Home Made Money, Second Edition: Jobs Without Borders

Home Made Money, Second Edition: Jobs Without Borders

by Dr. Richelle Moore


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To earn income from home with real companies like Xerox, Apple, Uhaul, HSN & Williams Sonoma or get money for your Home based business and learn how to standout & get hired for remote jobs worldwide the second edition of Home Made Money is for you! Home Made Money is a guide to surviving the shift toward a post-employment economy. In this second edition Dr. Richelle Moore shares her predictions about a new workplace landscape. As employers feel pressure to raise wages they're looking for more ways to cut corners and remote work seems to be the answer. Soon, every employee will employ an assistant and permanent jobs will be nearly eliminated. Employers will become clients and all work will be done on a per project or contract basis.
Now-a-days everyone has a home office, a computer and an internet connection. Companies are asking, "Why should we provide office space, computer equipment, printers, software, break room accessories or even toilet paper for the restroom in the office?" Your employer can simply allow you to use your own equipment and pay you for it.
Proof: Uber is the world's largest taxi service but owns no vehicles. Facebook is the world's largest media outlet and creates no content, Alibaba is the most valuable retailer but has no inventory, Air BnB is the world's largest hospitality accommodations provider, owns no real estate. ~author unknown
If you're unemployed, underemployed or just want to attract more income this book is for you. This book lays out the tools and resources to thrive and grow in the world economy, post-employment society. Are you ready for the shift?

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ISBN-13: 9781512340068
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/12/2015
Pages: 78
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