Home on Apple Blossom Road: A Novel

Home on Apple Blossom Road: A Novel

by Sheila Roberts

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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ISBN-13: 9780778318798
Publisher: MIRA Books
Publication date: 03/22/2016
Series: Life in Icicle Falls , #9
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 193,477
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Sheila Roberts lives on a lake in the Pacific Northwest. Her novels have been published in several languages. Her book, Angel Lane, was an Amazon Top Ten Romance pick for 2009. Her holiday perennial, On Strike for Christmas, was made into a movie for the Lifetime Movie Network and her novel, The Nine Lives of Christmas, was made into a movie for Hallmark . You can visit Sheila on Twitter and Facebook or at her website (http://www.sheilasplace.com).

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Home on Apple Blossom Road 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 21 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait to go back and read the rest of the series
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story shows you the ups and downs of relationships and how people come back together after a brief period. Makes me wish I lived closer to an apple orchard in order to pick apples and make the yummy dessert they talk about in the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A really great read and highly recommended for a relaxing afternoon of reading. It is sweet, funny, and CLEAN! Here is an author who knows how to write a book, keep a reader's attention and all without resorting to using 4-letter words. The characters were easy to identify with because so many of us have lived through the act of jumping to conclusions, temper tantrums and missed out on something which could have been good for us. Fortunately for these two young adults they had a wonderful, tight knitted family who stood with them through their challenging times as well as the fun times.
LindaMcNeley More than 1 year ago
Home on Apple Blossom Road is my favorite book of the Icicle Falls series so far. The two main characters grew up together in Icicle Falls and parted as young adults with a huge misunderstanding, and went their own ways, far from one another. The two come home after the young mans grandmother dies and find she had set them up with the greatest treasure hunt of their lives. Complications in their hunt ensue! Twist and turns abound!! This book is so fun and so easily captures you into the story line. Grab a snack, put your feet up and learn just what they are hunting for. Hated for it to end as I was so into this one!
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
I love my visits to Icicle Falls, and this story was no exception. What's even more fun is that you are on treasure hunt with Mia and Colin, to help them find their true happiness. Colin and Mia were best friends growing up and even pledged their true love to each other. Through their college years they grew apart from each other. Colin's grandma always knew that they belonged together, so upon her death she had a treasure hunt to bring back memories. Loved how Colin and Mia reconnected through the treasure hunt and visiting the residents of Icicle Falls. My favorite part was Justine's ( Colin's grandma) letters to her mom. Remember, There's No Place Like Home.
GailHollingsworth More than 1 year ago
I just got back from another wonderful trip to Icicle Falls. The ticket was provided by Sheila Roberts and Home on Apple Blossom Road. Reading one of her Icicle Falls books is like getting to go home again, even for just a short while. It's a small town where everyone knows everyone else, and their business too. But you never take a walk down the street without someone shouting "hi" or waving from their front porch. Colin and Mia grew up together in Icicle Falls. But circumstances drew them apart, he to Seattle and she to Chicago after graduating from NYU. Mia felt like she had to prove herself in the corporate world. Colin was just sort of drifting. He had always wanted to farm and maybe own an orchard. He had even taken argricultural classes at a community college. The death of his grandmother drew the two of them back to Icicle Falls for her funeral and the reading of her will. Even though Colin's grandmother and aunt had helped raise Mia after her mother died, she wasn't an actual blood relative. So why was she being asked to remain for the reading of the will? Seems the grandmother had an elaborate treasure hunt planned for the two of them, which included the cooperation of several of the locals, leading to an inheritance for them together. There was just no way what I was hoping it would be could possibly work out. But was it hidden money, some jewelry or something they hadn't even thought of? It's been a very long time since a novel brought me to tears but this one definitely did that. If you like surprises, a little romance, some conflict, even a little mystery, you'll love this new addition to the Icicle Falls collection. It can be read as a standalone but if you haven't read any of the Icicle Falls novels, I ask you why not? You are really missing out! I received this book from the author through Mira Books for my honest review, which I have given.
JPBinCO More than 1 year ago
Loved this newest installment in the Icicle Falls series by Sheila Roberts! Her characters are always interesting and believable. I love this series and hope there will be many more volumes.
ethel55 More than 1 year ago
I’ve read several Icicle Falls stories and I think this is my favorite so far. The story cleverly moves back and forth in time as Mia and Colin, both home for a family funeral, take part in a scavenger hunt that will lead to their inheritance. We learn a bit more about how important Mia and Colin’s Grandma Justine was to the community and how much she enjoyed challenging them in these scavengers hunts as kids. Former high school sweethearts, they drifted apart during college and haven’t been back to Icicle Falls in a long time. Only now do they consider working together to find their inheritance.
miafaccheeMP More than 1 year ago
Grandma Justine knows best! In this wonderful new Sheila Roberts' book, we go on a treasure hunt with her Grandson, Colin Wright, & his childhood sweetheart, Mia Blair. Once pre-engaged, these two have lost their way, both in love & in their respective career paths. But Grandma's last gift to them is a special one that shows them, (& us!) what's truly important in life. I can't wait for Sheila's next book so I can return to Icicle Falls!
