Holographic Worlds I: Galactic Voices and the End of Vertical Society

Holographic Worlds I: Galactic Voices and the End of Vertical Society

by Darrell D. Davisson


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Once you read this book you will understand the most profound construct of human society at this point in its evolution and why we build architectures from pyramids and obelisks to phallic high-rises. This view of earth's society is homogenous and transforming even though human language and thinking processes are captives of the formula of vertical society and has been since its first towns and cities. However, as Vertical Society is transforming into a Holographic or Integrated World, there may be hope for a future by examining what an advanced level II (we call "alien") might look to an extraterrestrial as explored here. To understand this on-going transformation is prerequisite to accepting and processing it. Primitives that we are, superstitious, ignorant, using old Vertical Concepts to handle change, we are in grave danger of destroying ourselves by "conservative" thinking, holding onto unscientificly verifiable myths, legends, and assumptions especially fostered and claimed by vertical institutions for solving problems, be they religious or political or ecnomically based. Using arcane concepts and methods of what is real threatens to destroy not only human 'civilization,' as we choose to believe it exists, but all living organisms on the planet. It is not an alien threat or an inevitable one pre-ordained by apocalyptic beliefs of death and salvation, but one generated by human traditions and pre-cognitive assumptions. The author/auditor listening to an alien visitor identified as a GE (Galactic Entity) or EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) to ask how an advanced intelligence and reality-based functions. The GE telepathically explains why earthling humans are not being allowed to enter the Galactic community until it rethinks the consequences of its global Vertical Society. Alien 'X' proposes humans live by an array of delusions all meant to sustain the tyranny of Vertical Culture. The prime problem is our perception that Vertical Civilization is the only kind that can exist when, in fact, it constrains and coerces all that we think and do, in contrast to the free and democratic society we claim. Instead, 'X' proposes a more creative society. 'X' explains their life-times last 300 to 500 years. Shocked, the author asks what does this fact alone do to the concept of Work, Profit, and "Personal Worth" as is already occurring with very modest extensions of life expectancy having on economics and what are people going to do. This book is the first in a series of conversations in attempts at radical re-thinking in big terms in the interest of the safety and well-being on the temporarily sustained 'Spaceship Earth,' so notably coined by R. Buckminster-Fuller.

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Publication date: 09/05/2013
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After completing a masters degree (UCLA) and a Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Davisson taught at universities and colleges for over forty-four years. He has written scholarly articles and four books, two on the early Italian Renaissance, one on Modern Art, and several screenplays. This book, however, is about how we are acculturated to think in hierarchical terms on all levels of experience as shown so clearly in the art of the world. He presents options for another kind of society in the words of a visitor from 'space' who engages the author in a dialogue about all things organized in Vertical, hierarchical structures anti-thetical to liberty, democracy, or civilty.

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