Homecoming Ranch

Homecoming Ranch

by Julia London


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ISBN-13: 9781611099577
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 08/13/2013
Series: Pine River Series , #1
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Julia London is the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestselling author of more than twenty romantic fiction novels. Her historical romance titles include the popular Desperate Debutantes series, the Scandalous series, and the Secrets of Hadley Green series. She has also penned several contemporary women’s fiction novels with strong romantic elements, including the Pine River trilogy, Summer of Two Wishes, One Season of Sunshine, and A Light at Winter’s End. She has won the RT Bookclub Award for Best Historical Romance, and has been a four-time finalist for the prestigious RITA Award for excellence in romantic fiction. She lives in Austin, Texas.

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Homecoming Ranch 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
KerryACroucier More than 1 year ago
ulia London has done it again. In her the first book of her contemporary Pine River Trilogy, "Homecoming Ranch," She introduces us to characters who draw us in and make us want to stay. Madeline Pruett is a tightly-controlled real estate agent in Florida. She grew up with her irresponsible and self-centered Mom, who changed boyfriends constantly. Her father was non-existent in her life, so she is shocked to find that he died and left her a share of a ranch in Colorado. She is even more shocked to find she has two sisters she never knew existed (they didn't know about her, either). This throws her well-ordered life into chaos. She travels to Colorado expecting to wrap everything up in 3 days...of course, you know nothing will work as expected. Once in Colorado, she hits one challenge after another, and meets Luke Kendrick. Luke, heading home to see what his Dad and brother have gotten into, this time, takes one look at Madeline with her highlighter, car manual, and flat tire, and instantly does what comes naturally, stops to help and there is instant attraction. Until he finds out that his father made a deal with Madeline's father to sell his family's ranch, in exchange for the money needed to pay for treatment his brother, Leo, needs. This pits Luke against Madeline, as he tries to find a way to "fix" this latest problem. Both Madeline and Luke find things don't go as they plan, and this is what draws us in. Leo is a wonderful character. He has Motor Neuron Disease which is horrible, but instead of becoming bitter, he is such a positive person. I love the chapters from his perspective. The interplay and animosity between Madeline and her new sisters, Libby and Emma, is believable. This is a wonderful story with believable main characters and challenges. The secondary characters and town have me ready to pack my car and move to Pine River, Colorado. I can't wait for the next book!
GoddessPhD1 More than 1 year ago
“Homecoming Ranch” is the first book in Julia London’s trilogy. Grant Tyler is the absentee father to three grown women; Madeline, Libby, & Emma and the ‘temporary’ owner of the Homecoming Ranch. The book begins in the hospital as Grant is dying. He’s going through another messy divorce and has no money left to leave his daughters, so he decides to leave them Homecoming Ranch.  I won’t provide too much description because other reviewers have done so, but get right to the critique.  This book is published as a romance, but I would put it in women’s fiction with romantic elements. Perhaps because it is book#1, London took some time to develop the world and characters, but I thought the romance took a while to develop. However, I’ve read books where the H/H fall in love within two weeks of meeting each other, so London’s approach/timeline was refreshing. Another reason I would categorize it as women’s fiction was the realism of the families, situations, and introspective dialogue. In real life, everyone one of us comes from difficult families, dragging along trunks of baggage that would tire the Hulk and family reunions with three strangers that probably isn’t going to have a Disney ending.  Some authors would gloss over these plot points, but London embraces them and paints a rich tapestry of contemporary romance setting.  Not only does the heroine, Madeline, have trunks of baggage because of her irresponsible mother, she’s on the cusp of earning career success. She’s had to put her ‘life’ on hold to go to Colorado. And our hero, Luke, fighting for the family ranch and to keep his family together by sacrificing his future and success to go to Colorado. I felt so sad for Luke that he couldn’t save his family and his ranch, but he had to learn that you can’t save everyone. That was his development and growth as a character – he had to learn to let go. And Madeline, who built this tough shell around her because all the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’ had to dig deep through that shell and finally let herself feel. I loved these characters because they were so real and the H/H helped each other grow – that’s romance! Some reviewers had problems identifying or liking Madeline or Leo (Luke’s brother with Motor Neuron Disease). I suspect that London has created these three different women for a purpose. Madeline was our Type A businesswoman, Libby is our pushover woman who always does what’s expected of her, and Emma…I didn’t get enough of her to figure her out. I loved Leo! Not only did he provide realism to the family and tension, his POV was used to ‘soften’ some of the most emotional scenes.  This book taught me how important character backstory/history is – character backstory not only informs their motivations, it also describes why the character is the person they are. London weaves in the history judiciously and with great care – a wonderful talent. 
