Honey Buddies

Honey Buddies

by Mark Passero


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Benny the bumble bee, bounced around like a popping corn inside the beehive. He bumped into his friends, dripping wet with honey. They shouted at him "Hey, Benny, slow down, its only early morning." They were still sleepy and lazily buzzing around.

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ISBN-13: 9781524610739
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/25/2016
Pages: 18
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.05(d)

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Honey Buddies

By Mark Passero


Copyright © 2016 Mark Passero
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-1073-9


Honey Buddies

By Mark Passero

Benny the bumble bee, bounced around like a popping corn inside the beehive. He bumped into his friends, dripping wet with honey. They shouted at him "Hey, Benny! Slow down, it's only early morning." They were slowly awaking up and buzzing around.

He replied, "I want to be the first one out in the meadow today." One bee named Betty, stood in his way. Benny stopped. "Hey Betty, "You're blocking my way!"

Betty laughed and said, "You know the Queen's rule, buddy bees buzz together, not alone." He hovered like a toy helicopter and buzzed back. "If you don't tell her, she will not know, please let me go and I'll get you a flower petal. Promise!

"You promise?"

"Yes" He kissed her. Betty blushed and moved aside. Then, Benny rocketed away. The weight of the honey on his body didn't even slow him down.

She watched him from inside the hive and shouted "Benny be careful!" But, the only sound Benny heard was the buzzing sound of his wings.

Benny wasn't the only early morning riser. A brown bear named Baron was also awake. He walked out of his cave, wobbling along. He stood up, stretched out his arms, raised his head, opened his mouth and yawned.

Before Baron finished yawning, Benny flew right across his mouth. Some of the honey from Benny's body fell into Baron's mouth. He swallowed it, rubbed his tummy and said, Hmm! "It's raining sweet honey drops from heaven."

He heard the buzzing noises and then he smelled the sweet scent of honey. Barron dropped on all fours; he sniffed the air and started following the sweet scent. Benny arrived at the meadow and started searching for the big sunflower. It was hidden somewhere inside this flowery place.

Benny hovered slowly among the flowers, flew around and stopped in front of a tall tree. He shook his head and wondered. "Where is that big sunflower? It's no longer here.

He took a deep breath and was about to buzz away, when a voice inside his head said. "Go behind the tree." Benny flashed his antennas and did what the voice said. He flew around the tree and there right in front of him was the towering sunflower carefully hidden behind the tree.

He smiled and said, "The sweetest and greatest nectar around!" The Queen will surely be delighted. Benny worked quickly, taking as much nectar as he could carry in his pouch.

Meanwhile, Benny wasn't alone, a big black spider named, Belinda watched and heard his merry making. She slid carefully down from her web and was inches away from Benny, preparing to spray her web on him.

Benny didn't even know she was there. He smiled and said, "I have more than enough." He was about to fl y away, but could not move.

Benny flapped his wings harder and harder. He flew a little higher, but fell down and rolled over. He struggled and tried flapping his wings once again, but Benny still couldn't move. He was stuck and glued with his honey inside the sunflower.

Belinda laughed and hovered in front of him. "Hello, my breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert." She arced her eyebrows and cracked a mischievous grin.

Benny shouted, "Help!" Belinda just laughed at him, "There is no one here to help you!"

Then she began spraying her webbing all over him. Benny struggled trying to escape, but he still couldn't move. Benny was trapped and doomed. Belinda tried lifting him up. She pulled and pulled. His weight was too much for her and she fell inside the sunflower too.

"Yuck, I am stuck with your honey."

Benny laughed. "It serves you right; other bees will find me, set me free and sting you."

She snickered back and said. "Your wrong, little fat bumble bee, I will eat you here inside the sunflower."

Belinda struggled and moved slowly towards him with her mouth wide open. Benny tried flapping his wings to no avail. Then he shouted again for help. Belinda just laughed at him, while smacking her lips.

Baron entered the meadow, sniffed around, searching for the honey. Then he heard someone crying for help and he started rushing in that direction. Barron ran as fast as he could through the meadow with his nose leading the way.


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