History: The Best of Family

History: The Best of Family

by Family



Led by gale-force vocalist Roger Chapman and virtuoso guitarist John "Charlie" Whitney, Family were a British rock group who attracted a large cult following in the U.K. (and a miniscule one in the U.S.) for their passionate but wildly eclectic sound; from song to song and album to album, Family could veer from arty progressive experiments to thoughtful folk-rock to blues-influenced grooves to meat-and-potatoes hard rock, all of it performed with sincerity, fire, and a subtle yet genuine sense of humor. Featuring 30 songs that span the group's 1968-1973 recording lifespan, History: The Best of Family collects the highlights from the band's seven albums, and serves as a fine introduction to their music for beginners and a concise celebration for longtime fans.

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