The Holiday Killers

The Holiday Killers

by Mk Staple


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ISBN-13: 9781456763893
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/24/2011
Pages: 100
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.24(d)

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The Holiday Killers

By MK Staple


Copyright © 2011 MK Staple
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4567-6389-3

Chapter One

Nothing bad ever really happens in Junction Falls, Maine a sleepy little town with a rural flavour, yet, close enough to the I95 to be readily accessible to most of the Northeast USA. The people who live in Junction Falls are mainly long time residents who know each other, each others children and their children's children. The younger ones while they longed to stay and continue to make lives for themselves and their young families they knew that staying was becoming less and less a reality with the changing times.

The recession of 1988 had made it difficult, if not impossible for them to stay. The two biggest employers in Junction Falls, Jameison Tires and Woodmans Furniture had suffered greatly due to the recession. Both companies had been around since the early 1900s and had been loyal employers and wonderful corporate citizens. They had tried to keep the wolves at bay by gradually reducing the work force, but in the end had to close their doors for good. The day the doors closed, was the day that life was sucked out of Junction Falls. Most of the young left for the bigger cities where at least things didn't look quite so bad. The few that were left behind were either aging or had little skills to offer elsewhere. They were faced with only a handful of low paying jobs and with little or no retirement funds in place, the young and old alike were facing dismal times ahead.

The recession had also caused the real estate market to collapse in Junction Falls. Many people abandoned their homes when they lost their jobs and couldn't make the mortgage payments. The banks moved in quickly and foreclosed. The white picket fences, older homes and long driveways began to fall into disrepair. The cheap real estate made it easy for newcomers with disposable cash to pick up houses way below their real value. The face of Junction Falls was already changing and was about to take on a different flavour with the coming of its two newest residents, John Lee Harris and Roy Wade Boone.

Chapter Two

John Lee Harris grew up poor in the border town of Houlton. His father, John senior was a violent alcoholic who spent most of his days living in a drunken fog and whose abusive outbursts sent John Lee and his little sister scurrying for their lives. His mother was a mild, shy woman with elegant features which she passed onto John Lee, giving him his striking black hair and deadly good looks. She did her best to keep the family together by working long hours as a waitress at one of the local diners serving the tourists crossing over the Canadian Border. While her tips and the left over food from the diner kept the children fed she could not shield John Lee and his sister from the drunken rages that befell their father. The long hours away from the children, knowing what they would face each day after school only made her guilt that much more intense.

John Lee's mother was not immune to her husbands outbursts of terror and had come to work many times bruised and battered often taking the beatings to shield the children when she was able. While those who knew the family were aware of the abuse, there seemed to be little that could be done to help. The local police had been called many times to the Harris residence often leaving with John senior, letting him sleep it off in the tank overnight hoping each time that when he returned he would turn over a new leaf. John Lee's mother stayed out of fear heeding John senior's threats that he would find them if they ever left and murder them all.

John Lee was never able to carry on a steady relationship with a girl because of the abuse he witnessed at home, always believing that someday he would turn out like his father. As well he could not contemplate bringing home a nice girl to face what he endured every day seeing his half clad drunken father most of the time out of control. As John Lee got older his resentment of his father and the beatings that he, his sister and his mother had to endure would ignite a rage inside that would prove to shape his destiny.

When John Lee was 14, he came home from school one day to find his little sister hovering in a corner covered in blood with her eyes closed shut. John senior had beaten her to a pulp. Not sure if she was still breathing he went to her side. Just as he did he was sent flying across the room, hitting his head on the kitchen countertop. When he awoke he saw his father standing over his mother with a gun and she was pleading with him to leave them alone. John senior screamed "you're not worth it!" He stumbled off to the bedroom hurling abuse at them all. John Lee's mother composed herself and tended to both John Lee and his little sister. She called a neighbour who took them all to the hospital where John Lee's sister was kept overnight for observation. John Lee's mother returned home with him and they stayed with the neighbour that night.

Something snapped in John Lee that night. He silently left next door and returned home. He quietly picked up a large knife that had been lying on the counter in the kitchen. He calmly walked to his father's bedroom, stood over his dad, and began stabbing and stabbing over and over again until he had no strength left to push the sliver cleaver any further. He heard a small groan and then fell back into the chair by the window falling asleep in the cool air of the night. The next morning he awoke to the screams of his mother and sister who stood over the lifeless, bloodied body of John senior.