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
Home on Apple Blossom Road by Sheila Roberts...Another heartfelt great book that we come to expect from an amazing author like Sheila Roberts. I could not put it down and sad when it ended. I loved watching the story unfold with Colin and Mia. Icicle Falls is such a great place to be always focuses on family, friends and love. As always do not miss this book it any book by Sheila Roberts, she is one of the best storytellers I have ever read. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Lisa11LA More than 1 year ago
I love Sheila Robert's Icicle Falls, and Home on Apple Blossom Road brings you back to Icicle Falls and the wonderful characters that live there. In this book, we see Colin and Mia, childhood friends, coming back to Icicle Falls after the passing of grandma Justine. Colin and Mia have been left something in grandma Justine's will, but they have to go on a treasure hunt to found out just what exactly she's left for them. Colin and Mia find more than a treasure. Grandma Justine has helped them find themselves and find what it means to truly come home. Come home to Icicle Falls and the Home on Apple Blossom Road. You won't want to leave....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I recently finished reading Home on Apple Blossom Road by Sheila Roberts, which is the latest installment in the Life in Icicle Falls series. I have been a HUGE fan of Ms. Roberts’ books for more than five years now. This book is a true page turner; I had it read in little more than a day. Would that Ms. Roberts could write as fast as I can read! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the main characters and I also love catching up with characters from past books in this series. As always, Ms. Roberts had me laughing, crying and wanting to move to Icicle Falls. Right. Now. Ms. Roberts writes fun, light reads about relationships. If you haven’t read any of her books, you may want to look for them now. A little about the book: Mia Blair and Colin Wright grew up in the same family. She as an orphan, whose mother died and her father deserted them when she was small. She has been adopted by his aunt and uncle. He is also, in a sense, an orphan, as his mother had abandoned his father (Dylan) and him when he was young. The two were first friends and later high school sweethearts. But all that changes when they go off to college and eventually break up. Along the way, Colin and Mia must both face the ghosts from their past. Mia became engaged to a college friend only to break the engagement immediately after a trip home, where she realizes she’s never gotten over Colin. Colin has a girlfriend and must decide how serious he is about her. His mother flits in and out of his life and her father does as well. One quote from this book has stuck with me after reading it. At one point, Dylan says to Colin, “I’ll take you to Seattle if you’d like to visit her. I know you’re curious. But remember, she’s not the woman who raised you. She doesn’t get to wear the Mommy badge. That belongs to your grandma and Aunt Beth. Got it?” Now it’s nearly a decade later and they are both back in Icicle Falls for Grandma Justine’s funeral. They find they are both in Grandma’s will and she has enlisted the assistance of the whole family and the entire town sending the two on a treasure hunt to find their inheritance. Interspersed throughout the book are letters from Grandma to her mom and later, her sister. These letters are loaded with family news throughout the years. http://www.sheilasplace.com/home-on-apple-blossom-road.html In the interest of full disclosure, I'm part of Ms. Roberts's street team and got this book for free in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I spent some time visiting one of my favorite places again - Icicle Falls - and learning about one of the founders of the town. Colin and Mia learned more about "Gram"s life and took a long visit down memory lane while on a scavenger hunt! What a cool thing to do! Imagine your grandmother setting her mark not only in your life but that of numerous foster kids as well as an entire town. What a legacy... I must admit that I have found my love. I remember before marriage reading love stories and wondering when I would fine mine. Now as reading "Home on Apple Blossom Road," I noted the angst "does he like me the way I like him?" and "I don't want to put myself out there and get hurt." It makes me that much more thankful to not be in that situation anymore. At the same time I smile and find myself rooting for the true love that is as clear as the writing on this page. Because, really, when love is good and true, the most basic of activities like holding hands can be just as special if not more so than a fancy dinner or show. And that takes us to what I think is the best part of Sheila's books, this one being no exception. We get to appreciate running through the trees, seeing friends and saying hi while walking down the street, or just sitting on your porch with a cup of tea and talking about everything and nothing with friends, neighbors, and family. It's the simple things that seem to mean the most and what people will remember when we are gone. The Icicle Falls books were part of my inspiration to move to a small rural town. "Home on Apple Blossom Road" makes me look forward to retirement... when I may be able to do something more with my time than work/eat/sleep. It also makes me wonder how - even now with work - I could find a way to make a difference. Not everyone is as lucky as some in Sheila's book, but I have to believe that it is possible. This book really has encouraged me to think about my own legacy. Will I and how will I be remembered? Sheila Roberts focuses on what is important in this sweet story about finding love and your place to belong. If you haven't read another Icicle Falls book, have no fear - this can be your first because it doesn't depend on other books. If you have read other Icicle Falls books, don't worry about having a lot of repeat character development. This book was my favorite to date in the series!
TLinW More than 1 year ago
The death of a beloved family member has brought two young lovers back together again. Although now estranged they find out about a shared inheritance shrouded in mystery. They must follow clues and go on a treasure hunt all over Icicle Falls. Are they being set up or is getting back together what was really intended?
