Holding Me Together

Holding Me Together

by Duane Simolke


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Duane Simolke wrote this collection from 1983 to 1999. It begins with the long essay "Reactions to Homophobia," followed by poems and short essays on a variety of topics, such as religion, violence, friendship, and gay relationships. Simolke's writings have appeared in dozens of publications, including The International Journal On World Peace, Midwest Poetry Review, Perception, Caprock Sun, Community Voice, The New Voice of Nebraska, The Amarillo Bridge, and (on the Internet) The Electronic Gay Community Magazine.

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ISBN-13: 9781583485514
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/28/1999
Pages: 248
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Table of Contents

Part 1Reactions to Homophobia, A Long Essay1
"Unlike gay people, I don't tell people what my wife and I do in bed."5
"They can be gay, as long as they hide it."7
"Gay sex is unnatural."9
"Hate crimes are just something the homosexuals make up to get special rights."11
"If a normal guy or a white guy gets beat up, hate crimes laws can't help him. That isn't fair."15
"We shouldn't have to see gays when we watch TV."19
"God didn't create Adam and Steve."23
"The Bible says it's wrong."25
"But homosexuality isn't just a sin: it's an immoral lifestyle."29
"The Bible says God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of gays."31
"The Bible never shows same-gender relationships as equal to that of a man and a woman."35
"The Bible never contradicts itself; therefore, we must follow what it says about gays."37
"Accepting gays would require not reading the Bible literally."41
"I love the sinner, hate the sin."43
"All Christians condemn homosexuality."45
"People who agree with homosexuality can't possibly have any morals."47
"Homosexuals can't be Christians."49
"Gays can't join tratemities and sororities, because Greck traditions follow the Bible."51
"I would accept gays, but I believe in family values."53
"Family members spending time with their gay relatives would suggest that they endorse that lifestyle."55
"They live that gay lifestyle."57
"Gays are all liberals."59
"It's an insult to African Americans to compare being gay to being black."61
"If there's nothing wrong with it, why's it illegal?"63
"The parts don't fit."65
"If we weren't so tolerant of gays, there wouldn't be any."67
"I wouldn't mind gays if it weren't for them checking me out."69
"Having gay parents makes children gay."71
"Gay people should try to be cured."73
"Homosexuality is a mental illness."77
"If everyone were gay, we'd stop having children, and die out."79
"They deserve what happens to them, because they choose to be gay."83
"Anyone who tolerates gays needs to see The Gay Agenda."85
"Gays helped cause the Holocaust."87
"Accepting homosexuality destroyed the Greek and Roman empires."89
"The following quote shows gays admit that they recruit children."91
"They recruit."93
"They just haven't met the right person of the opposite sex yet."95
"Gays can't adopt, because their children will get teased, and that isn't fair."99
"Gays can't teach, because they're a threat to children."101
"Public schools need to quit promoting homosexuality."103
"Gays can't serve in the military, because that would disrupt efficiency."105
"I don't have anything against gays; I think they can serve anywhere but the military."107
"I want to keep gays from athletics because my children see athletes as role modcls."109
"God sent AIDS to the homosexuals because He loves His children and wants to turn them back to Him."111
"Gays sleeping around are what cause health-care costs to go up."113
"We can't allow gay marriages, because tradition and scripture protected heterosexual marriage and reproduction for thousands of years."115
"Gay relationships mock heterosexual ones, with two people of the same gender pretending to be a man and a woman."117
"Surveys prove gays are a threat."119
"Surveys prove there are just a few gays, so why should heterosexuals care about gay rights?"123
"The average gay man won't live to be 44."125
"The average gay male has 5000-15,000 different partners per year."127
"Homosexuals are just a bunch of men dressing up like women."129
"All the gay men getting AIDS justifies any laws that could discourage homosexuality."131
Resources for "Reactions to Homophobia"135
Part 2Poems141
Chasing Seagulls143
Children in the Streets147
Friday Afternoon Spectrum148
Separated (A Sestina)152
Who Does God Hate?154
Second year156
Songs In Sign Language159
Anne Bradstreet160
Elephant On An Opera Stage160
Two Rapes161
The Same Lips163
Faces, Part I167
Faces, Part II169
Faces, Part III170
Faces, Part IV171
Faces, Part V172
Faces, Part VI173
Faces, Part VII174
Sock Poem176
Higher Education178
TV Haiku178
Cities Don't Build People179
The Gardener180
The Ex-Me Movement186
The Escape Artist190
The Loss191
The John Doe Family196
Angels and Razors197
Part 3Short Essays199
How "Children in the Streets" Wrote Itself201
Adding to the Hurt203
Out of the Closet and Into the Community205
Not Worth Dying Over207
Family Reunion213
Dear Editor215
Siblings: A Note to Young Gay Men217
The Bible and Gays (Condensed from parts of "Reactions to Homophobia")219
America Today221
AppendixShould We Follow These Verses?225

