Homemade Candy & Chocolate Recipes: 175 Delicious Simple Old Fashioned Candy Ideas

Homemade Candy & Chocolate Recipes: 175 Delicious Simple Old Fashioned Candy Ideas

by Country Sisters Gourmet


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Homemade Candy & Chocolate Recipes - 175 Simple Old Fashioned Candy Making Made Easy.
Try our 175 Candy & Chocolate recipes and ideas. Our recipes include easy homemade chocolate candies, fudge, truffles, toffees, chocolate covered fruit and nuts, and fondues. Simple homemade brittles, caramels, fruit candies, taffy, peanut butter candy, pralines, hard candy, popcorn sweets, divinity, mints, homemade sugars and extracts, easy candies for kids parties, and much more. These easy to make homemade candies will put that special gourmet touch to all of your special occasions, everyday desserts, and sweet treats. Great Holiday Candy & Chocolate Recipes

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ISBN-13: 9781502588296
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Publication date: 10/01/2014
Pages: 228
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About the Author

COUNTRY SISTERS GOURMET - Co-creators Alice Turner and Carol Vaughn are sisters who were raised on a family spice farm in southeastern Arizona. These "country sisters" teamed up to give you some of their best recipes. In their books you will get a wide variety from old recipes that have been passed along, to their modern day dishes. Some of these have been used and passed on from their grandmothers, their mother Laura, and many other family members and friends.
Alice still doesn't consider herself grown up, but when she married and left the family spice farm...many years ago, she moved to southwest New Mexico where she continued to farm with her husband, David. On the farm, Alice not only had access to the commercial crops, but she was blessed to having her acre plus gardens planted in the nearest "field". She has always been known for her delicious cooking and baking and had the resources to use fresh, home grown ingredients. Alice has since moved off of the farm, but she took her "country cooking" skills with her! She expanded her culinary knowledge by studying and took on new interests in catering and party planning. She still delights her family and friends with her favorite recipes and meals and is always trying new ideas. Alice now spends her time quilting, gardening, canning, cooking, baking, and enjoying her grandchildren.

Carol moved from the family spice farm to a ranch in southwestern New Mexico. It was then that this cowgirl figured out that if she would get off of her horse now and then...she could be really good in the kitchen too! She enjoyed being creative with old recipes and came up with some great dishes. She favors making desserts, baking breads, and cooking dishes using fresh produce from her garden. Carol's cooking skills expanded as she prepared meals for many guests and the cowboys on the ranch. Carol is still a cowgirl and enjoys riding and training her horses, but she also finds the time to enjoy writing, painting, photography, spending time with family and friends and traveling. Her collections are memoirs from her childhood years on the spice farm to her many years of ranching.

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