Homeschooling FAQs: 101 Questions Every Homeschooling Parent Should Ask

Homeschooling FAQs: 101 Questions Every Homeschooling Parent Should Ask

by LearningExpress LLC Editors, LearningExpress Editors



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ISBN-13: 9781576857601
Publisher: Learningexpress, Llc
Publication date: 08/16/2010
Pages: 256
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Table of Contents

About The Author vii

Introduction xi

Section 1 Why 1

1 Why do people choose to homeschool? 2

2 Why do I need a support group? 8

3 Why should I attend a conference? 10

4 Why are there so many different styles of homeschooling? 13

5 Why do some families homeschool one child but not another? 17

6 Why does the idea of homeschooling upset some people so much? 18

7 Why do some children want to be homeschooled? 20

8 Why do people quit homeschooling? 21

9 Why should I talk to a number of families before making the decision to homeschool? 24

10 Why should I register with the state-or why should I not? 25

11 Why is homeschooling growing steadily? 26

Section 2 Who 29

12 Who are the homeschooling experts? 30

13 Who started the homeschooling movement? 35

14 Who does the teaching in the family? 36

15 Who can act a mentor/tutor/helper with my children? 38

16 who is being homeschooled in the United States? 38

17 Who has been homeschooled in the past (well-known homeschoolers)? 41

18 Who should not homeschool? 42

Section 3 What 45

19 What are the laws regarding homeschooling? 46

20 What are the myths about homeschooling? 48

21 What about socialization? 51

22 What qualifications do my spouse/partner or I need in order to homeschool? 56

23 What are learning styles? 57

24 What is unschooling? 59

25 What records do I need to keep? 62

26 What it my spouse/partner does not support homeschooling? 63

27 What it my child does not want to be homeschooled? 65

28 What if my child is already enrolled in public school? 66

29 What it my child is doing well in school? 67

30 What does the term deschooling or decompressing mean? 68

31 What role does the Internet play in homeschooling? 70

32 What is a typical homeschooling day like? 73

33 What are the disadvantages of homeschooling? 74

34 What are the most important supplies I need for homeschooling? 75

35 What do students really need to know? 77

36 What if my child and I argue? 79

37 What if my child refuses to read or write? 80

38 What is the Charlotte Mason method? 83

39 What are Waldorf Schools? 84

40 What is a classical education philosophy? 86

41 What about Montessori Schools? 88

42 What does the press report about homeschooling? 90

43 What role can grandparents play in homeschooling? 91

Section 4 Where 93

44 Where can I find homeschooling curricula and other materials? 95

45 Where can I find local support? 97

46 Where can I find state support? 98

47 Where can I find national support? 98

48 Where do my other children go when I am homeschooling? 99

49 Where can I go on field trips? 100

50 Where should I set up the schoolroom? 102

51 Where can my teen find an internship, apprenticeship, or similar program? 104

52 Where can my child learn how to play an instrument or join a band or an orchestra? 106

53 Where can my child learn sports or join a team? 108

54 Where can my child get physical education (PE)? 109

55 Where can my teenager find someone to date? 110

56 Where can I find guidance on how to design my curriculum? 111

57 Where can I buy a complete curriculum-and should I do so? 113

Section 5 When 115

58 When during the year should I start and stop homeschooling? 116

59 When is summer break? 117

60 When do we register with the public school or the state? 118

61 When do we give our children standardized tests? 119

62 When will my child learn how to -? 121

63 When in the day should I start and when should I stop? 123

64 When can I homeschool if I am a single parent or my partner and I both work? 124

65 When are we able to use public school resources? 125

66 When (at what age) should I start/stop homeschooling? 126

Section 6 How 129

67 How do I provide my child with transcripts and a diploma? 131

68 How do I homeschool on a subject I do not understand? 132

69 How do I homeschool a gifted child? 134

70 How do I Know whether my child is learning? 135

71 How much does homeschooling cost? 136

72 How can my child return to or enter public school? 138

73 How can my child be accepted into college? 139

74 How do I decide what kind of curriculum to use? 141

75 How can my child take driver education or go to the prom? 142

76 How do I deal with rude relatives, nosy neighbor, and crabby coworkers? 144

77 How does my child get a job? 145

78 How do my children learn how to deal with conflict if they do not go to school? 146

79 How do I homeschool kids of different ages or grade levels? 147

80 How do my child and I stay motivated? 148

81 How does my child graduate? 149

82 How do I create a unit study? 150

83 How does the computer figure in homeschooling? 152

84 How do I deal with the issue of truancy? 153

85 How do we best use our library when homeschooling? 153

86 How do I prepare my homeschooled kids to take a standardized test? 154

87 How do I remove my child from School? 156

88 How do my kids and I avoid getting burned out? 157

89 How do I learn to write and talk educationalese, and why will I need it? 160

90 How do I homeschool if I am not religious? 161

91 How do I handle discipline for improper school behavior? 162

92 How do I fill in the hours of the day? 164

93 How do I deal with a partner who is not supportive or helpful? 165

94 How do I homeschool a child with learning disabilities? 167

95 How do I start my own homeschooling group if there are none in my region? 168

96 Can my older kids teach my younger ones? 170

97 How can I manage all my household duties and homeschool as well? 171

98 How can I homeschool while traveling? 172

Section 7 Let's Go! 175

99 Are all your questions answered? 176

100 Are you able to do it? 176

101 Are you ready? 177

Appendix A The Ten Top Tens 179

Appendix B State and National Homeschooling Organizations 185

Index 195

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E-Inklings More than 1 year ago
This book is great for parents starting out in their homeschooling journey. The author addresses 101 common homeschooling questions to ease concerns and inspire parents in the years to come.