Thus began John Lee Harris' life of freedom from the pain of his abusive father. Justice would be swift in his case. He would have to serve time at a juvenile detention centre in Maine and undergo psychiatric treatment to prove that he could be rehabilitated into society. He felt that his imprisonment was worth the price he had to pay to free himself, his mother and his sister from ever having to endure the wrath of a cruel, evil man. John Lee's destiny had now been shaped by what he had done and what he would learn from others whom he came in contact with at Red Mountain Detention Centre.

Chapter Three

Roy Wade Boone was a pretty blonde boy with a mind of his own. He was an only child and grew up with a deeply emotional, somewhat neurotic mother who always seemed to be high on something. She was deeply controlling and revelled in controlling the one person in her life that she had control over, Roy Wade. He always listened and was a really good boy but he felt that somehow he was different from the rest of those his age. He never knew who his father was and it was a sore point whenever he brought the subject up with his Momma. As he got older he had his suspicions who his father might be but even when he was little he was afraid to ask his Momma, as she would turn surly and mean and he would have to run and hide to avoid her rage. He longed to know who his Daddy was and the fact that he had no male role model in his life made him vulnerable to the strange ways of his Momma.

His Momma never worked however they always had money and the best of everything. They lived in a large house in Vermont and had a woman come in once a week to clean. They had a gardener who tended to the sprawling lawns and they never did ordinary things like shop for groceries. These were delivered weekly by a local grocer. She wore furs and had the best of clothes but had little to do with the community. While Roy Wade attended school he kept to himself and was known as a loner around school. While he liked girls he could never get up the nerve to even be friendly with one of his schoolmates and besides he would never be allowed to bring a girl home. His Momma would never handle this well!

They took lavish trips staying in the best hotels being tended on hand and foot. It was the cruises that Roy Wade hated most. This was a place where his Momma could meet strange men and where she could satisfy her sexual appetite. After all she was an attractive woman, refined and kept herself in very good shape. While the days were fine aboard ship, the nights were difficult for Roy Wade. He had to endure the sounds of his Momma and her men in sexual frenzy in the bed next to where he would sleep. The smells of booze and sex and the aroma of stale aftershave was something that he could never stomach, often hiding under the covers trying to block out what was happening in the bed next to him. The men his Momma slept with made a point to be sure that Roy Wade knew that they were there and in control. He often heard them steal out early morning and he knew that he would have to lie still until his Momma awoke late morning, like nothing had ever happened. By lunchtime it was all forgotten and it was back to the routine of shuffle board and swimming until the next man his Momma picked up for her night time encounters.

Roy Wade's Momma was fascinated with old movies, with glamorous movie stars. She especially liked child stars like Shirley Temple and was mildly intrigued with Westerns with stars like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans who were wholsom and whom she held in high esteem. Why she even named her boy after Roy Rogers. Losing herself in these movies made her feel normal. She would spend hours watching the old movies and imagine herself and Roy Wade playing similar parts.

She became ever and ever obsessed with how she and Roy Wade could live their lives like those people in the movies. She would shop at girls' stores looking for clothes that would fit Roy Wade and then shop at places like thrift stores where she could pick up old wigs and other items which she could use in her makeshift movie scenes. She started dressing Roy Wade up in costumes when he was only a little boy and he had grown used to her shows as he grew older. Her obsessions would become more demanding as he got older.

May times she would dress him up to be Shirley Temple with the blond curls and when the movie came on in the home theatre his Momma would demand that he get up on stage and sing like Shirley or tap dance to the music. He always obeyed and as he got older he thought more and more that this was a game he could play to keep his Momma happy. He particularly liked to play Roy Rogers, after all what little boy wouldn't like to dress up like a cowboy with a Stetson hat and the gun and make believe that he shot the bad guys when he had the chance. Roy Wade had learned to live his Momma's fantasies as if they were his own. However, as he continued to grow to be a teenager his resentment of his Momma's games and her awful boyfriends would become a compelling feeling of shame for a young boy about to become a young man.

When Roy Wade turned thirteen things began to really get mixed up for him. He liked girls and he was having feelings and thoughts, however being a loner he had no friends to ask or talk about what was happening to him. He had seen the girlie magazines in the drug stores and one day he had the nerve to pick up a copy and put it under his jacket. He managed to get away without getting caught. When he got home he was intrigued with the magazine and the beautiful nude girls inside the covers. He would get aroused by the pictures and the great pleasure he experienced seemed to calm a growing fire within him. He would make many trips to a variety of drug stores and steal away with these precious images of still life. He found creative places to hide his magazines all over his house, hoping that his Momma would never find his treasures.

