Hope's Dream: Be Inspired to Imagine

Hope's Dream: Be Inspired to Imagine


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Hopes Dream is about a nine-year-old girl who is frustrated because she feels powerless in the world. She wishes upon a star one night and is taken deeply into the subconscious reality of her own dream. Through her dream, she is able to find the key that shes been searching for. She realizes that the key has always been with her, she just needed to open her eyes to that reality.

This book will show those who explore it that they, too, hold the key to their own reality. The key assists them in creating their own reality, which in turn assists them in creating their own reality, their own personal dream. The intention of this book is to open the readers eyes to the power that each one of us holds, thus becoming a dream master, a master of one's own reality and world.

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ISBN-13: 9781546244929
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 07/12/2018
Pages: 54
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.31(d)

About the Author

William Hill has been a poet and writer for many years. He studied psychology and theology at the University of Colorado, where his love of the study of human potential blossomed. His passions include philosophy, art, Earth awareness, and health and fitness. He enjoys long nature walks and experiencing other cultures and ways of being. Through his poetry, he strives to show people a unique way of viewing the world. William is the uncle of seven children and enjoys participating in the promise of their creativity.

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There once lived a girl named Hope Hill She was a bright nine gear old with a strong will She had a good heart and a sound mind She had good manners, Hope was peaceful and kind.

Hope wished for a world that was free She longed to help others and humanity Thinking just how to play her part As a child she didn't know where to start

She would sit and daydream in class Hoping that the chaos seen would someday pass Her imagination was strong But she longed to listen to a different song

She was tired of hearing others complain And not acting was just insane The grownups around her didn't have a clue They had a very different view

They wanted to accrue more stuff But Hope wondered just how much stuff was enough Wanting more power and money Believing that these things would set them free

She just wanted them all to find peace And the love in the world to greatly increase To help one another to see That unity could one day set us all free

She searched for the key both inside and out Releasing both her fears and doubt She gazed up at the stars on a clear night Asking how she could make this right

Tears rolled down her cheeks, she began to speak "Oh stars how do I find just what I seek?" A shooting star across the sky She then knew in her heart there's no need to cry

She got into bed and under the sheets In her dream we'll see who she meets Closing her eyes Hope falls quickly to sleep Her slumber was ever so deep

A cool breeze, the sweet smell of salty sea air Rolling waves, seagulls flying above without a care Hope wakes on a wooden raft facing the sky She sits up looks around puzzled and lets out a sigh

A brave seagull flies down and lands on the raft He did a dance, sang a song, told a joke and Hope laughed She couldn't believe it, a talking seagull The raft began moving, the ocean tide had a strong pull

My name is Veritas, I will be your guide This sublime adventure will be one heck of a ride They approach an island with sparkling sand Veritas turned around and placed something in Hope's hand

She saw that it was a key in the shape of a heart You hold the key to your dreams, now let us start The key to your heart will guide you home when you're ready But now we must move forward slow and steady

A great hot air balloon appeared on the beach The Lycaenidae we call it, how high it will reach Voices can be heard coming up from behind It was five children approaching all joyous and kind

Jacob, Bethany, Nirvana, Meta and Habi Uniting together will help us all see The lessons presented by Veritas and his friends We will begin to see through a different lens

All aboard the Lycaenidae! The gull called out Veritas stands proudly without any doubt They climb on board in a large wicker basket If you have a question feel free to ask it

Veritas released the rope and off they go Into the wild blue yonder what a great show Floating over the palm trees and up in the air This grand journey they're on was something so rare

The beautiful island disappears from view They now float high into the sky ever so blue The air is cooler up here smelling so sweet The sun shines upon them feeling a little heat

Into a great cloud they float nothing can be seen Then down below there are fields ever so green The land of rolling hills and beautiful oak trees The land being warm nothing will ever freeze

A quaint little cottage sits high on a hill The scene is serene, peaceful and ever so still A lady waves up at them her smile so bright The Lycaenidae drifts downward from the great height

The children smile as they land softly on the ground You may exit now and have a look around A big black dog approaches wagging his tail Having a dog around lifts up the veil

So happy and in the now he teaches us to be Just like other creatures and the great tree The lady approaches her beauty ever so true Her skin so fair and her eyes were bright blue


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Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
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