Home Field Advantage: A Milwaukee Dragons Novel

Home Field Advantage: A Milwaukee Dragons Novel

by Liz Lincoln

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Is the Dragons’ new wide receiver: A) a fallen NFL star looking for a comeback, B) the sexy player your boss wants you to write an exposé on, or C) the former love of your life?
For Milwaukee Dragons beat reporter Natalie Griffith, he’s clearly D) all of the above. Three years ago, Natalie’s bombshell report on her ex-boyfriend’s off-the-field scandals landed her the job she loves, but she still feels guilty about destroying his career. Now Quinn Lowry’s back, and he’s taking over her locker room, flashing his charming smile and reminding her exactly how hot they were together.
After two years out of the league, Quinn is sober and on the field again. He’s worked his ass off and he’s not going to blow his second chance, not even for the woman who broke his heart—twice. Having Natalie around is the last thing Quinn needs while he’s trying to prove he deserves to stay on the team.
Maybe one final night together will give them both some much-needed closure. But with Natalie’s boss pressuring her for another headline-grabbing scoop, can she admit to herself that she’s falling for Quinn all over again?

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ISBN-13: 9781984800312
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 07/16/2019
Series: Milwaukee Dragons , #3
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 175,325
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Liz Lincoln has been concocting stories as long as she can remember, and from the beginning they involved two people falling in love. When she’s not writing, she spends her time rooting for the UW Badgers and the Green Bay Packers (or yearning for the return of football season), cross-stitching sassy sayings or nerdy characters (Wonder Woman is her favorite), and drinking too much Diet Coke. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with her husband, two kids, two cats, and a turtle.

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Even in a locker room full of professional athletes with bodies sculpted to perfection, only one word could accurately describe Quinn Lowry's shirtless torso: lickable. It didn't help that only a towel separated him from total nakedness. It also didn't help that at one point, years ago, Natalie Griffith had spent considerable amounts of time with his body. Totally naked. And her body totally naked.

It really didn't help that she had two hours to find and write a story different from the one every other reporter would be writing and she couldn't force her mind past lickable.

One word down, 899 to go.

"I felt really good," Quinn said in response to a question posed by another reporter. Natalie had been too busy remembering not to drool to catch who asked it. "The other wide receivers and I are really starting to click. Find our places."

"What about you and Matt Baxter? How are you doing with him?"

"Matt's great. We're even roommates for training camp." He grinned at the reporter who'd asked the question, that heart-stopping, don't-you-just-want-to-nibble-on-these-lips grin. Or, considering she was the only woman in the group, maybe she was the only one who got that specific message from his grin.

She thought she'd mentally prepared herself to see him. But her reaction to him was clear evidence she was nowhere near as cool with being around him as she'd told herself. And if she let herself examine her reaction to him beyond the purely physical, she'd probably fall apart. Once upon a time, she'd thought she'd spend her life with Quinn. He was the one who got away, but seeing him now, after so many years, it finally sank in. He was a stranger.

And that hurt.

"He's the kind of guy it's hard not to like. And I gotta say, after playing on two teams in this division, I'm pretty glad to have him on my side of the ball for a change. The pressure to keep up with him is intense."

A brief silence fell over the group, punctuated by the voices in the room, laughter, the hiss of the showers in the next room. Natalie watched her colleagues scribble on notepads or type on phones. She was the only one not recording Quinn's answers. She didn't want to write the exact same story as every other news outlet. But what else was there to say? She couldn't write a 900-word ode to his smooth, tanned, chiseled physique.

"And what about the off-the-field pressures? What's your plan for dealing with those?"

Roy Burgess' question landed with a thud, silence falling over their corner of the locker room. Natalie's heart skipped a beat as her eyes flew to Quinn's face. Under the scruff covering his jaw, she saw a tendon jump. That, at least, hadn't changed in the eight years since she last saw him.

Something flashed in his hazel eyes but was gone as quickly as it appeared. "I'm in a new city, learning a new system, getting to know new teammates. I've got a good support system set up. And I'm an old man now. I don't have the time or energy for anything but football." He flashed the charming smile that had gotten him into as much trouble as it had gotten him out of. "If you'll excuse me, I'm starting to offend myself with how much I stink."

