Holiday Romance Collection: Hues Of Lust: BBW Erotic Romance Story Collection + Love Is Like You: A Love Poem Collection In 24 Verses

Holiday Romance Collection: Hues Of Lust: BBW Erotic Romance Story Collection + Love Is Like You: A Love Poem Collection In 24 Verses

by K.W. Middleton

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This 1 In 2 Box Set Compilation includes K. W. Middleton's Holiday Romance Collection: Hues Of Lust: BBW Erotic Romance Story Collection with 4 Holiday Short Stories + Love Is Like You: A Love Poem In 24 Verses Why save this Holiday Romance Collection for February the 14th? Here is what you'll find inside... Story I Kenneth appears to be the man who can truly explore Sarah's deepest desires. She expected a romantic dinner with a splurge of gourmet food from Kenneth on Valentine's, but the story takes on a whole new dimension when she realizes that Kenneth really is the man of her life. Story II Barbara finds herself in desperate need of some exciting Valentine adventure when she stumbles upon a stranger named Edward Bell on Facebook. She just doesn't expect her Valentine adventure to come in the shape of a stranger who seems to know her shoe size and the name of her favorite shoe brand by heart. Barbara's reality suddenly shifts from looking for a fun past time on Valentine's day to turning herself into the arms of a stranger who even shows signs of a criminal record. This strange and intriguing Valentine adventure gives Barbara quite the challenge that she did not expect to experience on a day like this. Story III Callie a big and beautiful woman who feels not very sexy and confident about herself on a day like this because she has no reason to believe in such a stupid holiday and because her extroverted girl friend Barbara always steals her the show finds herself piled up in work and slaving away in her cake catering business. Meeting a stranger who is a client at the same time does not seem to cheer her up on such a day. When she meets Grant she finally realizes that spending Valentines with a man like Grant could be the prescription for what ailed her. Story IV Break-ups are always rough, but they're even worse when they happen right before Valentine's day, but meeting a stranger who seems to know the size of her voluptuous body size?

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ISBN-13: 9781631877100
Publisher: Inge Baum
Publication date: 03/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 102
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

K. W. Middleton is a wife and mother and lives with her family on the beautiful island of Capri. Since early childhood, she dreamed of writing stories dedicated to women. She had the desire to write romantic and erotic stories that readers truly would fall in love with, but she never let her fantasies out because she had to focus on her family and her career in order to earn her living. She finally risked her career and her relationship with this new venture. She put pen to paper with her first collection of BBW Romance and Erotic Holiday Story Collection called Hues of Lust. Hues of Lust is part of a series called Hues Of Holiday Lust. Her latest fictional creation is a collection of short BBW romantic and erotic lustful moments that are themed holiday stories that happen during St. Valentine. Hues of Lust is the first Volume of the Hues Of Holidays series. More lustful moments during holiday moments like Mother's day, Father's day, Eastern, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are already planned. The series has been designed to please a bbw woman with a modern lifestyle who especially likes to explore and interact with people and strangers from the outside world during these most exciting holiday times of the year: Christmas, New Year's Eve, St. Valentine Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many other holiday moments that a woman truly does enjoy! She is also working on her own true story that she is going to transform into a passionate love story with elements of adventure, suspense, crime, and college life meets wall street that is wrapped up into an intensively high explosive emotional charged story. It is going to be her first novel. A story that consists of her own experiences and moments that are half fiction and half reality. An exciting story of adventure and suspense with a love story wrapped around it. A story of a woman who is finally able to change her life. A story of a woman who leaves everything she has been living for. A story of a woman who leaves her past behind her and who emotionally goes through her own resurrection. She is living very intensive moments in a country that she has never been before and with people that she has never seen before. Her motivation and interest behind it is to inspire every woman in this world to live, imagine, dream, embrace, and take on challenges that get into one's ways. She has realized her own possibilities and opportunities by accepting failure and by challenging impossible situations by stepping up and by accepting fate, failure and darkness of life. She had to accept confusion, chaos and defeat in order to be able to turn her life into a straight line of success and in order to develop her own personality and authority and in order to accept love. This is the kind of intriguing and exciting material that her stories are all about. She likes to convey that every woman has the ability to write her own story because it is the failure that makes a story great. Every woman has the chance to take a second chance and to grab that possibility and opportunity and turn failure into a new life that she is passionate about and that she loves to live, every day and for the rest of her life! Every woman has the right to create her own freedom and her own definition of love. You can find more information about K. W. Middleton on her Facebook page here:

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