Hope Restrained

Hope Restrained

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BN ID: 2940148226734
Publisher: M.S. Willis
Publication date: 01/29/2014
Series: Estate Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 368,181
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Hope Restrained 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CrystalMarie218 More than 1 year ago
Well M.S. Willis has done it again. She has given me another book in the Estates series that sucked me in, tore at my heart and made me even more addicted to the members of the Estate. At least this time I was not destroyed, thank you Ms. Willis for that. By being destroyed, I mean the one character that I always seem to fall in love with in each of her books didn’t die a horrible death this time. Now I won’t tell you who my favorite was this time, you get to pick one of your own. Hope is my kind of hero. She is a killer, fighter, destruction on two legs and one of the most beautiful broken souls that have been created in this series. Maddy was also given a chance to show her strength in acceptance and bravery. I have a feeling with these two women together, the Estate men will have no clue what hit them. Hope is beckoned by Estate members who want to take the new leader down. In order to motivate her willingness to go against Aaron and Xander, they kidnap and torture her twin sister Honor. These twins are night and day. Where Hope is the pain seeking killer, Honor is the gentle artful soul who finds love and peace in all things. With their mother dying years ago both girls were raised in the Network, an opposing group to the Estates, so Hope does not go into this mission naïve. She knows the rumors of what has happen behind those walls and she has spent her whole life trying to avoid contact with these evil people. So many dark alleys and twisted turns in this book, I was once again flinching at times from the torture the characters endured, talking walks around to collect my sanity once again and yes messaging a friend begging her to tell me that this won’t end with me a sobbing mess on the floor. With all the brutal images Hope is going to have to see, the torture she is going to have to endure, learning to accept Maddy’s advice is what is going to be the hardest for her. Maddy reminds her before Hope leaves that sometimes surrender is the only thing that will save you. I have to say on a personal level, those words were music to my aching heart. How many times have we looked back and regretted the events that we fought so hard against and still lost the battle? To have society look at us when we didn’t fight hard enough in their eyes and labeled us a victim? Maddy was right, sometimes being victorious means to allow things to happen, to guard your heart and mind against it, while the body is being used and broken. You might come out with bruises, broken bones and pain, but by surrendering you maintain your soul and mind. It is up to Hope to decide if she can go in and save her sister while surrendering her body and will. It was nice to see Xander have more of a role in the Estates, of course Aaron will never be able to shed the shadow of Joseph BUT I am dying to see what Connor’s journal will bring to him. Awwwwww Connor, I so miss that man. Ms. Willis is brilliant with this series, there is no way to predict what she is going to do next and I can hardly wait to read the next book in this series. As I told a friend of mine, I normally hate horror shows and books, I am not a fan of being scared of things, but M.S. Willis has created a series I am addicted to……….I welcome the nightmares they cause, the tears they bring, the fear that I feel………I am hopelessly addicted to allowing her to manipulate my heart over and over again just spend more time with the members of the Estate. Reviewed by Tbird for Crystal’s Many Reviewers *Copy provided for honest review*
DeeMcGee1 More than 1 year ago
Another great dark read in The Estate series! *I was given a copy of Hope Restrained for an honest review. Hope Restrained is NOT for the faint of heart. There are no flowery sentiments of affection, deep declarations of commitment, or even regular acts of love. Hope Restrained is a tale of a bleak, ruthless existence of the men who run The Estate. The Estate is a vast criminal network of nefarious activities, including the kidnapping of innocent women. The atrocities committed against women is unspeakable. However, M.S. Willis goes down that dark path with The Estate series. M.S. writing is the acknowledgement of the inhumanity that lives inside us all and the tiny vestiges of love that break through the darkness. Madeline, Abducted, the first book in this series, chronicles the kidnapping and violation of Madeline Clark. She is intended as a “gift” from Joseph Carmichael, the creator of The Estate, to his son Aaron. Aaron is appalled and must fight his fathers depraved ways to save Madeline from her eventual fate, death. Aaron battles against his father with help from his best friend in this bleak existence. Xander Black is Aaron’s right hand man. He will do anything for Aaron, including die for him. When assassin Hope Delacroix breaches The Estate with the intent of executing Aaron, she is unprepared when she meets her match in Xander. Both Hope and Xander have been brought up in criminal families. They’ve seen the worst of the worst. As Xander breaks Hope as a slave, he discovers that the dangers of past Estate victims still lurk. And that he’s found a kindred spirit in Hope. Hope Restrained is definitely a palate cleansing read. From page one you’re thrown into a world you hope doesn’t exist. The main characters are not good people. They kill, rape, and torture one another. It takes a special type of person to see through these extreme flaws and care for someone. M.S. crafts characters and a story that does the unimaginable. You care about these warped people. Writing in the third person, you get every twisted thought coming out of their minds. But you also see their humanity longing to come out. You see their suffering and you want them to survive this experience as better people. That is why I read M.S. Willis’s books. My only issue with Hope Restrained is that I wanted a little more history with Hope and her sister Honor. I didn’t connect with Honor’s character as much as I would have liked. Other than that, I really liked Hope Restrained. The reason I read dark books like this is because I enjoy the contrasting feelings of austere and optimism. This is something M.S. Willis is fantastic at! I give Hope Restrained 4 out of 5 stars! Written by Dee McGee - Booze, Bookz, and Bad Boyz