Hold Thy Peace For This Has been Orchestrated by God

Hold Thy Peace For This Has been Orchestrated by God

by Catrece Miles Finch


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Catrece Miles was born in February 13,1972 she was the second of 4 siblings, born to and mother Charlotte Bernice Schmidt and Joseph Dyer( Who is now deceased) however she was raised by her mother and her stepfather John Schmidt in a town called Cheverly Maryland. Catrece M. Finch is the Mother of 8 she is proud to say she has 5 boys and 3 girls and of those eight 3 of them are grown and out of the home. Catrece was always raised in the church her first encounter with God was when she was baptized and joined Salem Baptized church in Washington Dc Under the Leadership of Reverend Travis ( Rip) From there she endured and had a lot of obstacles and struggles to overcome however she was strong and stood the test. It was then in the year of 2000 When she had a battle with depression and didn't think she would make it out this time but God staid otherwise, on this night her whole life changed and would never be the same, That was in January however the complete manifestation and fullness did not come that easy she still had to go through the process however 3 months later one fateful night it happen she received the Fullness of Jesus the Holy Spirit on April 21,2000 and her life would never be the same, it was at that point that Catrece was and decided to participate and find a church home and become a part of Ministry She taught the youth Bible study under Pastor Stephan Smalls of Landover Maryland, Adult Bible study and all together Bible Study, She had a The first Annual Women's Prayers Breakfast on The Grounds of Glenarden Maryland Women coming together through Unity Worship and Prayer, Prophetess Finch loves working with Women she even has a Face book group called Women of Faith P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens Where as the Lord leads she will leave an inspiration quote or words of encouragement for the it was in 2005 when the Lord visited her in a Dream and told her that she was called as a Pastor and to write the Book her response was Lord I can't I am not worthy and the Lord response to her is you have what I need You have my heart for the people and from there on she has continue to run on and do the Work of the Lord finally in 05/2013 she was installed into pastoral ship as Pastor Finch and on that same day was affirmed as a Prophetess every since that day she has been doing the work of the Lord no it hasn't been easy but she is faithful and will remain faithful to the Work God has charged and placed upon her hands and heart to do. Prophetess Finch holds a No Longer Bound Women Conference Every year where she encourages not only spiritual healing but also emotional and mental healing as well, she also believes knowing your status ... HIV Awareness with this conference. Pastor Prophetess Believes God not only wants you to be healthy in spirit but healthy in the body as well so you can be whole. Amen. Pastor Prophetess finch Motto is this The truth will set you free but a lie will keep you in Bondage.

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