Hollywood Rocks!

Hollywood Rocks!

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Hollywood Rocks!

2003 saw the release of the book Hollywood Rocks -- a 208-pager that documents the wild and crazy days of the west coast glam metal movement circa the 1980s. Two years later, the folks at Cleopatra/Deadline Records have compiled a four-disc follow-up to the book, Hollywood Rocks: Audio Companion. If you're looking to relive the days or yore or are simply a newcomer to the genre, this 78-track set is quite a mammoth find. But be forewarned -- if you're expecting tracks from such leaders of the pack as Guns N' Roses and Mötley Crüe, you're out of luck (although there is a track from the pre-G N' R, Axl Rose-led Hollywood Rose). Also, for the most part, Hollywood Rocks focuses on demos and uncommon versions -- hence, the sound quality isn't always the best. Regardless, the box remains highly recommended for those who were part of the Aqua Net set. Kicking things off with a track from the aforementioned Hollywood Rose ("Killing Time"), the first disc, which covers the early '80s, proves to be the best of the bunch. After all, it includes tracks by such recognizable names as Ratt ("In Your Direction"), Dokken ("It's Not Love"), W.A.S.P. ("Animal"), and Quiet Riot ("Let's Get Crazy"). But if you were a reader of such esteemed metal publications as Hit Parader back in the '80s, there was a multitude of bands you read about, but in the pre-Internet/download days, probably never actually heard. The problem is now corrected once and for all, as evidenced by the inclusion of tracks by Steeler (which included singer Ron Keel), Odin, Sound Barrier (an all-black metal band that predated Living Colour by several years), and London. Expectedly, the last disc -- which documents the early '90s -- is the weakest of the bunch (the era was littered with copycat bands). And if the music on this comp isn't enough, also included is an extensive booklet that gives the history on each and every band included.

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Release Date: 08/31/2010
Label: Cleopatra
UPC: 0741157937329
catalogNumber: 9373
Rank: 154153