Things were about to change for the worst for Roy Wade. One afternoon when he arrived home from school he was met with his Momma dressed as elegant as he had ever seen her. Something was not right though. Her eyes were blood shot and she had this mean look about her. He could tell that she had been drinking. She told him that it was time to play and she demanded in a loud, slurred voice that he put his tuxedo on for this scene. He was so scared when she came over to him that he tripped up the stairs. She told him to join her in the movie theatre. When he entered the room he could see a movie playing on screen he had never seen before, a movie with a nude woman and man having sex. His Momma turned to him and with one of his magazines in hand she cuffed him on the side of the head. He reeled and fell back. She stood over him screaming and yelling "if this is the kind of boy that I'm raising then you need to be part of scenes where you can act out your fantasies."

She grabbed him by the arm and began slapping him madly, out of control. He tried to defend himself but she was relentless pushing him to the ground and kicking him, all the while swearing. He managed to grab her by the foot and she fell to the floor. As she began to get up he ran to the chest of drawers at the far end of the room. He knew that she kept a small pistol in the drawer for protection. He grabbed the gun and turned. She stopped and started to laugh wildly that he didn't have the nerve to shoot her, besides she was only teaching him a lesson. She lunged at him and he pointed the gun and shot her until all barrels were empty. She lay dead on the floor with six bullets in her and blood oozing out of her mouth. Roy Wade stared at the lifeless, blood spattered body and for the first time in his life he felt at ease.

He picked up the telephone and dialled 911. When the operator answered, he calmly told her "I've shot my mother and she deserved to die." When the police arrived they found Roy Wade's Momma dressed in her prettiest night gown soaked in blood and lying on her bed with Roy Wade next to her. They took Roy Wade to a hospital for the mentally ill where he was assessed and later found fit to stand trial. He pleaded guilty in front of a judge and was sentenced to 10 years for his crime. He was transferred to the Red Mountain Detention Centre in Maine to serve out his time.

Chapter Four

Red Mountain Detention Centre was a juvenile correction centre for child male offenders who had committed serious crimes such as murder and was touted as a facility where the boys could receive psychiatric treatment and become rehabilitated. Life at the centre however was harsh with regimented chores that were designed to give the boys some life skills such as washing clothes, cleaning bathrooms and mopping floors. Time was set aside for schooling and as the boys got older, they would have the opportunity to learn a trade or take college or university courses. The boys learned over time whom they could trust or not trust and some boys were attracted to the small cliques or gangs that form naturally in places like Red Mountain.

John Lee kept to himself finding solitude in reading, all the while dreaming of the day when freedom would be his. He was quite an intelligent boy and the Warden seemed to recognize his talents. He allowed John Lee to work in the infirmary where he would assist the nursing staff with wrapping wounds, setting casts and other minor medical tasks. The staff liked John Lee and encouraged him to take nursing courses through the community college. He excelled in the nursing profession and would receive his diploma as a practical nurse.

Roy Wade was also someone who kept pretty much to himself but seemed to flourish when he was around tools. He had a knack for putting things together and fixing just about anything. He took courses in carpentry and would make bird houses, tables, chairs, just about anything that could be made from wood. He also dabbled in electrical, plumbing and auto mechanics and became known as a jack of all trades. He had a keen mind for anything that needed fixing and could build just about anything. When the staff needed something special for a loved one they turned to Roy Wade who always delivered a unique gift that could be found nowhere else. He would become a favourite with staff and they made sure that he was kept out of harm's way when some of the other, more unruly inmates would try and pick on the pretty blonde boy.

It was through an accident that he got to know John Lee. He was working on wooden doll house for the Warden's daughter for Christmas when the chisel slipped and lodged deeply in his hand. He was sent to the infirmary and John Lee was asked to tend to his wound. While both of them didn't have too much to say to one another there seemed that a spark had been ignited and the return visits to the infirmary for check-ups on Roy Wade's hand gave the boys a chance to get to know each other. The boys were close in age and had quite a bit in common having come from dysfunctional families. The more they talked and got to know each other, the more they discovered how much alike they were. They began to eat their meals together, traded books and magazines and both had a love of chess playing. A deep bond was formed with the boys making a pact that they would look after each other from here on in on the inside and look after each other when they were set free.


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