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by Noni Boon


by Noni Boon


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Author Noni Boon is a visionary with a passion for changing the world and encouraging others to do the same. In Holifest, Noni offers an easy, two-ingredient recipe to follow to initiate self-growth, build strength of character, and achieve abundance in all areas of your life while evolving into what you can become.

Abbreviated from holistic-manifest, Noni describes Holifest as the power and force that rockets “manifest” to “magnifest.” Noni has designed an effective, accurate, and holistic way to manifest through developing greater strength of character and establishing a deeper knowledge of self. Holifest is built on a list of twenty-one specially selected virtues that you will discover and develop in yourself to enhance your mind, body, and soul.

Holifest gives you the creativity, courage, and confidence to transform into your next best magnificent self, move up to what you can become, and begin living your greatest life yet. When you change yourself, you change your world.

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ISBN-13: 9781504305419
Publisher: Balboa Press Australia
Publication date: 11/28/2016
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.80(h) x 0.40(d)

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By Noni Boon

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Noni Boon
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-0541-9


Two Ingredient Pancakes (the recipe for Holifest)

Ingredient One

• Bananas

Ripen your virtues

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be". You are going to become a more creative, courageous, confident and successful 'you'. There is no limit to what you 'could be'. This will be achieved by increasing your strength of character, strength of heart, and strength of soul. Character is built on virtues. You are going to grow your virtues into what you could become starting with what you are going to be next. Virtues are attributes. They make up the 'excellence' of a person and magnify your quality of personality, spirit, and soul. A virtuous person has a strong, dynamic 'character'. Virtuous people are honest, creative, courageous, confident, respectful, forgiving, kind, and generous. Driven by virtues, these people are committed to doing the right thing even when there is a personal cost involved or it is detrimental to them. They have high morals, ethics, and values. They have a personal honour code that cannot and will not be bent or broken. They do not give in to temptation, urges or provocation. They act according to high principles, beliefs, and integrity. You may already be virtuous, but there is room for improvement in everyone. Your virtues need to be cultivated and enhanced in order to Holifest and access more abundance, fulfillment, peace, and happiness. Increasing your virtues builds character, which is one of the main ingredients for Holifest.

Holifest is the key to success. Success is reached when you acquire what is missing in your life and when you achieve what you determine to be your own personal success. Success is different for everyone and falls under different categories such as having fulfilling loving relationships, reaching personal and financial goals, acquiring inner peace, growing in wisdom, having more time and space, or achieving meaningful acquirements. When you gain success through building strength of character and becoming more virtuous, you will start to see results in your life that weren't there before. People will respond to you differently. Your friends, co-workers, family, and associates will develop trust and reliance on you. They will come to you for help, advice, and guidance. You will inspire people to become better because your character will motivate and influence them into doing so. You will be known as a person with exceptional charm, charisma, and personal power. You will no longer find yourself tempted to complain, moan, or bitch about other people, misfortunes, circumstances, or events.

You will have more zest for living and you will vibrate at a higher frequency than before. You will be devoid of drama and you will attract other high quality, virtuous people to you. You will notice some people 'drop off' your dance card and that's okay. People who aren't virtuous will no longer align with you and the Universe will remove them. You will become your highest potential and your life will no longer be 'ordinary' but 'extraordinary'. You will become the next best magnificent version of yourself and you will know it, feel it, and be it, mind, body, and soul.

Seven virtues for your mind to enhance your Creativity

When you boost the seven virtues of your mind you will increase your creative ability to form and produce while gaining control over your ego-mind. You will become more innovative, original, visionary, and gifted. You may be questioning how this is all going to happen by simply focusing on and saying a few new things but that is precisely how it happens. The only way you 'become' anything or 'generate' anything is by choosing it, making up your mind, committing with your heart, and commanding with your soul. I have counselled/coached many people who have a full range of 'mental tools' and knowledge that they are using accurately to manifest and control their lives. They have read the books, listened to the tapes, and done enough therapy to go out and conquer the world but it is not happening for them. Two pieces are missing from a three-piece puzzle. They think it, but they do not 'feel' it. It cannot be found in their heart and does not come from their soul. It all sits in their head and there is a great 'disconnect'. No matter what you 'tell' yourself, if you do not 'feel' it, it is never going to happen. This is why my mantra calls to your mind, body, and soul. 'I am creative', speaks to your mind. 'I am courageous', speaks to your heart. 'I am confident', speaks to your soul.