ssmommie75TB More than 1 year ago
This was not what I was expecting from a Julia London book.  I consider myself a pretty big fan of hers and have read most of her books,  however this one I struggled throughout the entire book to finish it. Not one I'd recommend.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All-Night-Books More than 1 year ago
A great read about two people finding where they truly belong, and who they truly are meant to be. It a great story with great characters, especially Leo
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MasonCanyon More than 1 year ago
The cover of this book looks so welcoming you are drawn to the ranch setting. Author Julia London quickly sets the mood and captures your attention as a tale of finding lost family and true love unfolds. Narrator Tanya Eby does a wonderful job as she gives distinct voices to each of the characters. Her cadence enhances the author’s writing. Her vocalizations are a delight. Madeline Pruett has created her own perfect, isolated world as a real estate agent in Orlando. Still taking care of her irresponsible mother from time to time, Madeline tries not to dwell on her lonely childhood and the father she never knew. Her world is turned upside down when she learns her absentee father has died leaving her an interest in a Colorado ranch, along with two sisters she never knew existed. Madeline is determined to fly to Colorado, meet her unknown sisters, settle the inheritance, and get back to her life in Orlando. Meanwhile, Luke Kendrick is called away from his new business and school in Denver to see what has happened to his father and seriously ill brother. It seems his father has lost the family ranch in Pine River and it’s up to Luke to rescue the family once again. As Madeline adjust to having sisters (who knew their father), she is also drawn to Luke and his love of the ranch. Luke begins to understand what drives Madeline, but still holds on to the hope of rescuing his family’s ranch. Sparks fly between the two as their different worlds collide. HOMECOMING RANCH is filled with emotion as the lives of characters are revealed. The author deals with longing for family and love, as well as what home really represents. The characters are intriguing and the setting beautifully described. The story focuses more on Madeline and Luke’s relationship than on her building a relationship with her new sisters. But there are moments of bonding sprinkled throughout and the promise of more to come. This is an enduring story of finding what family is all about. FTC Full Disclosure - This audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.
ChaCha78 More than 1 year ago
After meeting Leo in the start of this book, I knew my emotions would be tied with him and not with Luke and Madeline whose HEA comes in this much anticipated contemporary of Ms. Julia's. Leo helps narrate through the story and I fell in love with him in the first 78 pages. Leo has an illness that doesn't stop him from sharing his wit, drive and humor with everyone he comes into contact with. I laughed and cried through his part of the story. I know I'm supposed to be talking about Luke and Madeline's story but I can't help myself. Oh, if there was a tad bit more of sex to their love story then I could brag about it but really, my emotions are tied with Leo. Homecoming Ranch is one of the few love stories that I raced through, when I could, to read about a secondary character as opposed to the main. I really enjoyed this book and wish it didn't have to end.
janeeyre01 More than 1 year ago
A great contemporary romance by Julia London. The hero and heroine were great. Leo was quite comical. Any book that has its characters Denver Bronco fans is okay in my book. Can't wait to read about Libby and Emma.
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Julia London has written a wonderful story. I know that when I read her books that I will not be disappointed. Homecoming Ranch is the first book in The Pine River Trilogy. The story is filled with heartbreak and learning to live again. Madeline Pruett wants to be alone. She needs to be in control of every aspect of her life. Now her life is running wildly out of her control. Suddenly she has two sisters that she hadn't know about and a ranch. When she goes to Colorado to see her sisters. She meets Luke Kendrich. They are attracted, but their romance is off to a rocky start. This ranch is causing problems with her new siblings and with Luke. I love how the characters interact. They are real people with real emotions and insecurities. This story shows how the past haunts us and influences our future decisions. I can't wait for the next book!
