Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies

Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies

by Jill Wolfson
4.8 6

Paperback(First Edition)

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Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Sophie-Chan More than 1 year ago
Home and other big fat lies, is definetly going to be a classic like Ida B or Olives Ocean. Readers will fall in love with Whitney (termite) and her tale of being a foster child. How one day she moves to a place in california that has many many trees. And other foster children, Whitney soon makes friends, but in the back of her mind she knows its all to good to be true. But maybe its not, maybe Whitney has found the perfect place...And as they say the grass is always greener on the other side...Or tree in this case.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Home and Other Big, Fat lies is a book that anyone can relate to and laugh at. From IMVS (Imaginary Vice Principal Syndrome) to decidingus trees, Whitney, a.k.a. Termite, is a down-to-earth character with a crazy sense of humor and an even crazier laugh. She is a small foster child who ¿kicked heart disease in the butt.¿ Her nickname, Termite, is a comment about her size made by Striker, the unlikely environmentalist. When the logging business becomes active again, Termite and Striker try to save the forest by their home, while providing a million laughs along the way. This book is a keeper for anyone looking for some humor in reading. I enjoyed how the author, Jill Wolfson, portrayed how far Termite was willing to go to save the ¿Big Mama¿ tree. Not everyone will climb to the top of a tree just to prevent loggers from chopping it down. Termite is fearless, except for the fact that dogs will attack her. She says during the book, ¿Ike Eisenhower is the pet for me. I just don¿t understand why someone would have a dog. They are always trying to sniff your crotch.¿ Termite also has an altered phrase for every occasion. ¿All I know about trees is this. There are pine trees and decidingus trees,¿ she proclaimed. ¿You mean deciduous trees,¿ replied Honeysuckle. ¿No, I mean decidingus trees. They all decided not to keep their leaves through winter,¿ Termite explained. Jill Wolfson wrote very well. I found Termite to be a believable character that I could relate to on many topics in my life. She was also descriptive. I felt as if I was standing next to Termite during her many adventures. The issues in this book, the environment and foster care, are presented in a comical view, but environmentalism becomes serious at the end of the novel. The storyline was well done, and realistic. There was no reason to question why this couldn¿t have actually happened. In fact, I¿m almost positive that there is an area like the one in the book. This book is a high quality novel that anyone can laugh at. Termite is hilarious, the Portapotties are crazy, and Striker is the son of a logger but an environmentalist at heart. I give this book five stars, and there is no higher praise that I can offer
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Home, and Other Big, Fat Lies' by Jill Wolfson is probably one the best books I've ever read. It is funny, well written, and is told from the halarious point of view of a young foster girl named Whitney who likes to go by 'Termite.' But this novel is not just laughs-- you learn important lessons about nature, family, and fitting in. Please buy this or check it out at your local library!
michelle7441 More than 1 year ago
The book Home and Other Big, Fat Lies by Jill Wolfson is a good and interesting book to read. I liked this book a lot because the main character Termite has had a very hard life because she is a foster kid and she was really able to overcome that in this book. This book also really showed her opinion on things and I was able to connect with the character very easily. Termite is heading to her 12th foster home with the McRarys in the Forest Glen, CA. where there are trees everywhere and that is pretty much it. She is a very loud girl and gets into a lot of trouble which made her think she would not stay at this home very long. Like always she started out not fitting in but very soon she became friends with all the foster kids at her school and she became the leader of their group. Forest Glen has a very poor economy because most of the people were logger but could not be because logging got banned because it was not good for the environment. After a while logging was allowed and Termite and the McRarys son Striker tried very hard to save the woods and their favorite tree Big Momma. I liked this book because it was told from Termite's point of view and she had so much emotion so you really understood her personality and what she thought of everything. When she first got to her new foster home she did not try to impress the family she acted like herself and that really helped me understand how the book will go and the kind of person Termite is. I like how Termite is very persuasive. I could tell she was when in school she got a shy foster kid to come out of the box he always stays in. Termite is a really determined girl and that made the book really good. She did not give up when she and Striker were trying to save Big Momma. She worked with him even though they don't always get a long and she just did not give up. The way the author wrote as Termite really helped me get a feel of what was going on and it helped me understand every little emption that Termite was having. I loved how all the characters had their own little personalities and were so different from each other. The message of the book was to never give up on what you want and always look on the bright side and don't think that everything will turn out bad. If you like books that are very surprising and up-beat this is a must-read. I would give this book four stars.
ellie_phone_home More than 1 year ago
I rented this book from the library.. now i wish i bought it!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
home and other big fat lies is the best book i've read.Even if i'm on page 97 i like it so far this book is awsome.I love the main character.