1019
Unity and Identity in Western Europe     1023
Summary     1024
Key Terms     1024
Notes     1024
Suggested Reading     1025
Listening to the Past: A Solidarity Leader Speaks from Prison     1026
Latin America, Asia, and Africa in the Contemporary World     1029
Latin America: Moving Toward Democracy     1030
Economic Nationalism in Latin America     1030
Authoritarianism and Democracy in Latin America     1032
Latin America in the 1990s     1034
The Resurgence of East Asia     1034
The Communist Victory in China     1035
Mao's China     1035
The Limits of Reform     1036
The Asian "Economic Tigers"     1038
Political and Economic Progress in Southeast Asia      1040
The Reunification of Vietnam     1041
New Nations and Old Rivalries in South Asia     1041
The End of British India     1041
Pakistan and Bangladesh     1042
India Since Independence     1042
The Islamic Heartland     1046
The Arab-Israeli Conflict     1047
The Development of Egypt     1047
Israel and the Palestinians     1047
Nationalism, Fundamentalism, and Competition     1050
Algeria and Civil War     1051
Imperialism and Nationalism in Sub-Saharan Africa     1052
The Growth of African Nationalism     1052
Achieving Independence with New Leaders     1053
Ghana Shows the Way     1054
French-Speaking Regions     1055
Individuals in Society: Leopold Sedar Senghor, Poet and Statesman     1057
Sub-Saharan Africa Since 1960     1055
Striving for National Unity     1055
Nigeria, Africa's Giant     1056
The Struggle in Southern Africa     1060
Political Reform in Africa Since 1990     1062
Interpreting the Experiences of the Emerging World     1063
Summary     1065
Key Terms     1065
Notes      1066
Suggested Reading     1066
Listening to the Past: The Struggle for Freedom in South Africa     1068
Global Politics and Economics     1071
Global Unity or Continued Division?     1072
Nation-States and the United Nations     1072
Complexity and Violence in a Multipolar World     1076
The Terrorist Threat     1077
Weapons of Mass Destruction     1078
Global Trade: Arms     1080
Global Interdependence     1083
Multinational Corporations     1083
Industrialization and Modernization     1085
Agriculture and the Green Revolution     1086
The Economics and Politics of Globalization     1090
Pressure on Vital Resources and Economic Development     1094
Individuals in Society: Rigoberta Menchu, Speaking for Her People     1089
Summary     1096
Key Terms     1096
Notes     1096
Suggested Reading     1096
Listening to the Past: Voices from the Village     1098
One Small Planet     1101
The Growth of Cities, 1945 to the Present     1102
Rapid Urbanization     1102
Overcrowding and Shantytowns      1104
Rich and Poor     1105
Urban Migration and the Family     1108
Urbanization and Agriculture     1108
Science and Technology: Changes and Challenges     1109
The Medical Revolution     1109
Population Change: Balancing the Numbers     1111
Global Epidemics     1113
Environmentalism     1115
Mass Communication     1117
Social Reform and Progress     1118
Women: The Right to Equality     1118
Children: The Right to Childhood     1120
Education     1121
Patterns of Thought     1121
Secular Ideologies     1121
Religious Belief: Christianity and Islam     1122
Individuals in Society: His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, a Simple Buddhist Monk     1123
Summary     1125
Key Terms     1125
Notes     1125
Suggested Reading     1125
Listening to the Past: The United Nations Millennium Project Report     1126
The Middle East in Today's World
Israel, Lebanon, and the Israel-Hezbollah War     1129
Israel and Palestine     1134
Iraq     1136
Iran     1139
Afghanistan      1142
Turkey     1144
Index     I-1

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