Holding Clouds Responsible

Holding Clouds Responsible

by Robert E. Rhodes


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A collection of poems which occasionally tie in related haiku to deepen the experiencing of the poem. This may be the first time that a poet has attempted to introduce the concept of haiku to flavor the lead poem. Holding Clouds Responsible will open not only your eyes to a fuller poetic experience, but allow the reader to explore additional depths the haiku may offer.

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ISBN-13: 9781483588834
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 01/15/2017
Series: Smoking the Bees , #1
Pages: 86
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Robert Rhodes has been a technical writer, a teacher, an editor, a director of a museum, an author, and a major figure in the Live Poets Society. He was born in Taylors, South Carolina, graduated from the University of Florida and received a Masters in English and PHD in American Studies from the University of New Mexico. He lives with with his wife, Mimi, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, writes poems, and walks his dog.

Table of Contents

Holding Clouds Responsible 1

Parliament of Air 2

Standing Watch 3

Point of Reference 4

Lamentation 5

Literati 6

On Rising 7

Postcards Are Available 8

The Song of Passing 9

Rules of Engagement 11

Flag Day 11

Canticle to Oblivion 12

Half Awake 13

God's Apologia 14

Your Entirety I Commend 15

Between Twilight and the Dark 16

Worms After Rain 17

Self Portrait 18

On Poetic Metaphor 19

Adam Revisited 20

Apostle of Credit 22

Bound for Glory 23

Tales of the Deep 25

On the Death of My Rich Aunt 26

Conditions of Belief 27

Self Defense 28

Betty Who Forgot 29

In the Haven of the Hunter's Mind 30

Evening 32

A Voice Beyond Singing 33

You Think This New Shape Will Protect You 34

Little Red Box 35

Self Confession 36

Lover Emeritus 37

Memories of Biltmore House 38

Sunday on the Hospital Grounds 39

Descartes on Love 40

Now and Then 41

Poetry Men Will Read 42

Early Snow 43

My Garden 43

Three Love Tonkas 44

The Moon That Followed Our Walk 45

Two Tankas 46

Poetic Process 47

Homecoming 48

Love Lyric 49

Quicker Than the Eye 50

Mexican Scene 51

Mexican Market 51

Money 52

Spring 53

Early Spring Music 53

Ode to Gertrude 54

Wrapping Up My Dream 55

Automated Poetry 56

The Sight of You 57

Without Your Consent 57

Old Soldier 58

Epitaph 58

Uncle Son 59

Television 60

Ode to My Coy Mistress 61

The Virgin Mary 62

Poets Against the War 63

Tinkled Pink Motel 64

In the Dark 65

Webber's Goats 66

Tankas 67

Lady on the Pauper List 68

For Those Who Never Visit Naples 69

Go Lovely Rose 70

Ballad for George, Poor George 71

Easter by the River 72

Mountain Climbing 73

Tomé 74

Forewarnings 75

Areas of Order 75

In Conclusion 76

A Humble Prayer 76

Credo 77

Love's Hunger 77

Credo 77

Love's Hunger 77

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