He shouldered his way through the small crowd and sauntered toward the showers. Natalie forced herself not to watch him walk away. His back was inevitably as lickable as the rest of him; it wouldn't get her any closer to having a clue what to write in her story about the Milwaukee Dragons' first training camp practice.

Letting instinct guide her, she wandered over to where freshly showered tight end Marcus James was pulling on a T-shirt. "How's the knee feeling?" she asked. He'd spent the previous season on injured reserve due to a torn ACL.

The attractive black man grinned, his teeth white against his dark skin. "Hey, Natalie. Nice story last week about Bree and Celia's CTE research. That might get you an award nomination."

She tilted her head, accepting the compliment the way her boss and mentor had been drilling into her. It was still awkward to accept praise without downplaying her deservedness, but under Ellen's guidance, she was getting better at it. "Thank you. I could say the same about your play today. You poised for another great season?"

"You better believe it. Can't wait to get out there and make some magic. I intend to earn more than a nomination for comeback player of the year. I'm winning that award."

This was it, the angle she would take today. Every other outlet could cover the story about Quinn Lowry's triumphant return to football; maybe she'd puke up 500 words about it, just to get her employer, Sports and Leisure News Today, aka SLNT, the coveted clicks. But her main story would be about Marcus James' own return to the turf. Dragons fans looking for news on Lowry would have a dozen choices of which site to read, but hers would be the only story on James. For fans wanting predictions on the season, and fantasy football devotees plotting their drafts, news on James would be just as interesting.

She chatted with Marcus for another ten minutes, during which not a single other reporter wandered over. They'd either left or were still staked out at Quinn's locker, waiting for him to return from his shower.

Wet. Naked. And full of all those muscles.

Damn. He'd been in great shape in college, but damn. Now, he defined ripped. Cut.



Natalie Griffith was in his locker room. Because Quinn didn't already feel like he couldn't breathe under the microscope of scrutiny aimed at him. No. That wasn't enough. He had to show up and face the woman he'd once loved. The woman who'd broken his heart. The woman who'd done her damndest to flush his career down the toilet.

Natalie F***ing Griffith.

Quinn gritted his way through a handful of the usual questions about how he was adjusting to life back on the field. He'd been out for two seasons, so it was to be expected.

Then the pinched-faced guy from AllAccessDragons.com threw him the elephant they all knew was in the room with them.

"And what about the off-the-field pressures. What's your plan for dealing with those?"

Quinn should have been prepared. Hell, when he wasn't pep-talking himself about seeing Natalie again after eight years, he'd spent two days giving himself pep talks so he'd be ready to handle this exact question. But he still caught it as well as he would have the actual proverbial elephant. What had his manager told him to say?

He could almost hear Pedro's nasal Chicago-accented voice in his head. Tell them you're in a new city, learning a new system, getting to know new teammates. You've got a good support system set up. And you're an old man now. You don't have the time or energy for anything but football.

Quinn opened his mouth and Pedro's words came out. He almost managed to say it without breaking one of his back teeth from clenching his jaw so hard. He even pulled out the grin he knew was his ticket to getting back in the good graces of the media. He had to force himself not to look at Natalie as he did it. She'd loved his smile. Hell, lots of women loved his smile. He didn't have an ego about it; plenty of women told him.

Natalie had liked to poke her tongue into his dimple when they had sex.

OK, time to end the Q&A. He'd managed to go eight years barely thinking about her and now—OK, that was a lie. He thought about her all the time. But he'd made it eight years barely thinking about having sex with her, while he spoke to reporters and wore only a towel.

"If you'll excuse me, I'm starting to offend myself with how much I stink." He purposely avoided her side of the little crowd around him as he worked his way through and headed for the showers.