Virginialloyd More than 1 year ago
Home on Apple Blossom Road By Sheila Roberts Journey through the pages of Sheila Roberts' new book, Home on Apple Blossom Road and be taken home---home to family and friends, to dreams and hopes of yesteryear and to memories of the loved one who started it all. Colin and Mia were led on such a journey when their beloved Justine passed away. Childhood friends now enemies, they are tossed together in a treasure hunt reminiscence of those of their childhood. Will this forced togetherness spiral out of control or will will it accomplish what Justine hoped? From Justine's letters to pink envelope clues, follow Colin and Mia as they journey to home. Home to where it all began on Apple Blossom Road.
Lashea677 More than 1 year ago
Sometimes less is more. Sheila Roberts proved that with Home on Apple Blossom Road. Mia and Colin's complicated history kept them apart from home, family and each other. Now years later love will bring them together in grief and with a little help from a special woman help them find the love they lost. Home on Apple Blossom Road is a story of forgiveness, remembrance, tears and matchmaking. Plain and simple this is beautiful story that will be hard to forget.
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars-- HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD is the ninth full length installment in Sheila Roberts’s LIFE IN ICICLE FALLS contemporary, romance series focusing on the town of Icicle Falls. This is Colin Wright, and Mia Blair’s story line. HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Told from dual third person perspectives (Colin and Mia) HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD is a second chance romance between two people who have loved one another for most of their lives. Following the death of Colin’s grandmother Justine, our leading couple are ‘sent’ on a treasure hunt designed to bring the lovers back together. Years have passed, and Colin and Mia have gone their separate ways only to rekindle what once was as they endeavor to follow the clues Grandma Justine left behind. HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD is a story of second chances told from present day and flashbacks using Grandma Justine’s letters written to her own mother and friends; of family, friendships, and small town living wherein the townsfolk are all involved in a treasure hunt meant to bring two wayward souls home for good. Throughout the story, we are reintroduced to several of the previous story line characters, as well as revisiting some of the small, intimate shops of Icicle Falls. The rebuilding of the romance is slow to develop as Colin has complications of which he has yet to let go. The story line focuses on the past; of what happened and what was always meant to be. We are up close and personal with Colin and Mia throughout their childhood; their ups and downs; and the eventual misunderstanding that destroyed their love for one another. Sheila Roberts writes an emotional, clean story line of reflection; of regret; of forgiveness and love. HOME ON APPLE BLOSSOM ROAD is a sweet romance about two people who lost one another when they lost themselves. The premise is a journey between the past and the present; the characters are colorful and idealistic; the romance is rebuild to a happily ever after.
Griperang72a More than 1 year ago
Well Sheila Roberts has done it again. She has another hit with the latest installment in the Icicle Falls series. Following Colin and Mia on the treasure hunt after Grandma Justine passes on was like going on an emotional roller coaster. I liked the letters that were included from Justine to Emmaline. They added just a little bit of back history to her story. It was also nice going down memory lane with both Colin and Mia. You got to hear how each of them felt about the past as well as all the emotions the two of them were feeling as they went along on the treasure hunt. I did not like Lorelei one bit, she was a spoiled rich (or wanna be rich) lady. I felt so bad for Mia thinking that Dylan (Colin's dad) did not like her and felt she had something to prove to him her whole life. There were many time I wanted to reach through the book and shake both Mia and Colin and ask them what they were thinking. It was also fun to see all of the old friends we have grown to love from Icicle Falls. I thought the ending of the book was very fitting. I can't wait until the next book comes out. Sheila is on my list of all time favorite authors and I have enjoyed each book I have read by her. They make you feel like you are home.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Loved this latest installment of the Life in Icicle Falls series. Ms. Roberts has brought us a fun tale of second chances, family love, and adventure. Mia and Colin are back in Icicle Falls after the beloved Grandma Justine passes away. Lifetime friends and high school sweethearts, these two lost their connection when they went away to college. Now as they are reunited it would seem that Grandma Justine is finished teaching them a few things. As they head off on a scavenger hunt designed by Justine, they may just find that the greatest treasure in life is the love they have for one another. Definitely a book and series I recommend to everyone.
Melindasoo More than 1 year ago
This is my FAVORITE Sheila Roberts book yet! Hands down, this needs to become a #1 bestseller. I fell in love with Colin and Mia from the very beginning. It was a perfect blend of the past mixed in with the present. I wanted to jump in and follow every clue. Icicle Falls is a beautiful little town that Sheila makes me want to return to over and over again. So many characters in this small town have a history that we know all about due to the previous books, but this book can stand alone without having read any one before. After Grandma Justine passes away, she leaves behind a legacy that only her grandson and his childhood best friend can find. The secret is life changing for those involved. But there is a catch. Colin and Mia must follow a scavenger hunt to find their perfect inheritance. What it does is send them down a memory lane. With a few twists and a lot of turns, what happens along the way will keep your head in this book until the very end.....