SharonRedfern More than 1 year ago
Homecoming Ranch is the first book in a new trilogy by Julia London. The story centers on Madeline Pruett, a woman who never met her father, Grant, and was raised by an alcoholic, self-centered mother. Madeline (Maddie) has kept herself tightly wrapped as a coping mechanism and as a result has not had any success in the love game. When she inherits part ownership of a ranch in Colorado along with two hitherto unknown sisters, her control starts to unravel. Luke Kendrick’s family has owned the ranch for generations until his dad gave the title to Grant in exchange for money to use for the medical expenses of his younger son. The plan was to repay the loan and get the deed back but Grant died before that could happen and now the daughters own the ranch. Luke and Madeline meet before they discover who the other is and there is a mutual attraction. When the truth about the tangled ranch ownership becomes known, Luke and Maddie fight the attraction as they have vastly different goals. Maddie wants to get her neat life as a realtor in Orlando back and Luke wants to get the ranch back for his father and brother and truthfully for himself. Luke decides that he may get further by staying close to Madeline and as the reader would expect, genuine feelings develop between them. They have great chemistry but bad communication skills and their relationship is anything but smooth. What I liked about this book was the way that Maddie and Luke really had similar wants in life but wrapped in a different package. Maddie wants stability and roots and feels she needs to make it happen on her own. Luke wants the same thing but feels he needs to get it through his family while suppressing his own goals. Luke would do anything for his family while Maddie is ready to throw away the opportunity to create a new family with her two sisters. The supporting characters are well integrated into the story. Maddie’s mother and best friend contribute to her history and the sisters are her present. One sister, Emma, is a hit and run in this book but the other, Libby, is right in the middle trying to work out some sort of relationship with Maddie. Luke has a loving but overwhelmed father and his brother Leo. I think Leo is the stand out character in the book. He narrates in parts but also fills the pages in the parts his character is in. Leo has a degenerative muscle disease with no possible cure but also has the quirkiest sense of humor and positive outlook on his life. Leo is able to cut through the junk to tell Luke how to put his life in order and to get his priorities straight. There doesn’t seem to be a defined date for the next book in the series. I hope it is fairly soon as I want to read more about the other sisters and how Luke and Maddie’s life together turns out.
nindilou More than 1 year ago
Julia London has another new book; this is the first in a trilogy about Pine River. This author consistently stays at the top of my list for favorite authors. I am a die-hard historical romance lover, but loving Julia’s work as I do, I had to read this latest in her lineup. Homecoming Ranch is a story that gets under your skin, and if you love a good book like I do, you feel compelled to keep reading; you have to finish the story, even if it means staying up all night! This book is Madeline’s story. We are introduced to her and through her story are set up for the next two books about her sister’s stories. Madeline has never had a strong family life growing up; her mother was a bit wild, (ok, a lot wild) she moved from place to place as the mood struck, and men were entirely interchangeable to her. She changed them like she would change shoes. Madeline’s father was a brief pit-stop on this ride; she only met him once, and never knew him. Upon the death of her father, Madeline learns that she also has two sisters who she never knew existed. This would be enough to freak anyone out, but for Madeline; a self-control freak, it was a horrible blow. We learn the back-story of how the ranch was purchased by a gentleman’s agreement Grant Taylor who was Madeline’s father and the Kendrick family. The property was used as collateral in a deal, and instead of honoring the agreement; Madeline’s father then leaves the deed to the ranch to be shared between the three sisters. Enter Luke… he is the oldest Kendrick son, and has always put aside his personal life and dreams to help his family through whatever scrape they were in at the time. He is just getting on the path that he has only dreamed about up until this point. He is an up and coming, custom home builder. But with the death of Taylor; he must again return to pick up the pieces and save his family home. When Luke and Madeline meet, there are fireworks, the attraction is instant; but the drama is almost too much to overcome. They both have their own issues with relationships, and Madeline is a very stiff, rigid person. She is over-compensating to make sure she never turns out like her mother. Leo is the wonderful storyteller in this novel. He is the one who tells us about the stormy relationship between his older brother Luke and Madeline. He is confined to a wheelchair and cannot take care of himself physically, but that doesn’t stop him for trying to care for his family. He is very charismatic, and a very touching character. The trials and tribulations in this journey make you hurt for the characters. Again, Julia has introduced characters who touch your heart. You can feel their fear, frustrations, anger, and passion. You can see yourself inside the story, and this is why I am so crazy about this author. She never fails to make her characters seem “real”; and you can always empathize and sympathize with them, and cheer when they succeed or cry when you feel their pain. This is a wonderful story, and gets a full 5 stars from this hooked reader!