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Home Field Advantage: A Milwaukee Dragons Novel 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
Sheena Martinez 11 months ago
The introduction of any series can make it or break it and this unfortunately didn't grip me enough in the beginning to leave me hanging on. The writing style wasn't the best, the characters seem juvenile and there wasn't anything particularly interesting about the read from the get-go.
lisareads 12 months ago
What I liked about this book was the depth of writing and the character building, but more than that it was the way Quinn's very real life problem was portrayed with finesse and compassion. This is a very strong book that is enjoyable and has the ability to surprise in all the right places. Natalie's problems are also real world and handled very well throughout the story.
Laura_F 12 months ago
After each book in this series, I become more of a fan of the Dragons and can't wait for the next story to come out. This book checks all my boxes: friends to lovers, second chance, sports romance. These are three of my favorite tropes so I love that this is all three rolled into one. I loved how Natalie and Quinn gave glimpses into their previous relationship from their perspectives. I enjoyed the slow build up to these two getting together, all while trying to overcome their history. I can be a bit of a snob with addiction storylines because that's where I live my every day life. For the most part, I thought Quinn's alcoholism was treated respectfully and Natalie accessing her own support was an amazing addition. I did wonder why Quinn didn't go to anything other than therapy since this probably wouldn't be something that would be suggested by his treatment team but I still loved how honestly this topic was dealt with. I need Matt's story in my life so I really hope his book will be on the horizon. This Dragons fan wants all the players to get their HEA!!
Momma_Becky 12 months ago
I'm a sucker for second chances and sports romances, so I was a little disappointed with this one. The story starts out okay, but the first half was a lot slower than I cared for. Quinn and Natalie's back and forth, 'I want you, but I don't want to want you' grew tiresome. Once we're finally given the whole backstory, and that took a while, I understood why they felt that way, but it, like a lot of other things in the story, was repetitive. Once they finally get together, the pace did pick up, but we went from the push and pull between these characters to marathon sex sessions. I'm talking page after page, and considering this pair isn't all that adventurous, there was only so much ground to cover. I ended up skimming a lot of that in the second half of the book to get back to where this relationship was going. As far as the romance, Home Field Advantage runs the usual formula, and the bit of angst to test the relationship was glaringly easy to see coming. Looking back over it, I think I enjoyed the football talk more than the relationship with this book. I didn't hate the story, but I didn't love it either, and it's not one I'll think of in terms of books I would read again.
Lori-Gonzo 12 months ago
I loved this book as well as some if the life lessons it has. Natalie and Quinn were a great couple who started as friends, then lovers, to strangers, back to friends with benefits before realizing they are it for each other. But I enjoyed their journey, rough patches and all. To see each of them own up to their mistakes, overcome guilt, and make a better, more worthy life was amazing. And to do it together was heartwarming. This is a great story of second chances. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Jolie 12 months ago
I enjoy second chance romances. I also enjoy a character that has issues (be it an addiction or otherwise). So when I read the blurb for Home Field Advantage, I wanted to read it. I am glad that I did because this book was a great read. When I first started reading Home Field Advantage, I didn’t get a good vibe from it. Natalie was too focused on Quinn for me to get any sense of who she was. Quinn came across as a bitter jerk who was aloof when it came to his teammates. But, as I continued to read the book, a miracle happened. The characters that I thought I had pegged changed. I loved it!! The author did a fantastic job of showing how hard it was for Quinn to stay sober. Instead of glossing it over and making his recovery easy, the author threw obstacles in his way. I also liked that his recovery was linked with therapy. He could discuss what was happening that week with his therapist and feel better about it. I wasn’t a fan of Natalie at the beginning of the book. But as I continued to read the book, I started to understand her. I understood why she ghosted Quinn after being together a year. She was terrified of being with someone like her father. It doesn’t excuse the article, though. I thought that was low. I also didn’t understand why she didn’t tell her boss to take a flying leap earlier in the book. It would have saved a whole lot of heartache and misunderstanding. I liked Quinn. He captured my heart right from the get-go. His pain and anger at Natalie weren’t an over exaggeration. He had every right to be upset with her. He was slow to trust her, which again, I didn’t blame him for. I also didn’t blame him for flipping out when he saw her email. If I had the background that those two did, I would have done the same thing. The romance angle of the book was right on. Quinn and Natalie’s feelings for each other never went away. That became clear when they started hanging out together. Their feelings went to a whole different level, the more connected they became. Quinn and Natalie also had insane sexual tension. It radiated off them whenever they were near each other. That tension grew and grew until it exploded into one of the hottest sex scenes I have read to date. What impressed me was that the author was able to keep that sexual tension present throughout the rest of the book. The end of Home Field Advantage was typical for this genre. Everyone got their HEA. I am wondering who the next book will be about? Matt and Cee? Oh man, I hope so because my heart was broken for both of them in this book!!! **I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book**
