Hold My Breath

Hold My Breath

by Ginger Scott


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Fractions of seconds can do lots of damage. One decision can ruin lives. A blink can be tragic. And loving a Hollister...can hurt like hell.

I would know.

They say the average person can hold their breath under water for two full minutes when pushed to the extremes. Will Hollister has been holding his for years. The oldest of two elite swimming brothers, Will was always a dominant force in the water. But in life, he preferred to let his younger brother Evan be the one to shine.

Evan got the girl, and Will...he got to bury all of the secrets. A brother's burden, the weight of it all nearly left him to drown.

The daughter of two Olympians, my path was set the day my fingertips first touched water. My future was as crystal clear as the lane I dominated in the pool-swim hard, win big, love a Hollister.

My life with Evan burned bright. He gave me arms to come home to, and a smile that fooled the world into believing everything was perfect. But it was Will who pushed me. Will...who really knew me.

And when all of the pieces fell, it was Will who started to pick them up.

In the end, the only thing that matters are those few precious seconds-and what we decide to do while we still have them in our grasp.

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ISBN-13: 9780996873475
Publisher: Ginger Scott
Publication date: 11/16/2016
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 972,359
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

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Hold My Breath 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not my favorite from Scott, but still enjoyable. Scott has a special way of creating characters from book to book that are never duplicates and have their own story.
LeighKramer More than 1 year ago
I hadn't read Ginger Scott but my favorite book bloggers had nothing but high praise for Hold My Breath. This, of course, made me curious. Would it live up to my expectations? Boy, did it ever! Maddy has known brothers Will and Evan ever since they were teenagers at swim club together. Maddy and Evan eventually start dating and were likely to get engaged before Evan died in a plane crash. Maddy hasn't seen Will in the aftermath, four years later. They're brought back together by Maddy's coach dad to vie for spots on the US Olympic swimming team. They have a complicated, bittersweet history, more complicated than Maddy knows after Evan's tragic death. Will is such a good guy but he carries the weight of the world as the sole survivor of his family after a plane crash. Will is burdened by guilt and grief and it made my heart ache to see the way he beat himself up over circumstances he couldn't control. Because of losing his family, he believes he doesn't deserve happiness. And by happiness, I mean Maddy. Maddy and Will have always been drawn to one another, even though he's a few years older. It's simply that Evan made a move first and Maddy said yes to him instead. I loved watching Maddy sift through her history with both brothers, working through the guilt over being attracted to Evan's brother, and trying to figure out how to move forward with her life. More than that, I loved the history between Maddy and Will. They're simply good for one another and as Will starts to open up more to Maddy, much more good results. But of course, Will has a secret and while his uncle urges him to come clean, it seems like too big of a risk. This trope usually annoys me but Ginger Scott handled it deftly and I was really impressed by the way Maddy ultimately responded. There are a couple of unexpected developments as the novel progresses and the way the characters react is very true to life. This is what kept me turning pages. There's the perfect amount of angst as Maddy and Will figure out their relationship and as they turn their sights on the Olympics. I don't know if I've read a novel with swimmers as the main characters before and I really enjoyed learning more about this sport. It doesn't take as much of a center stage as other sports romances but it was still such an interesting world to explore. Hold My Breath is a novel with a whole lot of heart. It made me laugh and tear up. It made me root for the characters and cheer for their successes and lament their mistakes. It made me develop quite the crush on Will. Just saying. I can't wait to read more from this author! Disclosure: I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Musings_of_Madjy More than 1 year ago
This was a great story and I really enjoyed the fact that it handled some heavy subjects without being too maudlin or melodramatic. In case it isn't clear, this isn't really a story with a love triangle, so if that isn't your thing, this book very well may be! :) I liked Will a lot and I really liked the dynamic between him and Maddy. They were well-suited for one another and I liked how they pushed each other to be better versions of themselves. I appreciated the backstory and the way it was presented worked really well to reveal everything and help the reader really get to know and understand the characters. There are little twists here and there and I felt they were well-conceived and well-executed. This is a story about Olympic-level swimmers, and the details were vivid and detailed without being too much for someone who doesn't swim professionally. The sexual tension & chemistry was a bit slow-building but had a good burn once it was there. Which was perfect for this story!
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Exceptional NA story. Highly emotional with characters that will touch your heart in so many ways. Will has suffered incredible loss and still shoulders responsibilities that would crush most people. Those burdens threaten to drawn him as he tries to make a comeback in the swimming world. The love of one woman may be the only thing that saves him. Definitely a book for the must read list. I highly recommend it.
Bouscher99 More than 1 year ago
Wow, this book had a firm grip on my heart right from the beginning! This is my first Ginger Scott book and I’m so glad I picked it up. The blurb grabbed my attention (ok, so did the cover…I do have eyes after all!) even though it’s kind of vague. I’m so glad it didn’t give away any more than it does. The buildup of the story was perfect! It’s steady and well developed…as the story unfolds and we learn about the tragedy in their lives, it just keeps building layer by layer. You can tell there’s a big secret coming but I liked the way it’s wasn’t thrown in my face constantly or drug out throughout the whole book to torture me, it’s a little subtle with just enough tease to hold your attention firmly. It becomes a very large part of the story itself and the story is beautiful, heartbreaking and heartwarming. I absolutely loved Maddy and Will. Both characters are strong, solid characters and they are so selfless that it will bring tears to your eyes. There isn’t anything that Will wouldn’t do for his family and he’s been torturing himself with it for years; but now it’s time to start healing and take what he deserves…it’s his time to shine in the Olympics and he’s ready to go after his girl. The author has written their story in a way that shows their vulnerability, hope and pain in a way that makes it a story that you feel, not just read. And their story? Wow, is it ever tragic and beautiful! Scott has a new diehard fan!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love Ginger Scott. This story didn't disappoint.
