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Honest Faith for Our Time

Honest Faith for Our Time


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This volume is a biblical theological critique of the Apostles' Creed and a development of the role of the Holy Spirit in the church, the world, and the personal experience of Christian faith. It addresses the creed as a historic document, an artifact of early Christian theological development, and a long-standing guide for the form and content of that faith tradition. This book is an appreciation of the Apostles' Creed in terms of its persistent pastoral effect in the church. It is also a criticism of aspects of the creed that are unbiblical and crafted for political or extraneous theological reasons by the bishops of the ancient ecumenical councils.

""Ellens has given us a book full of divine inspiration. I can only view it as a new creation brought about by the work of the Holy Spirit at a profoundly crucial time! It will set people of faith free, as well as bring to faith many others who have felt it incongruous to approach a very present God with an ancient mindset. Reading it has been a very relaxing and spiritual experience. Ellens is to be thanked and congratulated on this remarkable work, which will surely light the fires of intelligent discussion.""
--Virginia Ingram
Graduate of the Sydney College of Divinity, Sydney, Australia

""J. Harold Ellens is the scholar to ponder questions perplexing Christians: Did Christianity devolve from its Jewish origins to the Greek-oriented Councils [no Jews were present] that began in Nicea (325)? If the Holy Spirit was guiding the decisions of the Greeks then why was Arius (256-336) honored and then dishonored? Was Sir Isaac Newton correct to claim that Christianity lost its way in the fourth century? Is the Apostles' Creed pastorally therapeutic? Did Creeds replace Bible? Are we honestly interested in the truth about our Bible, Creeds, and Church? Superbly conceived and written; highly recommended.""
--J. H. Charlesworth
George L. Collord Professor of New Testament Language and Literature
Princeton Theological Seminary

""A retired naval officer, J. Harold Ellens knows all about being in turbulent seas and the prospect of sinking below the surface. No wonder, then, that he has written an account of his personal spiritual quest for solid ground, and that this quest has led to a profound appreciation for the quiet, unobtrusive evidence of God's benevolent providence. His seasoned reflections on the Apostle's Creed and the Bible display a masterful theologian at work, but his personal stories and anecdotes make these reflections accessible to readers who are themselves struggling to find solid ground or to find an effective way to share their discovery with others. A truly believable account of one man's search for a trustworthy faith.""
--Donald Capps
Professor of Pastoral Psychology, Emeritus
Princeton Theological Seminary

About the Contributor(s):
J. Harold Ellens is a retired university professor, Presbyterian theologian, and pastor. He has served as a United States Army chaplain (colonel) and has worked as a clinical psychotherapist. He is the Executive Director Emeritus of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies, and the Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief emeritus of the Journal of Psychology and Christianity. His numerous books include Miracles (2008) and The Healing Power of Spirituality (2010).

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