mamalovestoread22 12 months ago
Quinn Lowry has spent the last two years getting his life back on track, and regaining his focus on whats important to him... his football career. He once had everything he could want out of life, but his addictions got in the way and not only cost him his career, but also the woman who once owned his heart. Now after lots of hard work and dedication he is back on the turf and ready to get back to playing. But that also means facing the one woman wrecking crew who derailed his perfect life two years ago, his ex, beat reporter Natalie Griffith. Home Field Advantage pulled me in almost instantly and had me flying through pages to see if if these two would be able to find common ground after such a heartbreaking separation. It was a well crafted story brimming with hope, healing, passion, and heart squeezing emotion that had the tears welling a couple of times. These two had a lot of healing and making amends to do, but underneath all that hurt there was also a deep seated attraction that neither could deny. One that kept drawing them in, and forcing them to face the fact that they belonged together. This was such a wonderful addition to the series, the words were addictive, and the characters were hard not to love! Highly recommend! I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.
KindleKat64 12 months ago
4 1/2 stars. I really love this story and the relationship between Natalie and Quinn. This is a second chance for them and while it is definitely not easy because of what happened between them in the past, it certainly seems a natural progression for them to fall back into a relationship again. I was rooting for them so hard!! Of course they do not acknowledge that it's an actual relationship for quite a while, but it is fun to see what the other is thinking and feeling when they are not together. That's one of the things I love about this story; they both have feelings for each other that they dance around for quite some time because of their past. The sexual tension and chemistry is off the charts and makes for some great interactions between Quinn and Natalie. I really enjoyed this book.
LeighKramer 12 months ago
The Milwaukee Dragons series is my kind of sports romance. It’s not afraid to examine the negative sides of the industry, which makes the stories that much more compelling. Case in point: Home Field Advantage. Dragons reporter Natalie dated football star Quinn back in college before ghosting him. He’s never known why and he’s carrying quite the grudge after she wrote an article a few years later laying out his alcoholism. Now Quinn is making a comeback and on the Dragons, meaning he’s back in Natalie’s orbit. Natalie’s career frustrations were really relatable, especially when the boss she idolized for years has turned out to not be the person Natalie thought she was. She also wrestles with the article she wrote about Quinn, knowing she maintained journalistic integrity and that it helped save him from the path he was on but still feeling guilty nonetheless. I really enjoyed seeing her interview the players and figure out what stories to develop and that the story did not shy away from showing how sexism impacts her work. Quinn was such a compelling character. Not only is he looking for a comeback on his new team, he’s in recovery for alcoholism, as well as thinking about how many more years he might have left in football. I commend Liz Lincoln for the way she wrote about his recovery. He’s doing the work! We get to see him in therapy and using different coping skills. While I’ve never worked in addiction and recovery, it felt like a very authentic portrayal. I also very much appreciated that he’s two years in to his recovery and so starting a relationship won’t compromise the work he’s done. I’ve read a couple of books this past year with characters in recovery who were not treated with as much care and whose author made plot choices that would harm their recovery. That made this all the more refreshing to read. Neither Natalie or Quinn want to be around the other person and yet their path keeps crossing until there’s no denying their old chemistry never went away. I thoroughly enjoyed their evolution from exes to friends to finally friends with benefits. Finding out why Natalie left him all those years ago is a big moment and really highlighted how the deck could be stacked against them. It’s clear neither of them want to recognize something more is going on and they have valid reasons for being skittish. But there’s so much satisfaction in watching them give in to their feelings and work through their concerns and fears. I simply adore this series and I’m really hoping Matt’s story will be next because I’m dying to know what happened to break him and Celia apart. Plus, I am fascinated by what the Center for TBI Research is doing and want to learn more about the important CTE research happening. CW: alcoholism, recovery, references to hospitalization due to seizures, toxic family members, sexism Disclosure: I received an advanced copy from Loveswept in exchange for an honest review.
cayks 12 months ago