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Holding Me Together 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Holding Me Together (Essays and Poems) By Duane Simolke Review By Mountman toExcel Press, an imprint of iUniverse.com, Inc. ISBN: 1583485511 First off, I want to let you know that I¿m not a professional reviewer. I am a person that just loves to read. If my reviews get at least one person to read a book then I¿ve done what I have set out to do. The latest book is "Holding Me Together" by Duane Simolke. The largest part of the book is an essay titled Reactions to Homophobia. This work is very thought provoking. One of my favorites is "Gay Sex is unnatural. Yes, for a heterosexual." This essay is full of ideas along this line. Duane has taken homophobic statements and given his take on them. Others include: "Homosexuals are just a bunch of men dressing up like women", "The average gay male has 5000-15,000 different partners per year." (Well, where are mine? I better get busy), "Homosexuality is a Mental Illness", and "The Parts don¿t fit." Duane has done his research. He has many references and interesting answers to scriptures, websites, books, etc. Once you have read his essay you will want to pick up your copy of King James and check it out in a different light. There is also a collection of poems. Now I¿m not normally a big poetry person however, there were a couple that touched me, as the style is tight and the imagery wonderful. Faces parts I - VII, really aroused my heart. Or in Bareback, Duane hits some, where they don¿t like it. If you want something to say when someone says a Homophobic remark? Well, try some of Duane¿s. I would recommend this to anyone. Someone that is just coming to terms with their own sexuality and they need answers to remarks they have grown up hearing. Or to the person that is making ignorant homophobic remarks. Duane Simolke's writings have appeared in several of publications, including; The International Journal On World Peace, Midwest Poetry Review, Perception, Caprock Sun, Community Voice, The New Voice of Nebraska, The Amarillo Bridge, and The Electronic Gay Community Magazine Duane is also the author of; The Acorn Stories, Holding Me Together, and New Readings of Winesburg, Ohio. Just click his Name - Duane Simolke to see his website and or purchase information on any of Duane's titles. You can order Duane Simolke's books at most local or on-line bookstores. So Check it out. You will be pleased. Till next time, Be Safe, Be Proud, and most important, Be Yourself!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Duane Simolke's Holding Me Together contains a long essay, Reactions to Homophobia. Reading it will be quite useful to any homophobe who possesses a mind open enough to read it. For me, a nonheterosexual, it was quite affirming as well. One-by-one, Simolke intelligently refutes the objections to gay existence: they recruit, it's not natural, it's against the Judeo-Christian bible, etc... This book will be even more useful for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and straights questioning their sexuality or just coming to terms with it. I would give this book to every young gay or lesbian I encountered. This book is reviewed by Copernicus again, who has six titles available on bn.com They all come from The Paradox and the Human Learning Series and deal with the morality of paradox in the physical, biological, and cultural worlds.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Duane Simolke¿s seminal work Holding Me Together is a gratifying mixture of scholarship, art, and personal expression. In the long essay, 'Reactions to Homophobia,' readers will meet an intelligent and patient narrator who takes virtually every ignorant question and misstatement seemingly ever made about gays and lesbians and, as though speaking to those who ask such questions or make disparaging remarks about homosexuals, refutes the ignorance. Simolke does, indeed, shed a brilliant light into the dark recesses of homophobia. But Holding Me Together is more than a refutation of homophobia. It is also a quite brilliant and accessible apologia for those who know that the Bible of Judeo-Christian heritage is chock full of contradictions yet are unable to point them out so well as Simolke does. At the same time, Simolke does not bash the Bible, but shows how it is truly utter nonsense to interpret its scripture so literally. The long essay is actually divided into a delightful collection of short pieces, focused around the notion that he is speaking to homophobes, fundamentalists, concerned (but ignorant) heterosexuals, and others. A short list of the subtitles of 'Reactions to Homophobia' indicates what the reader can look forward to. 'Unlike gay people, I don¿t tell people what my wife and I do in bed.' 'If a normal guy or a white guy gets beat up, hate crimes laws can¿t help him. That isn¿t fair.' 'Homosexuals can¿t be Christians.' 'The parts don¿t fit.' 'Gay people should try to be cured.' But this book is more than the long essay. Part Two is a collection of poems that are both soft-spoken and interior to the writer and yet so forceful, reading them is like being knocked over with a feather¿you feel a gentle touch, but are left stunned as in the multi-part poem 'Faces, Parts I-VII.' You cannot simply contemplate the devastation of AIDS on its innocent victims. Simolke will not let you merely feel the gentle touch of his poem about Jessica and other faces; you must also confront those who 'Thank God for AIDS.' In short, Duane Simolke¿s voice is gentle, reasoned, assured, but will leave you gasping for breath. Ultimately, you will be more knowledgeable at the end of the work than you were at the beginning. Ronald L. Donaghe is a technical writer and novelist from New Mexico. He has been published by Dutton, Edward William Publishing Company, New Mexico Council for the Arts, Xlibris Corporation and by Writer¿s Club Press (an imprint of iUniverse.com). His growing body of work includes essays in three anthologies, a book of essays, two novels, and a full-length autobiography.