Honeymoon with Death: The perfect 1920s cosy crime caper

Honeymoon with Death: The perfect 1920s cosy crime caper

by Vivian Conroy

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Suspenseful to the last page, HONEYMOON WITH DEATH is perfect for fans of Agatha Christie’s Sleeping Murder and Evil Under The Sun

After a whirlwind romance and dream wedding, the new Mrs Ramsforth is whisked away to an idyllic Greek island by her adoring husband. But as soon as they arrive at their luxurious hotel overlooking the azure sea, Damaris is struck by the feeling she’s been here before...

Puzzling over the familiarity, Damaris’ honeymoon goes from unsettling to a complete nightmare when she finds herself standing over a dead body, unable to explain how she got there.

Now only one man can save her - fellow holidaymaker and former Scotland Yard inspector Jasper. But even he starts to doubt Damaris' innocence when he discovers that it's not her first time embroiled in a murder case...

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ISBN-13: 9781788633666
Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd
Publication date: 07/01/2019
Series: Murder Will Follow , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 250
Sales rank: 25,509
File size: 465 KB

About the Author

Armed with cheese and chocolate, Vivian Conroy sits down to create the aspirational settings, characters with secrets up their sleeves, and clever plots which took several of her mysteries to #1 bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon US and Canada. Away from the keyboard, Vivian likes to hike (especially in the Swiss mountains), hunt for the perfect cheese cake and experience the joy in every-day life, be it a fiery sunset, a gorgeous full moon or that errant butterfly descending on the windowsill. Readers can connect with her on Twitter under @VivWrites

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Honeymoon with Death: The perfect 1920s cosy crime caper 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous 4 days ago
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. The characters were interesting and each one was a little complicated. This is a carefully crafted story with deep emotions. Its conceptualised in a way that you have to consider a number of suspects and then all the elements are woven together cleverly, despite all the twists and turns, I followed the threads to the end. Worth the read. With thanks to NetGalley, the publishers and the author for my free copy to review.
N_Carrier 8 days ago
A young couple on their honeymoon in a small Greek town are embroiled in a murder mystery. Mr and Mrs Ramsforth escape to the gorgeous Greek island of Kalo for their honeymoon. Upon her arrival Mrs Ramsforth is plagued by visions of her past, which she can not determine are real or simply images of her imagination. In the midst of trying to figure out what she is seeing, she is found standing over a dead body with no memory of getting there. As luck would have it, Jasper, a former British detective, finds her standing over the dead body and becomes determined to sort out why the woman died and what Mrs. Ramsforth is imagining. The first couple chapters of this book were slow and darker than I had thought they would be. It quickly turned and grabbed my attention. So much so, that I finished the book in a day. Being from a smallish town, I appreciated the small town feel the author created. The author really understood how quickly rumors and gossip spread in a small town and how intertwined everyone is. The only complaint is that the main couple, Mr and Mrs Ramsforth, were very quick to get emotional and jump to really crazy conclusions. It was a distraction to the main plots when they are flipping out over a random comment. I couldn't put the book down and was desperate to determine who was the killer, who was related to whom and how, why did it happen, etc.
gardener0126 10 days ago
I wasn’t too sure that I would like this book after reading the first couple of chapters. The setting sounded lovely, the characters seemed interesting, but the overall tone of the story seemed a bit dark and therefore unappealing to me. I had somehow gotten the impression that this was a cozy mystery, but it’s more of a serious mystery with some cozy elements and a bit of police procedural thrown in as well. I didn’t really feel that there was anything Christie-ish about it, although the description gives that impression. Unfortunately, after setting the scene so beautifully, the author failed to do much more with the setting. Despite these things, it turned out to be an engrossing mystery with a very complex plot. Approximately half the characters were suspects in my mind, and suspicion fell on one after another. I actually read the entire book through in one sitting. I was tempted to skip to the end several times, just because I felt that I just had to know “whodunnit”! I managed to resist, but it was tough. The ending was plausible, and realistic, but I was just a tiny bit disappointed in it. Al the bits and pieces were tidied away, but Things didn’t turn out quite the way I was hoping they would. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with a free review copy.
4GranJan 12 days ago
Cozy Murder Mystery on a Greek Isle This wonderful mystery is reminiscent of an Alfred Hitchcock film. The 1920's Greek Isle setting is excellent fantasy material. There are many twists and turns that the reader will not be able to guess the ending. The big reveal is wonderful as is the entire book. I enjoyed this book so much that I bought the first book in the series. I hope this author continues this series for many more enjoyable episodes. I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
MKF 16 days ago
Poor Jaspar just wanted a Greek holiday and now he's found himself investigating a murder! Damaris was so happy to marry Teddy and thrilled when they went on honeymoon. But then things got odd. She feels she's been here before and then there's a murder and....she's a suspect. This is a mild historical cozy of sorts. You might indeed be reminded of Christie (in a good way!). Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC. It's nicely plotted, not too twisty, and just right for an afternoon read.
GraceJReviewerlady 16 days ago
I so enjoyed the first book in this series, and was very excited to get the chance to read and review the second - and, if anything, it is even better! New bride Damaris Ramsforth is terribly in love with her new husband and is tremendously excited when he takes her on honeymoon to the Greek island of Kalos. Although Teddy comes from a wealthy family, Damaris has never had the means to travel before; why does their hotel seem familiar? With some strange goings-on, the new Mrs Ramsforth begins to doubt herself and struggles with her inner turmoil. Fortunately, former Scotland Yard Inspector Jasper arrives on holiday and sets his sights on working out what's going on. Can he get to the bottom of things and save her sanity? It is no surprise that author Vivian Conroy is an admirer of Agatha Christie; this novel, in particular, is worthy of the great Dame herself. This isn't one puzzle but several, all entwined and very difficult to unravel - but never underestimate Jasper, the man with the logical mind. I couldn't have worked out things in my wildest dreams! A cracking read and one which played around with my head for the whole time. An amazing book which all mystery lovers are going to love! I'm looking forward to more in this series - this one fully earns every one of it's five stars!