Liz Lincoln has another outstanding, well written sport romance novel. Quinn and Natalie are the perfect couple gone bad. Quinn was a alcoholic NFL wide receiver and Natalie was a new sports reporter who needed a story to get the job she craved. He blamed her story for his downfall from football. She felt guilty despite having written the truth without using anything she learned from him personally. Several years later they are thrown back together when he joins Milwaukee Dragon's, where she's one of the sports reporters. This is their story. Trials and tribulations, emotions and guilt, thru the backdrop of the football season, highlights this book. They have a common interest in redoing old cars. That helps bringing them on common ground to change emotions, and build new. I highly recommend this well written fast moving, emotional novel. You'll need to find out if love can conquer all. I can't wait for her next book. I know it will be a fun loving, sports dictated romance with a lesson of life hidden within.
ADonovan 12 months ago
Quinn and Natalie were in love in college, but how their relationship ended, combined with the article she wrote on him a few years back, add up to him basically hating her. As the season goes on and they spend more time with each other because of work, their interactions thaw and then they decide to have one night for closure. Of course that doesn't work the way they intend. Fun book, lots of heat, and football thrown in. Fine as a stand-alone. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Susanmc81 12 months ago
I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley for my honest review. Quinn Lowry and Natalie Griffith were college sweethearts. Before graduation, and Quinn’s draft in the NFL, Natalie left in the middle of the night and broke up with him via email. Five years later, Natalie is the Sports reporter who wrote an expose about Quinn’s off the field problems that halted his career. Quinn is now two years sober and trying to resurrect his career with the Milwaukee Dragons. Of course Natalie is a reporter that is covering them, and is shadowing his roommate. This is a classic enemies to lovers/second chance sports romance. I really liked Quinn and his realistic struggles with his sobriety. Natalie did drive me a bit crazy, her occupation is all about communication, but she had problems with communicating in her personal life. Overall, this was an enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend this series.
SRed 12 months ago
Natalie hasn’t seen Quinn since she left in the middle of the night while they were dating in college. Not only did she leave him with no explanation in college, she also wrote a story on him that landed her the job she had been dreaming of, and also landed her on Quinn’s bad side. Now he’s being thrust back into her life, when he is trying to make it back into the NFL. They are forced to spend more time together than either wants or bargained for. After spending a lot of time together, thanks to both of their jobs, they decide that they need one more night. One final night to give each other the closure they never had. Neither expected the one night they spent together to turn into more, nor did they expect it to dig up old feelings. As the two try to navigate their way through their careers as well as their budding relationship they have to figure out if they can leave the past in the past, or will the past come back to haunt them? I have read more sports romance books than I can count, and this book did not disappoint. I love that the heroine was more than just a journalist out for the next best thing. She had other interests, and she didn’t want to write gossipy news. This heroine was one you could admire and one that I absolutely adored. I also absolutely loved Quinn; how can you not root for the comeback kid? This story was more than just a love story, it showed growth for both characters, and I was rooting for both of them to get what they wanted. The chemistry was off the charts, but the banter (once the two got comfortable with each other again) was amazing. This book was a definite 5 star read, and I do hope that we get more books in the Milwaukee Dragons Series!
CeeCeeHouston 12 months ago
A second chance romance. Home Field Advantage is my first book by Liz Lincoln, it’s a hot, sizzling romp set in the world of the NFL. Quinn is a recovering alcoholic and Natalie a sports journalist. They knew each other intimately during college but it didn’t last. Years later, Quinn is back in the same town as Natalie and old feelings start to make a comeback, just like Quinn would like to so on the football field. This was quite a work in process with regards to the main characters. They were flawed, hurt and scared to fall. But, the attraction was undeniable and the chemistry hotter than Hades. I do love a good sports romance and this delivered well.
Tink4evr 12 months ago
Quinn is the comeback kid trying to make good. Natalie is his lost love and Achilles heel. The story comes together slowly as we learn about each of the characters and what makes them tick. As their passions ignite there is plenty of steam and opportunities for them to explore all their feelings for each other. Great detail about CTE and football injuries which makes for a realistic take on the characters lives.
tsmb02 12 months ago