dbrown34001 More than 1 year ago
Give Madeline Pruett a spreadsheet and a highlighter, and she's a happy camper. Bequeath her one-third interest in a ranch and introduce her to two sisters she's never known, and she's thrown completely off kilter. She puts her organized life as a realtor on hold and journeys to Colorado to put things in order. Naturally she has a flat tire on her way up the mountain to Homecoming Ranch that Luke Kendrick stops to fix. There's an attraction that dims when Luke discovers his father lost the rights to the ranch and she's one of the heirs. When she meets her sisters, Libby and Emma, Madeline indicates she's prepared to sell the property. But Libby wants to turn the ranch into a place where people can come for family events and has a big reunion already scheduled. Both Libby and Emma rebel against selling the property. Then a conflict arises over who really owns the ranch. One of the major draws of this book is Leo. He's Luke's brother whose chapters are told in first person and are the most insightful. Leo is wheelchair bound, suffering from Motor Neuron Disease, but otherwise a genius. He adds humor to the mix rather than bemoaning his situation. This is the first book in London's Pine River trilogy and will leave you eager for Libby's and Emma's books. Anyone looking for a ender contemporary romance tempered with some sibling rivalry will enjoy this special story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've been waiting a long time for a new Julia London contemporary romance after devouring her Over the Edge and The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sister series. She doesn't disappoint me in Homecoming Ranch. This story centers around Luke Kendrick and Madeline Pruett. But the secondary character, Leo, steals the show and won my heart. Madeline is a self-made woman who lives by timetables and highlighters. She never knew her father and the fact that he's just passed away and left her one third of a ranch as her inheritance, along with the news that she has two sisters she's never met, has her world reeling. Luke has just found out that his father has lost their family homestead, Homecoming Ranch. Once again, he leaves his own life behind in Denver and heads to Pine River to find out what he needs to do to return the ranch to his family. Madeline is determined to wrap things up in a nice little box, selling her portion of the ranch, meet her two mystery sisters and perhaps find out more about the father she never knew. However, she's in for a rude awakening when she discovers her sisters could care less about getting to know her and the ranch cannot be sold for the immediate future. Before he died, her father contracted Homecoming Ranch out for a large family reunion in just a few short weeks. If she hopes to get any money out of the place, she's going to have to make the reunion a success. Meanwhile, Luke will use whatever means necessary to win back the ranch and refuses to believe the property which has been in his family for generations is now lost to them forever. While each of them works to their own ends, they can no longer deny the budding attraction which they both felt during their initial meeting and had no clue as to who the other was or the obstacle each posed to one another's future plans. In order for one to win, the other must lose and with feelings and livelihoods on the line, you're wondering how this can ever possibly end with an HEA. Luke's younger brother, Leo, helps narrate this love story. Although Leo is suffering from a terminal illness, his levity and bravery endears him to the reader in the very first scene of the book. While he struggles against his disease he dishes out sound advice under the guise of sport analogies and football plays. Julia London weaves this story together with such grace, humor, and understanding of each character's personality. I also loved the setting of Pine River. Julia describes the area of Colorado being near and around Silverton and Durango, Colorado. I spend lots of time in these towns and it made me connect with the book all the more. My one complaint about Homecoming Ranch is that it needs a bit more sex. I know that makes me a shameless floozy, but I really wanted that connection for Luke and Madeline. I think after all the sexual tension they have, they should have the fireworks and explosions only great sex can provide. I give Homecoming Ranch 4.5 out of 5 stars. Written by Dee McGee