Hollywood Diaries

Hollywood Diaries

by Morgana Welch


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Book Description 2000 Hollywood Diaries, is the true, intimate, and sometimes disturbing diaries of Morgana Welch. The diaries begin in 1971 and mark the beginning of a young girl's search for reality and sense of self in a section of society that was anything but normal, Hollywood and Beverly Hills. The diaries reflect a way of life that would afford Morgana the pleasure and pain of living in the world of rock and roll. Hollywood Diaries takes you inside the world of a 1970s groupie. In the days before cell phones, you-tube, and myspace when you had to be face to face (fantastically lusciously face to face...) with the center of the rock-and-roll vortex. Hollywood Diaries will take you on a vicarious journey paying homage to the world of rock and roll, for better and worse. Her recollections are not steeped in rose colored hues that are tempting when addressing the escapades of youth. While great care has been taken to assure that some of the players are not marred by their past behavior, the events and life portrayed is as it happened, without judgment, and without regret. "You kept a very good diary. Everything in it is one hundred percent TRUE!!" - Chuck Ruff, Edgar Winter band. "The stories you told in your book brought back fond memories for me of the crazy fun times we had". Bill Lordan - Sly and the Family Stone, Robin Trower "I saw that 'infamous groupie' photo in Stephen Davis's Hammer of the Gods and always wondered who the girls were. You are a fine writer and I enjoy your voice a lot. I love hearing about the groupie heyday and I really admire how you manage to come across in your writings, insightful and warm. Others have glossed over the seedier sides that must surely have been there. You handle them with a terrific approach, without overdoing it for shock value. Thanks for sharing your stories; it's great to finally know who the pretty blonde girl in the middle is!" - Kerstin Exemplary reflective storytelling, the hooks revolving around musicians we all know, the central inspiration in the end though is one of the human spirit, survival and honesty. The flow of consciousness with its celebrity thread is arabesque, organic and finessed. - Shorty I thought it was excellent. An honest snapshot of amazing times that will probably never happen again. Have also just read Laurel Canyon, which features some of Morgana's story as well. I agree with some other posts on this site...Morgana should write a detailed account of her life. Wild and magical...and surviving was nothing short of a miracle! - Tony McGraw

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ISBN-13: 9781425771560
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Publication date: 10/16/2007
Pages: 152
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