ravenwolf_EPTX More than 1 year ago
Well written, but hard to connect with couple. > > Judging a Book by it's Cover > Looking Deeper
xxBianca More than 1 year ago
The depth of this story is unreal. It moved me. It was written with dignity and grace that only this author can deliver. That only a story like this could deserve. And she did this story and her characters justice. If you’ve read Ginger before, you think you know what to expect, but you have no idea. And if you haven’t read her, then you must. Because this book is probably one of her best written works yet. Will Hollister carries a heavy load because of his past. A past that’s full of darkness. And secrets. Even lies. The weight is overwhelming. Stifling. But through it all, he perseveres. He pushes himself to be a better man. While his past is full of despair and regret, he finds himself back in the same vicinity as he trains for the Olympics with Maddy Woodsen, his childhood friend. The girl that wasn’t his to love. But he did. And always will. The girl that never belonged to him. But somehow she does. Their shared sorrow is palpable. The electricity between them will leave you breathless. I cannot talk about the plot as this book is something to live and experience. I’ve never read anything of this caliber before. There’s an intensity to this story. You will feel your heart pounding as you hang on to every word as this the story unravels. Will and Maddy find themselves accepting their time together as they train and something between them breaks. A wall of some sort. Their souls exhale. And you are in the moment it happens. The other puts you there. Guilt about their past remains, but their feelings for each other become much more powerful. While their souls are tethered by tragedy, their hearts only know love. Your heart will ache while reading this book, but do not despair, there is so much hope weaved throughout Will and Maddy’s story. Determination to live and love again is something that Will never thought would happen. Until it did. With Maddy. Their story is devastatingly beautiful. Will holds a secret that could devastate everything. Including what he has with her. But secrets and lies never stay buried. Things always come to the light. And this includes Will. He is all the good in the world despite being weighed down by despair and tragedy. His love is light. He loves with a fierceness that you will feel jumping off the pages. His love is magic. It shatters all the darkness that threatens to keep him away from Maddy. The writing brought me to tears. The author writes with a beautiful precision that touches every part of your literary soul. She writes as if every word comes directly from the hearts of her characters. The author places you there. This poignant story is poetic in its delivery. The storyline enthralling. It’s exquisite prose will leave you speechless and there are no words to truly even describe just what this story meant to me. To say I was inspired is an understatement. With every word I read, I can easily say that I was blown away by the sheer beauty and complexity of the story and its characters. And how they survived. Thought provoking and compelling, this poignant story is one that I will never forget. Hold My Breath is a captivating story of love, hope, loyalty and courage even in the face of tragedy and adversity. It reminds you that through darkness and despair, love endures. It prevails. Love always wins.
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
Uplifting and Inspiring What can I say? I read one of Ginger Scott’s books a couple years ago, and I was hooked. The quality of her writing is consistent, and she is an enthralling storyteller. Hold My Breath embodies so much of the author. It’s a New Adult, sports romance, and every word of it genuine and heart-felt. Was it my favorite work of Ms. Scott’s? No, but it is authentic, and I can see so much of her kindness and character in every page of Hold My Breath. This is the story of Will, Maddy and Evan. Evan has been dead for several years, but his specter haunts Maddy and Will’s every decision and action. Evan’s continued influence on Maddy and Will is revealed through dual-POV narration. Ms. Scott deftly develops Evan as a character postmortem. All three were competitive swimmers; Maddy and Will meet up again as they both train for one last shot at making the Olympic team. They have history together, and only time will tell if they have a future together. As individuals and as a potential couple, their future is impacted by the romanticized memory of Evan—his golden-boy image, his lies, and his mistakes. It is too much of a burden for any young adult, and yet, Will has shouldered the weight of living in the shadow of his brother’s public persona all the while keeping the truth a secret. The overwhelming weight, responsibility and sadness in Will’s life casts a long shadow over the entire book. Both Will and Maddy are somewhat shaped by the tragedy that took Evan, but they are not wholly defined by it. While I presumed these characters were destined to a HEA, I was in knots about the trials and hurdles that would be encountered along the way as secrets were revealed. I couldn’t help but feel the heavy burden of Will’s daily life and its potential impact on his future. Key to the story, is Ms. Scott’s effortless conveyance that everyone has problems and burdens, that those burdens can put us at cross purposes, and sometimes you get a wake-up call to chuck it and help someone with their burden instead of solely focusing on your own. I won’t spoil a good read with a review filled with spoilers, so I won’t discuss the details of the story. Hold My Breath isn’t a big mystery or suspense, but the journey the characters take is best read without prior knowledge. I will say the main characters are lovable, fun, and relatable. I felt an immediate connection to them and their ultimate happiness. One of the scenes that stuck with me is when Maddy’s mother sagely advises Will to find his joy again. It reminded me of telling my own sons to play sports for fun, not to just worry about winning. The story line is at times melodramatic in terms of the intensity and quantity of issues faced by various characters, however, Hold My Breath is highly inspirational, and positive tale of adversity, perseverance and fortitude.