Hope When Your Heart Breaks: Navigating Grief and Loss

Hope When Your Heart Breaks: Navigating Grief and Loss

by Michael W. Newman


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Grieving occurs in many situations in life; grief is usually associated with death, but it can occur after any loss-divorce, layoffs, the end of a friendship.

In this book, author Michael Newman writes 52 short devotion-style chapters that focus on different forms of grief. The book can be read cover to cover, or readers can flip to a chapter that will help them most in this season of life. The focus of each chapter is the presence of God in the midst of grief and the comfort and hope that can be found in that knowledge.

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ISBN-13: 9780758658562
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House
Publication date: 08/24/2017
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 261,708
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

An author of several books, Michael also enjoys communicating the gift of hope in Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching, and mission outreach. He currently serves as a mission strategist, working to share the only antidote to heartbreak by planting new churches and sending new workers to share the Good News of Jesus. Michael has been married to Cindy since 1983. They give thanks for their wonderful adult daughter and their families.

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book 9

The Beginning

1 When Grief Shows Up 10


2 When You're Angry 14

3 When You're Sad, Very Sad 18

4 When You Feel Helpless 22

5 When You Feel Displaced 26

6 When You Feel like It's All Your Fault 30

7 When You Feel like You Want to Disappear 34

8 When You Feel Cast Aside 38


9 When Your Thought Your Life Would Go Differently 42

10 When You Are Filled with Guilt 46

11 When You Know Life Isn't Supposed to Be This Way 50

12 When You're Disappointed 54

13 When You Thought You Were Over It 58

14 When You Don't Think You'll Ever Be Happy Again 62


15 When Everything Changes 66

16 When You Can't Do What You Used To 70

17 When You Have a Good Day-and Feel Guilty 74

18 When You Want to Go Back to the Way It Was 78

19 When Your Dream Dies 82

20 When Your Gifts Seem Wasted 86

21 When Reality Hits Home 90


22 When You Don't Know Who You Are Anymore 94

23 When You're Ashamed 98

24 When You Seem Insignificant 102

25 When You're Tired of Crying 106

26 When You Can't Get Out of Bed 110

27 When Your Struggle Doesn't Go Away 114

28 When You Hate Your Situation 118


29 When You're Questioning God 122

30 When You Believe God Has Forgotten You 126

31 When You're Angry at God 130

32 When You're Waiting for God to Act 134

33 When You Don't Want to Go to Church 138

34 When You Thought You Knew God's Plan 142


35 When People Seem to Judge You 146

35 When Nobody Listens to You 150

37 When Your Friends Say They Understand 154


38 When You Dread Having to Face Another Day 158

39 When You Need Hope 162

40 When You're Ready for Eternity 166

41 When You Don't Know Your Purpose Anymore 170

42 When Peace Invades Unexpectedly 174


43 When You're Afraid 178

44 When Your Don't Think You'll Make It Out of This Alive 182

45 When You're Afraid to Feel Again 186

46 When You're Overcome by Anxiety 190

47 When It Hurts More Than It Ever Has 194


48 When You Miss the One You Love 198

49 When You Need a Hug 202

50 When You've Lost Your Whole World 206

51 When the Sun Rises Again 210

Hope for a New Season

52 When Your Grief Companion Begins to Take a Back Seat 214

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