Holifest will make more sense as we go along, but for now, you will have to trust me when I say that I am building you up and preparing you for success and abundance, starting with building on and strengthening the following seven virtues:

1 Imagination

Before you can bolster your imagination through wonder, intrigue, and close observation, you need to open up the 'space' to do it, clear your mind, and make the time. Allocate a few moments every day to be by yourself and begin to look at the world through the eyes of your 'fun loving inner-Child'. Locate the seven year old 'you' that still influences your personality and resides in your identity. The part of you that never grows up, nor would you want it to, loves spontaneity, does not want to be told it is not possible, and believes in fairy tales, make believe, and all that exists in the unseen world. The part of you that likes to go crazy, race cars, throw food, eat ice-cream, collect seashells, dress up, tell exaggerated stories, and play all day long. See the magic, be the magic. Close your eyes and create the life you want in your mind's eye. Colour it in, amp it up, shoot for the stars. There is nothing you cannot be in your imagination. There are no limits, no bounds, and no ideas too large or too small. Explore the mental landscape of your imagination and let the show begin with your wildest dreams. Create new worlds, hang some stars, and paint the moon. Rule your mental Universe and wear your crown. See yourself flying like Peter Pan or Tinkerbelle and swimming through the ocean like a dolphin. Run barefoot through fields of yellow daisies and climb trees that take you above the clouds. Feel the melting snow on your fingertips and undress in the warmth of the sun. Imagine your life, the freedom, the marvellous adventures, and escape into it as often as possible. Give yourself these moments to close your eyes and conceptualise your life. It is not a 'silly' thing to do; it is a 'compulsory' thing to do if you want to increase your creative force.

Sketching it out in your imagination is a powerful form of creation. Studies reveal that after three days, people retain only 10% of the verbal information they have received whereas they remember 65% of the drawings they have seen. The Universe is the same. Illustrate what you want in your imagination and the Universe will respond more accurately than when you speak or write about it. Fantasise it, invent it, and then 'spark' it in your mind. Draw some pencil roughs and design some thumbnails on the art board of your mind for your design agency – Universe & Co to proceed from. When you add the tremendous power of your heart and soul, so then it will be. Do not be afraid to create yourself being more than you hope for and more than you dare to dream. It is always best to think big and then go even bigger. Your own imagination is a place where you will not be judged, knocked down, or criticised. If you cannot summon the courage to imagine it the way you want it to be, it will not happen. With every challenge, doubt, or fear that comes along, simply imagine what the opposite of that would look like and escape into it for even a second. The Universe will take note and everything will begin to shuffle, move, and spin around until the result your heart desires comes into view. If something shows up in your life that you just cannot deal with or do not hold the answer to, simply imagine yourself being happy, peaceful, relaxed, and calm. Take yourself on an imaginative journey and 'escape' your current situation for something better in the 'immediate'. You can transport yourself to wherever you want by simply closing your eyes and imagining it into being.

I am imaginative

2 Strength

You will strengthen your mind and break some destructive habits by bringing awareness to your patterns of negative thinking. No matter how buoyant you are there will be times when you just cannot stay afloat. Consciousness is being able to recognise and 'catch' yourself when negative thinking takes its hold on you. You will not recognise it when you are 'in it', you will see it when you take your mind 'above it' and step into consciousness. The ego thrives on holding you captive and forcing you to believe you are your personality and your identity. Although your identity and your ego play out through you, similar to an actor playing out a script, it is not 'you'. Your ego attaches you to your identity and you 'believe' it is you until you pull back and move up in your mind to become your 'higher-self'. This is the part of you that observes the smaller 'ego you' from a different platform in your consciousness. The next time you have a negative thought, stop yourself immediately and look straight at it. What was the thought you just had? What was it about? Does it have merit? The part of your mind that you use to consciously carry out this 'cross-examination' is your higher-self, your consciousness, your awareness, and your enlightened self. The more you meet up with this part of yourself, the more you become 'enlightened' and the less 'hold' your ego and your negativity will have on you.