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Michael Martin Murphey   Drums,Vocals
Don Dokken   Vocals
Lizzy Borden   Vocals
Rick Parker   Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
Carmine Appice   Drums
Tony Black   Drums
Kenny Price   Vocals
Izzy Stradlin   Guitar
George Lynch   Guitar
Joey Vera   Bass
Clay Anthony   Bass
Vinny Appice   Drums
Jimmy Bain   Bass
Brian Baker   Guitar
Frankie Banali   Drums
Bobby Blotzer   Drums
Ann Boleyn   Vocals
John Bush   Vocals
Carlos Cavazo   Guitar
Gilby Clarke   Guitar,Vocals
Dennis Conway   Drums
John Corabi   Vocals
Lanny Cordola   Bass,Guitar
Mick Cripps   Bass,Guitar
Robbin Crosby   Guitar
Juan Croucier   Bass
Danny Dangerous   Bass
Jonathan Daniel   Bass
Warren DeMartini   Guitar
Art Deresh   Vocals
Audie Desbrow   Drums
Marc Richard Diglio   Guitar
Billy Dior   Drums
Jerry Dixon   Bass
Howard Drossin   Guitar
Kevin DuBrow   Vocals
Joel Ellis   Vocals
Oz Fox   Guitar
Mark Free   Vocals
Tim Gaines   Bass
Chris Gates   Guitar
Vincent Gilbert   Keyboards
Jim Gillette   Vocals
Erik Gloege   Drums
Doni Gray   Drums
Tracii Guns   Guitar
Chris Holmes   Guitar
Pete Holmes   Drums
Terry Ilous   Vocals
Insane   Drums
Joe Normal   Guitar
Kevin K   Drums
Ron Keel   Vocals
Mark Kendall   Guitar
Tigg Ketler   Drums
Bill King   Keyboards,Vocals
Bob Kulick   Guitar
Jani Lane   Vocals
Michael Lardie   Keyboards
Blackie Lawless   Bass,Vocals
Jake E. Lee   Guitar
Joe Lesté   Vocals
Mandy Lion   Vocals
Adam Maples   Drums
Danny McBride   Guitar,Vocals
David Michael Phillips   Guitar
Bret Michaels   Vocals
Dwain Miller   Drums
Paul Monroe   Drums
Stephen Pearcy   Vocals
Jeff Pilson   Bass
S.S. Priest   Guitar
Ratboy   Guitar
Desi Rexx   Vocals
Fernie Rod   Guitar
Axl Rose   Vocals
Billy Rowe   Guitar
Jack Russell   Vocals
Sammy Serious   Vocals
John Schubert   Drums
David Scott   Drums
Chris Solberg   Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Greg Steele   Guitar
Kyle Stevens   Guitar
Steve Summers   Vocals
Mick Sweda   Guitar
Michael Sweet   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Sweet   Drums
Steven Sweet   Drums
Tommy Thayer   Guitar
Ron Tostenson   Drums
Lizzy Valentine   Bass
Kyle Vincent   Vocals
Sam Yaffa   Bass
Patrick Young   Bass
David Alford   Drums,Background Vocals
Bobby Dall   Bass
C.C. DeVille   Guitar
Amir Derakh   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Michael Lockwood   Guitar,Vocals
Rikki Rockett   Drums
Paul Shortino   Vocals
Nadir d'Priest   Vocals
Stanley E.   Bass
Lizzie Grey   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Todd Hoffman   Bass,Vocals
Bernie K.   Vocals
Jason Nesmith   Guitar
Bobby Rock   Drums
Spacey T.   Guitar
Brian West   Bass
Chuck Wright   Bass
Ron Yocom   Vocals
Ryan Roxie   Guitar
Eric Skodis   Drums
Joey Allen   Guitar
Danni Bardot   Guitar
Lorne Black   Bass
Jimmi Bleacher   Vocals
Dave Carruth   Guitar
Vinnie Chas   Bass
Gregory Darling   Vocals
Taime Downe   Vocals
Joey Gold   Drums
Jon E. Love   Guitar
Janis Massey   Saxophone,Vocals
Kelly Nickels   Bass
Jizzy Pearl   Vocals
Pete Reveen   Guitar
Phil Sandoval   Guitar
Chris Schlosshardt   Bass
Robbie Settles   Drums
Luke Tierney   Guitar
Michael Raphael   Acoustic Guitar,Background Vocals
Patrick Ryan   Bass
Matt Thorne   Bass
Joseph Bishara   Guitar
Jamie Fonte   Bass
Joey Scott Harges   Drums
Taz Rudd   Guitar,Vocals
Andrew Vermuellen   Guitar,Vocals
David Roach   Vocals
Kjell Benner   Bass
Eric Stacy   Bass
Brian Waters   Guitar
Stevie Rachelle   Vocals
Danny Simon   Vocals
Walter Adams   Vocals
Jeff Duncan   Guitar
Erik Turner   Guitar
Brian Vincent Durkin   Vocals
Mark Dutton   Bass,Vocals
Alan Barlam   Guitar
Mick O'Brien   Guitar
Bill Sweet   Bass
Curtis Grant   Rhythm Guitar
Dave Pritchard   Guitar
Jorge Desaint   Guitar
Michael Lean   Drums
Todd Muscat   Bass,Guitar
Rob Nicholson   Bass
Randy Piper   Guitar
Doug Banx   Guitar
Bobby Durango   Vocals
Jackie D. Jukes   Drums
Andy Panik   Bass
Gene Allen   Guitar
Sean Kelly   Drums
Marc Ferrari   Guitar
Charles Bernal   Bass
Mickey Finn   Vocals
Jimmy James   Guitar
Rik Fox   Bass
Roxy "Chris" Dahl   Vocals
Scott Franklin   Bass
Jef "Woop" Warner   Guitar
Jonathan Daniels   Bass
"Wild" Mick Brown   Drums
Scarlet Rowe   Vocals
Bobby Bones   Guitar
Todd Allen   Drums
Johnny Kreis   Drums
Laura Bennett   Bass
Kyle Kyle   Bass
Anthony Focx   Drums
Jeff Drake   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Stevens   Bass
Dino Guerrero   Drums
John Turner   Drums
Kevin Agosta   Drums
Bret Taylor Aldstadt   Vocals
Kit Ashley   Vocals
Mike Barnette   Guitar
Lisa Black   Guitar
Mikke Blaze   Guitar
Tweety Boyd   Bass
Tomi Rae Brown   Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Chris Weber   Guitar
Paul Black   Vocals
Gregg Sanford   Vocals
Marc Ford   Guitar,Vocals
Kery Doll   Vocals
Eddie Robison   Vocals
Devin Lovelace   Guitar
Robbi Black   Drums
Dazzle   Guitar,Vocals
Ohashi Takashi   Guitar
Britt Pennella   Bass
Michael Angelo   Guitar
Phil Lewis   Vocals
Sean Lewis   Guitar
Timothy Jay   Drums,Keyboards,Vocals,Background Vocals
Riki Rachtman   Vocals
Kurt Maier   Drums
David Love   Bass
Kari Kane   Drums
Kenny Chaisson   Bass
Bryan Jay   Guitar
Keri Kelli   Guitar
Dave Walsh   Guitar
Steve Riley   Drums
Kristy Majors   Guitar
Pat Muzingo   Drums,Vocals
Mark Michals   Drums
Paul Mars   Drums
Johnny Nation   Guitar
Tim Morrison   Bass
Bryan Small   Guitar,Vocals
Tracy G   Guitar
Joey Martell   Vocals
Robert Stoddard   Guitar
Dennis St. James   Vocals
Monte Zufelt   Bass
Dave Brown   Drums
Nicky Alexander   Drums
Joe Holmes   Guitar
Jaimie Scott   Bass
Mark Knight   Guitar
Jamie St. James   Vocals
Eric Vogel   Drums
Yasuhiro Hatae   Bass
Vinie Kelley   Vocals
Vince Votel   Bass,Background Vocals
Tony Richards   Drums
Todd Chase   Bass
Teddy Heavens   Guitar
T.J. Racer   Bass
Steven Mitchell   Guitar
Steve Bentley   Drums
Sheri Weinstein   Drums,Vocals
Shawn Duncan   Drums
Scott Lipps   Drums
Robyn D. Cradle   Drums
Robert Iezzi   Drums
Robbin Ward   Guitar
Ray Schenk   Guitar
Randy Meers   Drums
Patt Fontaine   Bass
Mike Hannon   Bass
Mickey Kravitz   Vocals
Michael Dannigan   Guitar
Matt Casio   Guitar
Marty Kelley   Guitar
Mark M. "Marque Mars"   Bass
Mark Anthony Webb   Bass
Kristian Robert Cripps   Bass
Kristian Michaels   Bass
Kevin Edmand   Guitar
Kerry Doll   Keyboards
Johnny Erod   Bass
Joey Leon   Drums
Joel Faith   Drums
Jimmy Marchiano   Guitar
Jim Torgeson   Guitar
Hyland Church   Guitar
Gregg Hurla   Bass
Freddie Ferrin   Drums
Frankie Wilsey   Guitar
Frank Scimeca   Bass
Ferrel Holtz   Vocals
Erin Chelsea   Bass
Dave Zinc   Guitar
Danny Whaley   Voices
Chris Kearney   Vocals
Chris Hagar   Guitar
Carl James   Drums
Brent Muscar   Guitar
Bobby Eva   Drums
Aaron Samson   Bass

