Im Sorry My Bad Little Gift Book

Im Sorry My Bad Little Gift Book

by Andrews McMeel PublishingBradley Trevor Greive



  "I've wanted to apologize for what seems an eternity. What I did was so thoughtless—worse than eating the center out of all the Oreos in the world."—BTG, from I'm Sorry . . . My Bad

  Since the debut of The Blue Day Book, Bradley Trevor Greive's (BTG) gift books have been hits.

  BTG has his finger on the pulse of the art of personal expression. His books enable readers around the globe to thoughtfully convey personal sentiments and feelings in a meaningful, eloquent, witty, and heartfelt way. His literary musings encompass themes of love, life, celebration, gratitude, devotion, stress, dieting, friendship, personal discovery, thankfulness, and more. And now, in what he declares will be the last book in the much-loved series, BTG tackles the most delicate subject of all—the apology.

  Employing his trademark style, BTG pairs his humorously candid narrative with expressive animal photographs to offer the most sincere mea culpa. Pitch-perfect prose targets a universal audience that ranges from children to parents, co-workers to bosses, students to teachers, and sweethearts to friends. Consider this the ultimate ode for the repentant and regretful, an act of contrition for the remorseful and morose.

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UPC: 9780740773808
Manufacturer: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication date: 09/01/2008

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