There are four main types of negative thinking:

All or nothing thinking –

"I have to do things perfectly or not at all". "Anything short of one hundred percent is not good enough". "I have broken my diet so I might as well devour the entire fridge".

(2) Disqualifying the positives –

"Nothing went well this week". "My life is an absolute mess". "There is nothing attractive or appealing about me". "I totally suck at everything I do".

(3) Negative self-labelling –

"I am a failure". "I am hopeless". "I am not smart enough to do that". "I am just – a house-wife, just a mother, or just this or just that".

(4) Catastrophising –

"My life always goes wrong". "It is going to be a total disaster". "It always turns out bad". "He or she hates me". "I'll end up with absolutely nothing".

If any of these patterns sound familiar to you, it is time to strengthen your mind and change your thinking. Unless you are psychic, you cannot read people's minds so do not assume they do not like you. Wherever possible, avoid using the word 'should' as in 'I should do this and you should do that'. Change 'should' to 'could' or 'would' so that you don't become a 'should've' person. Do not look for approval from others. Do not disqualify the present for the future. Do not dwell on pain and do not drown in pessimism. Negative thinking is a fast track way to becoming a 'victim'. Psychological victims are weak and tragic. You do not want to go there. They get kicked down and stay down, blaming other people for how their life turned out. The pay off for victims is that they do not have to try. They remain helpless and refuse to take responsibility for their position and the circumstances they find themselves in. Strong people have authority over themselves and educate themselves in order to become more powerful and autonomous. They are self-governing and refuse to be controlled or manipulated by others. Keep your mind active and research your choices. Seek knowledge and understanding. Command yourself to stay aware of your thoughts. Remain as positive as possible and make it your goal to reach higher consciousness and develop more mental strength.

I am strong

3 Acceptance

Inner peace and calm comes through accepting 'what is'. Many people resist their current circumstances or moan about them to whoever will listen, which of course attracts more of the same. It is natural to want to complain and protest when things aren't as you would like them to be but this does not help you in the long run. Resist the urge to bitch about others, point out their flaws, and grumble about any circumstance or event that has taken place in your life. You will find that the urge passes quite quickly when you are self-disciplined and in hindsight, you will be pleased that you did not perpetuate it and draw more attention to it. I can think of at least ten things right now that I could object to, oppose, and fret to you about but I know that would not help me to Holifest, it would do the opposite and ensure that I had more things to disapprove of and moan about tomorrow. If something big is bothering you, allow yourself three minutes (actually time it) to get as angry, offended, and out-of-joint as you like. Go over the details, fell infuriated and exasperated with those involved, curse and squeal like a boiling kettle and then simmer down, cool off, let it go, accept what is, and get busy 'doing' something. If you pray for and ripen your virtues, nothing will ever turn out 'bad' for you. Eventually, everything will be okay and you will be okay. Tell yourself that this too will pass and you will be in completely different circumstances three years from now, or one year, or six months, or two weeks, or one hour – everything changes and nothing stays the same. Lao Tzu says "Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Do not resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like". It is true that what you 'resist' 'persists'. The resistance carries its own special magnetism that attracts more of the same to you and even builds and doubles. If you resist, protest, and scream out the F-word when you get a flat tyre, chances are that next time, you will break down on the Harbour Bridge with two flat tyres at the same time in the middle of peak hour traffic and things will be a whole lot worse. Accept the flat tyre, calmly change it, and carry on having increased the virtue of 'acceptance'.

