Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle

Hoboken Fish and Chicago Whistle

by Daniel Pinkwater


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ISBN-13: 9780738804248
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 11/28/2000
Pages: 398
Product dimensions: 5.94(w) x 8.80(h) x 1.18(d)

Table of Contents

Fish Whistle
Part 1
Add Cold Water and Read21
Where Is the Grease of Yesteryear?23
Crack the Whip and Pass the Chips26
A Wing and a Prayer28
Fold on Line "B" and Ingest31
Psychopathia Snacksualis33
Something There Is That Does Not Love a Mall36
Who Only Stand and Snarl
Part 2
A Hot Time in Nairobi43
The Schmo of Kilimanjaro46
Direct from a Triumphant Engagement in Karachi49
Sharper Than a Steel-belted Radial52
In the Land of the Rising Pickle54
Arrigato dozai mas, Why Does Everybody Laugh at Us?57
Jambo, Paisan!60
Henny Oldman63
If Milk Duds Be the Food of Love66
Lights! Action! Wingtips!69
Part 3
My Zaydeh Nicotine73
On First Looking into Kurtzman's Mad76
Rhapsody in Glue78
There Are Strange Things Done 'neath the Midnight Sun87
You Can Lead a Cow to Quarters90
Knits the Ravell'd Pastrami of Care98
Like Mama Never Made100
Honorable Foxy Grandma103
And I Got This One for Clapping Erasers105
Hey Kids, What Time Is It?108
Polly Wants a Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic111
Part 4
Man Meets Dog117
The Coming of Juno120
Life with Juno123
The Soul of a Dog129
Arnold Comes Home132
Train Your Dog, Dammit!138
Do You Hear Anything from Krazy Kat?141
Part 5
And Zen I Wrote145
What Has Two Legs and Chases Katz?147
Nigra Sum sed Formosa149
Iguana Be Alone152
Nerds of a Feather155
Mmmm! That's Prose!157
Gaudeamus Agita159
Meet Me Under the Cezanne, Poopsie162
Talking to Kids164
Guy Talk170
Ideas and How to Fix Them173
And the Voice of the Snerd'll Be Heard in the Land177
Skivvies Make the Man180
Who's Little Jackson Pollock Are You?182
I Worketh 9 to 5185
Part 6
Give the People Cartoons They Can Whistle189
It Hurts Here. And Here. And Here192
Jolie Voiture194
Three Years Ago I Couldn't Spell Engineer196
All Bash and No Brains200
I Am Not a Schnook202
Why I Don't Fly204
Play It Again, Wolfgang209
Vintage Whines212
Because It's There216
Vox Populi218
Just the Fundamentals220
Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights
Chicago Days233
Hoboken Nights289
High Noon at the Typewriter341

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