Home Improvements

Home Improvements

by Fluf


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Home Improvements

Came the time for Fluf's full-length debut, and as the earlier tracks promised, so Home Improvements delivered. Fluf didn't change anything about what they did for it -- in other words, it was loud, proud, smart, empathetic, heartwarming and fierce all at once. Kicking off with the exhilarating "Sticky Bun" and not letting up from there, O's lyric touching on a tense emotional situation between a newly married couple, Home Improvements quite simply rocks. Avoiding simply doing punk/pop by numbers or messy guitar slop for the heck of it, Fluf finds the balancing point between the two and amps everything up to 11. Gillett's drumming in particular stands out, as he slips in strange, stuttering rhythms that steer clear of straight 4/4 time where possible -- a good blend of the straight-ahead and the subtly more creative, a good metaphor for the band as a whole. Donhowe accompanies him just as creatively, sometimes a bit lost in the crunch of O's guitar work but still providing good, supple playing that never sounds like a musician being impressed with himself. Certainly the chugging rumble that kicks off "Page 3 + 1" demonstrates that the man likes to rock first and foremost. O makes for a great frontman as always, sounding like a rueful, witty voice of wisdom from just down the street instead of a superman making great pronouncements from a hilltop, whether it's about friendship or certain famous people ("Nirvana, Brass Ring"). As for his guitar playing, it's a rough diamond once again, whether being clipped and punchy or letting the feedback burst forth like a quick lava flow. Enjoyable standouts are legion -- the tightly wound virulence of "RK Wins," "The Power" and its call and response fun and jump-up beats, even a dreamy low-key mood-out entitled, but of course, "Token Instrumental."

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Release Date: 09/27/1994
Label: Headhunter Records
UPC: 0723248203223
catalogNumber: 32

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