* You will think I am kidding you but ... I actually got a flat tyre two hours after writing the above paragraph (hungry is the soul for testing the ego) and the only thing I could think of was how lucky I was that my friend drove past and gave me a lift home to my other car so that I could pick up my son from school. I was totally 'accepting' and 'grateful' because it could have been so much worse. There are no taxi or bus services to my house so getting a lift home is a big deal. It did not occur to me until chatting in the car with my friend that I had just been writing about getting a flat tyre. The Universe has a facetious sense of humour and timing is impeccable. I later returned to the car and received help from my son who drove past on his way home from work along with a neighbour who rode past on his motorbike. Both stopped when they saw me digging through the boot of my car looking for a spare tyre that doesn't exist. Apparently Minis are equipped with a small compressor and operate a 'run flat' system. There is no way you can avoid inconveniences challenging you. They are a part of life and necessary for you to grow and build strength of character. What you can do is 'accept' them and if you are really evolved, 'appreciate' them. I am not quite there yet with appreciating all of them however I am very aware of how they strengthen me and how supported I am when they happen. The next step is to control your reaction and response to them. No matter what happens, it could have been so much worse and every single time, help, synchronicity, and solutions are sent your way. The Universe never leaves you stranded for long. Pray for help and it comes. Guardian angels are real.

It is important to comply with what is present and accept what you have now; then from that mind-set, you can begin the steps to change. For example, if you want to lose weight, start by accepting the weight you are right now with a view to change it. There is no point starting any journey with bitterness or resistance. Acceptance is the starting point for change and forgiveness is essential to acceptance. If there is someone or something you have not forgiven, including yourself, I suggest you do. Forgiveness is the elixir of Holifest. Without a clean slate, it does not work. No good thing will come to you whilst you harbor anger, resentment, or regret. Everything that happens in your life is an opportunity to build character and shape your virtues. Forgive the hurt and release the past. No person or event needs to have 'power' over you now. Be careful that you do not confuse 'accepting' with 'enduring'. You do not ever have to endure bullying, mistreatment, or abuse. Part of acceptance is exercising the right to stand up to what you 'will not' accept from other people. Acceptance is for the things you cannot change, the past you cannot undo, and the compromises or poor decisions you have already made. What has happened has happened, let go, peacefully accept it and dismiss it from your mind. Remember my friend Jayne's mantra for the virtue of 'acceptance'? It goes like this – 'This is where I'm at and I'm accepting of that'. It rhymes and it is fun to say. Create your own little mantras to suit whatever you are struggling with right now and find the acceptance you need to begin designing your next best step.


Excerpted from Holifest by Noni Boon. Copyright © 2016 Noni Boon. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Introducing Bruce MacLelland, xiii,
Introducing Holifest, xix,
Do the Shadow Dance, xxvii,
Two Ingredient Pancakes (the recipe for Holifest), 1,
Ingredient One, 1,
Bananas – Ripen Your Virtues, 1,
Seven virtues for your mind to enhance your Creativity, 4,
1 Imagination, 5,
2 Strength, 7,
3 Acceptance, 10,
4 Compassion, 13,
5 Motivation, 15,
6 Detachment, 17,
7 Patience, 20,
Seven virtues for your body to enhance your Courage, 23,
1 Commitment, 24,
2 Ethical, 26,
3 Excellence, 28,
4 Faith, 30,
5 Justice, 32,
6 Resilience, 34,
7 Cleanliness, 37,
Seven virtues for your soul to enhance your Confidence, 41,
1 Assertiveness, 43,
2 Determination, 45,
3 Self-discipline, 47,
4 Humility, 51,
5 Encouragement, 54,
6 Wisdom, 56,
7 True-Gratitude, 59,
Ingredient Two, 62,
Eggs – Crack Open Your Mind, Body, And Soul, 63,
Open your mind, 63,
Mindfulness and Presence, 65,
Feel your body, 67,
Fear, 68,
Feelings, 72,
Fold into your soul, 74,
Method: The fundamentals of Holifest, 80,
The Short Cut Devil, 80,
Doctor Doubt, 81,
The Void, 82,
Limits and Less, 83,
Will Power, 84,
Will Powerless, 86,
Forgiveness, 87,
Doing, 88,
Success, 89,
The steps to Holifest, 91,
Holifest-ending, 95,
One final note, 98,
Two Ingredient Pancakes With Hot Pecan Sauce, 100,

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