Ho'oponopono Book: Advanced Ho'oponopono Secrets

Ho'oponopono Book: Advanced Ho'oponopono Secrets

by Colin G Smith


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Being bogged down and feeling exhausted with life is something that everyone can relate to. We experience stress in the form of money issues, problems at work, difficulties with our interpersonal relationships and a number of other stress factors that tend to weigh us down.

But what if there was a way to realise that it is not these stressors that are making our lives difficult? What if the reality of the matter is that these situations are created by our thoughts - our own ego-mind? This realisation forms the foundation of Ho'oponopono, which states that we have the power to transmute our problems by re-connecting with the Divine Source within.

Ho'oponopono allows a person to develop a relationship with the Divine Source inside of ourselves and ask that our mistakes made in thought, action, or word be cleared and released, providing freedom from the past. It was revolutionised in the twentieth century by Morrnah Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna healer, to help modern day people reap the benefits. In this guidebook, you will discover Advanced Ho'oponopono Techniques that will allow you to clear erroneous data within your subconscious mind while realising your authentic loving self.

Topics Covered In The Book Include:

Ho'oponopono Tibetan Style: This is a special breathing meditation that helps you transform negativity while increasing your courage, love and compassion.

Inner Child Meditation: Discover how to connect to your inner child allowing you to develop a loving relationship with this part of yourself leading to an increased sense of wellbeing.

Higher Self Meditation: Connect with your own Higher Self or Soul which will give you a greater sense of connection with your own source of pure unconditional love, peace and wisdom.

Ho'oponopono Higher Self / Inner Child Healing Process: This is a very powerful process that enables you to align your inner family in a way that allows for harmonious healing and transformation of erroneous data stored in your inner child or Lower Self.

Ideal Partner Manifestation: If you would like help from the Universe to find your ideal partner, this special prayer ritual can help you. It utilises the power of Blessing, combined with the energetic connections we have with other people in the word.

Relationship Shadows Into De-Light: This process enables you to bring your own shadow aspects to light, transmute them with Ho'oponopono, while developing more empathy and compassion for yourself and other people. It can be surprising what's revealed with this powerful technique.

Ho'oponopono Magic In A Bottle: Enjoy preforming random acts of kindness with this fun method that will bless complete strangers while introducing them to Ho'oponopono.

Wrathful Ho'oponopono: Discover how to practice Ho'oponopono even when you are really angry and upset with someone. You can use the magical mantra and transmute your anger into a peaceful state of calm instead.

Now you can heal your life, transmute your problems and become a more loving and peaceful person with these advanced Ho'oponopono secrets. So go ahead and download your Ho'oponopono Guidebook today.

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