Technical Credits

Bitch   Composer
Dokken   Composer
Keel   Composer
Love   Composer
Burning Tree   Composer
D'Molls   Composer
Electric Angels   Composer
Harlow   Composer
Jailhouse   Producer
Kill for Thrills   Composer
Nitro   Composer
Sea Hags   Composer
Steeler   Composer
Hangmen   Composer
Rough Cutt   Producer
Lions & Ghosts   Composer
Motorcycle Boy   Composer
Brad Aaron   Producer
Ann Boleyn   Composer
Ronnie James Dio   Producer
Jim Gillette   Composer
Blackie Lawless   Composer
Bret Michaels   Composer
Stephen Pearcy   Composer
Tommy Thayer   Composer
Mike Varney   Producer
David Alford   Composer
Bobby Dall   Composer
C.C. DeVille   Composer
Amir Derakh   Composer
Rikki Rockett   Composer
Paul Shortino   Composer
Pete Reveen   Composer
DuBrow   Composer
Decry   Composer
Fizzy Bangers   Composer
Randy Pekich   Producer
Matt Thorne   Composer
Joseph Bishara   Programming
Joneses   Composer
Brian Perera   Executive Producer
Angora   Composer
Virgin   Composer
Alan Barlam   Composer
Jorge Desaint   Composer
Hate   Composer
Tim Yasui   Producer,Copy Writer
Blackboard Jungle   Composer
Garry Sharpe-Young   Copy Writer
Dave Tedder   Copy Writer
Tracy Grijalva   Composer
Ken Tighe   Copy Editing
Anthony Focx   Composer
Rebel Rebel   Composer
Syanide Kick   Composer
Alleycat Scratch   Composer
Hardly Dangerous   Composer
Mondo Cane   Composer
Saigon Saloon   Composer
Stars From Mars   Composer
Yesterday's Tear   Composer,Producer
China   Composer
Sound Barrier   Composer
S. Kelly   Composer
David Love   Composer,Lyricist
G. Lynch   Composer
Fontain   Composer
P. Black   Composer
Cripps   Composer
L. Borden   Composer
Appice   Composer
Pilson   Composer
Gottlieb   Composer
Cherry Street   Composer
Trashy Jones-Anderson   Copy Writer
Teddy Heavens   Sound Effects
Kerry Doll   Programming
Jim Torgeson   Copy Writer
Chris Hagar   Composer
Ali Ohta   Copy Writer
Aeriel Stiles   Copy Writer

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