Natalie Griffith is working her dream job at Sports and Leisure News Today (SLNT) as a sports beat writer under her idol, Ellen Blake. She has been assigned to follow the Milwaukee Dragons' football team for the season. What Natalie didn't expect was that Quinn Lowry, her ex, would now be on that team. She may be still feeling a little guilty for the article she wrote on him a few years ago. Quinn cannot believe he is seeing Natalie in person again after all these years. She broke his heart when she left him, and then again when she wrote her article. Now he just wants to concentrate on making the team and doing a good job. The more Natalie and Quinn see each other it becomes obvious that they both still are attracted to each other so they agree to one night together to get it out of their systems. So much for well thought out plans! LOL These two realize that one night is just not enough and quickly things start to escalate. Pretty soon they both find themselves falling hard but are both afraid to voice their feelings. As these two both take a long look at their lives they realize that they both need to make some changes if they ever want to find their happy ending. I enjoyed this story. Both of these characters had demons from their past stopping them from having their one true love happy ending. They both needed to really dig deep down and come to terms with a few things in order for that to happen but when they finally did it was all worth it! I loved how they liked to work on old cars....that was fun and interesting to read. Overall a fun addition to this series.
Irene_SZ 12 months ago
Recovery in love and the NFL.. Eight years ago, Natalie broke both Quinn's and her own heart when she left him. Three years ago, Natalie wrote a profile on Quinn that consolidated his problems off the field and gave her career a boost while harming his. Now he is back on the NFL team that she reports on and her boss wants another profile on him. An awkward new start to the season might bring them a new beginning. I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through Netgallery. This is my honest and voluntarily given review. Steam and more steam...While I don't often read steamy books and will often skim these scenes; I really like this author and this series. What I do like about this book is the interesting and believable characters and the good story. If you don't mind the steam, I recommend this book and series.
Amy Moore 12 months ago
Home Field Advantage is my first book by Liz Lincoln and she had me hooked from the very beginning. I really enjoy her writing style and loved her ability to pull me in and wrap my heart around her characters. I fell in love with Natalie and Quinn. They have both been hurt, both scared, and now shielded. My heart hurt for them and what they have been through. The pain and hurt they both feel from their past was evident and still an issue for both of them. Their attraction and chemistry jumped off the pages. The unresolved feelings and issues an obstacle neither could ignore. I thought this was a beautifully written second chance romance where both parties learned to not only forgive each other, but themselves. I love a great sports romance and am grateful to have found another author who writes them extremely well. I can’t wait to explore more of her titles!
kozbisa 12 months ago
Rating: 3.5 Stars I am all about second chances, and this story was filled with them. Quinn and Natalie thought they were each others' forever, but after Natalie left Quinn in the middle of the night without explanation, and then years later, wrote an expose on him, they both imagined the door to their relationship was sealed forever. But, eight years after their breakup, Quinn was making his NFL comeback, and Natalie was a sport reporter working closely with his team. Both Natalie and Quinn found that the head and the heart were not totally in agreement, when it came to their relationship. Let me just warn you - there is a LOT of "we should/we shouldn't" in this one. Sometimes that makes me do a hard eye-roll, but a very plausible case was built to support both characters' reticence regarding rekindling their romantic ties in this book. At times, I just wanted them to do a sit down and clear the air, but I thought Lincoln did a good job distracting me from my wait by showing me pieces of their past, and that is one of my favorite things about a second chance romance. I love learning about the couple's history, and I got to see the good, the bad, and the ugly in this one, which were also intertwined with pieces of each characters' personal past. Quinn was also getting a second chance career wise. Here he was, two years after his drug and alcohol addiction was revealed, playing for an NFL team. In addition to the everyday struggles elite athletes face, he also had to fight cravings and dodge his past, which was made more difficult with his ex seemingly everywhere. I know I was rooting for Quinn to not only reconcile with Natalie, but to achieve great things on the field. A few other things I enjoyed: • I loved that Quinn and Natalie shared not only a love for classic cars, but a penchant for restoring said cars. It was fun spending time with them as they retooled a few engines. • I enjoyed getting to know Matt better. I already knew bits and pieces about him from the previous books, but here, a lot more was revealed of the QB. His cooking and his daughters made me smile, but the situation with his wife really grabbed my interest, and I am hoping that couple will be featured in a future book. • Natalie thought she was living her dream, but she was starting to see that the expectations for female sports reporters was not the same as for their male counterparts. I appreciated that Lincoln included this in the book, and I loved where she had Natalie's career heading at the end of the story. • I am also a fan of bromances, and the one between Matt and Quinn was great. They shared some pretty meaningful moments, and that one out on the field was probably one of my favorites. Overall: The Milwaukee Dragons series continues to entertain me. I found myself rooting for this couple as they worked through their past in hopes of building a future together, and cannot wait to catch up with them in future installments of this series.