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ISBN-13: 9781928649038
Publisher: Idelson-Gnocchi Publisher
Publication date: 04/28/2000
Pages: 398
Product dimensions: 9.82(w) x 13.85(h) x 1.08(d)
Age Range: 16 Years

Table of Contents

I.The Call of the Sea3
Pareti, Capolivieri
100 Meters (330 feet)
The First Dolphins
My Mother
A New World
At Kilometer 59
Kiu-Shu, Japan!
Cote d'Azure 1934
Departure from Shanghai
Marseilles during the War of '39
Orcas-Killer Whales
Marseilles after the War
Canada: The Forest
Freshwater Sailor
The Great North- Florida
II.Clown, the Prima Donna of the Miami Seaquarium35
A Flash of Lightening
The Jew Fish Joe has a "Lead" Stomach
"Zingarella" (Gypsy girl)
The Boarders in the Big Tank
Some Reflections about Dolphins
A Sinister Place
Clown Invites Me Into Her Universe
Eye on the Tiger Shark
Wireless Telegraph Under Water
Clown Becomes a Mother
The New Family
We Meet Again
Clown Leaves us
III.Origins of Apnea59
Involuntary and Voluntary Apnea
The Origin of Life
What do they think in the East?
Tao, Traditional Symbol of Yin-Yang
Point of View of Modern Science
The Aquatic Ape Theory
The Proconsul Monkey and His Origins
The Paradise of the Miocene Period
Loss of Fur and Growth of a Subcutaneous Layer of Fat
Other Transformations and common characteristics between the Aquatic Ape and Man
Current Situations
IV.Apena in Time Around the World79
Naked in the Snow
The Kjokkenmodinger
A Short History Lobster Fishermen of the Islands of Caicos
Ama in Japan
The Itoman Fishermen
The Badjaos
Polynesian Divers
V.Apnea in Non-Mammals111
Anthropoids, Spiders
Fish Apneaists
Another Pulmonata
Monitors and Iguanas
VI.Example of Mammals125
The Rat
The Freshwater Otter
The Beaver
Other Small Apneaists
The Polar Bear
The Hippopotamus
The Rhinoceros
The Elephant
Sea Mammals
In what ways are marine mammals different from man?
The Dolphin
The Porpoise
The ORCA (Killer Whale)
Sperm Whale
Comparison Study
Fundamental Differences
VII.Man As Dolphin143
The Brain
The Sense of Smell
The Sense of Sight
The Sense of Sound
The possibility of communication with man
Propulsion Speed
Love, reproduction, birth
Friendship between dolphin and man
A Few Examples
Leave them in peace
Other stories about dolphins
Dolphins show up for the 70-meter dive
Appointment in Japan
Dolphin Serenade, Italian Style
Greetings from the Cote d'Azure
VIII.Sports and Science163
Outline of the History of Breath-Hold diving in Europe
Chronology of the Sport of breath-hold diving
The 60 Meter Record
A New 70 Meter Record
Summer 1969: Diving with Maiorca
Different Points of View
Goal: 86 Meters
Competition Records and Applied Experiments
The Mountain Lake Expedition
The Astonishing Haggi Statti
Following in the Footsteps of Haggi Statti
Medical aspects of Breath-Hold diving
Goal 100 Meters
The "ambassador" dolphin of the Turks and Caicos Islands
X.Bimini & Stripe - Homo Delphinus Free-Dive227
Diving to 150 feet into the deep blue off Grand Bahama Island, with two dolphins
XI.The Big Blue247
Questions and answers about this cult movie
XII.A New Generation of Breath-Hold Divers263
Constant Weight
Variable Weight
No Limits
XIII.Mermaids and Tritons275
The Siren of Colmar
Story of the Sirens
Myth or Reality
From fantasy to science fiction
Lies yesterday, truth today?
Undefined Boundaries
Monkey-Man in Haiti
Otter-Man in Indonesia
Knowledge and Identification
XIV.The Ocean in Man289
Fantastic Journey
The ocean within us
The two seas
Journey to the end...of the cells
Our journey continues
The mother
Phylogeny and Ontogeny
Baby Divers
Generator of immortality
XV.Born in the Water303
XVI.Apnea and Yoga317
Man's Immersion in Apnea
A Few Statistics
Qualitative Aspects
How to hold the breath
What is air?
XVII.Man, Gaia and Homo Delphinus343
An infernal vortex
Man, cancerous cell
Nature? A garbage dump
The technological conquest of the depths
New Solutions
Kylstra's Aquatic Rats
Dogs as diving guinea-pigs
Liquid Respiration in Man
The experiments of Clark and Gollan
Respiratory Membranes
Cousteau's Homo Aquaticus
Baby Divers
Homo Delphinus

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Homo Delphinus: The Dolphin Within Man 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
MattmanMP More than 1 year ago
I have long been a fan of Mayol and his contributions to the community, so I eagerly awaited my copy only to find it poorly packaged and damaged. Barnes and Noble then sent out another copy which also arrived poorly packaged and damaged. They would not send a third copy, and offered me 10% off which I declined, but I did keep the less damaged book. They stated that they would not send a third because they had a limited supply and they were likely all damaged at the warehouse, this means they are shipping an already damaged book. Not what I expect from Barnes and Noble. This is a beautiful book and everyone who enjoys the water should have a copy. It is full of colorful pictures, and is well laid out.