Holocaust and Return to Zion: A Study in Jewish Philosophy of History

Holocaust and Return to Zion: A Study in Jewish Philosophy of History

by Shubert Spero


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ISBN-13: 9780881256369
Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.
Publication date: 07/28/1999
Pages: 398

Table of Contents

1.History, Historical Knowledge, and Explanation1
History as Chronicle and as Inquiry
A Sense of History and Its Value
Can We Have Knowledge of the Past?
Does History Have Meaning?
History as Knowledge from Within
Historical Explanation as Pattern Analysis
2.The Bible as History20
The Story-Line
Universalism and the Peoplehood of Israel
Israel as the People of God
Interest in History as Such
The Two Versions of the Tokhahah
Writing Prophetic History
Divine Providence and the Principle of Desert
The Literary Prophets and the Decline after Solomon
Redemption as Ultimate and Final
The Prophets and Foreign Policy
3.Exile, Redemption, and the Messiah: Rabbinic Formulations61
The Rabbis and the Bible
The Role of the Leader and the Character of the People
Mere Change or Significant Progress?
Israel as the Chosen People
Messianism and Redemption
How Did the Rabbis View Their Own Times?
The Rabbis and the Bar Kokhba Rebellion
Components of the Rabbinic Concept of Redemption
Signs of the Redemption
The Exile: Punishment or Opportunity?
God Accompanies Israel into Exile
Rabbinic Schema and Periodization
Did the Rabbis Lose Interest in History?
4.Was Medieval Jewish Thought Ahistorical?121
A Deepended Sense of Galut
The Book Called Yosippon
The Chain of Tradition
In the Aftermath of the Crusades
Absorbing the Old and Fitting-in the New
History in the Thought of Judah Halevi
Maimonides and the Sense of History
5.The Impact of the Spanish Expulsion on Jewish Historiography163
The Resumption of Historical Writing
The Role of the Expulsion
"The Rod of Judah"
"The Consolation of Samuel"
"The Sprouting of David"
Isaac Abarbanel: Messianism as Seen by a Statesman
Maharal of Prague: The Unity of Israel and Redemption
6.The Modern Period186
A Change in the Concept of History
Individuals in a Secular Society
The Modern Historians: Isaac Marcus Jost
Nachman Krochmal
Heinrich Graetz
Facing New Options: The Orthodox Approach
Reading the Times: S. R. Hirsch, Z. H. Kalischer, Y. Alkalai
Moses Hess: The Herald of Nationalism
7.History, Its Purpose and Dynamic222
Who or What Moves History, and in Which Direction?
Knowing God by a Process of Elimination
History as the Process of Divine Actualization
The Highest Good According to Kant
If History Is Not Governed by Laws or Forces, How Does It Proceed?
How Powerful Is the Good?
Is God Active in History?
The Doctrine of Double-Causation
How Does Israel, as Witness, Testify?
The History Book That Makes History
8.Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust264
The Holocaust in the Context of a History of Anti-Semitism
The Beginnings of Anti-Semitism
Christian and Moslem Anti-Semitism
The Effects of Anti-Semitism on the Jew
The Causes of Anti-Semitism
Anti-Semitism from the Perspective of Judaism
Is Anti-Semitism Inevitable?
Destructions, Massacres, and Expulsions: Their Significance
Israel's Servitude in Ancient Egypt
The Second Temple Period and the Development of the Oral Law
Criteria for National Upheavals in Jewish History
The Spanish Expulsion
The Destruction of European Jewry, 1933-1945
The Holocaust and the State of Israel
A Blow to Secular Humanism
The Holocaust and Jewish Consciousness Today
The Silence of God
9.Return to Zion: Prophecy Come True309
The Incomplete Nature of Traditional Historiography
A Closer Look at the Condition Called Galut
Can History Decide Issues?
The Desire to Return
The Literature that Kindled Historic Consciousness
Going Home
Would the Land Receive Them?
10.Patterns in History333
The Larger Picture of Jewish Migrations
Jewish Demography
Democracy as a Necessary Condition for Redemption
Torah, Ready for Immediate Consumption
Torah and Philosophy
Personal Postscript380
Subject and Author Index383

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Holocaust and Return to Zion: A Study in Jewish Philosophy of History 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a profound study of Jewish historical experience by an important Jewish thinker .It is highly recommended to all who would have a deeper insight into modern Jewish history.