Hopkins Variations:: Standing Round a Waterfall.

Hopkins Variations:: Standing Round a Waterfall.

by Annette Kuhn, Joseph Feeney



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ISBN-13: 9780916101398
Publisher: Fordham University Press
Publication date: 01/01/2002
Pages: 315
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 5.80(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Annette Kuhn is Professor of Film Studies at Lancaster University, UK. Her many books include The Power of the Image, Cinema, Censorship and Sexuality, 1909 to 1925, Family Secrets: Act of Memory and Imagination, and as editor Alien Zone and Alien Zone II.

Table of Contents

Matching Creativities
"Incertus" as GMH as Seamus Heaney3
"By the Gate of the Sacred"5
Hopkins and I9
Afterthoughts: GMH12
Hopkins and I13
Physical Matters
Following Hopkins23
A Hopkins Apprenticeship29
Hopkins and Me33
The Incessant Calls from Hopkins: From a Tributary, a Winding Stream to the Main Current36
Why Hopkins Matters to Me43
Hopkins Made Me47
Stumbling on Hopkins51
Why Hopkins Matters to Me53
Physical Responses
For the Sake of Selving59
How Did I Come to Gerard Manley Hopkins?62
Hopkins and Me: How and Why66
"These things were there"69
Birds, Nests and Aerial Spaces, or: Why Hopkins Matters to Me72
Swimming and Diving with Hopkins80
An Ascot for Astronauts: Riding the Eternal Carousel with Gerard Manley Hopkins84
Intellectual Responses
G.M. Hopkins, the Transparency of Language and Modernist Word-Skepticism95
Hopkins in My Life and Work102
A Poet Who Came to Brood and Sit108
Master of Inscapes as Matrix of Invention111
My Encounters with Hopkins122
Hopkins' Articulate Self125
Why Hopkins Matters130
Pilgrimage to a Text
A Tale of Five Continents137
Dramatizing the Text
My Beautiful Persian Carpet173
Brass-bold: An Actor and G.M. Hopkins177
Hopkins Gladly Performed181
How I Became a Hopkins Performer185
Personal Responses
Hopkins and His Canonical Preservation189
A Poet Who Resurrects Comfort192
A Vigorous Discipline196
What Hopkins Means to Me200
How I Came, by Others' Wisdom and Kindness, to Be a (Novice) Hopkins Scholar204
"Striding high there": Hopkins' Poetic Achievements208
Hopkins and God's Grandeur212
Birth of a Brain: Finding Hopkins Finding Self216
Hopkins as Lifeline222
Godly Responses
Hopkins, Sacrifice and God233
Reading Hopkins: A Dialogue between Two Traditions237
Why Does Hopkins' Poetry Mean So Much to the Japanese?246
Reading Hopkins251
A Memoir about Hopkins254
Why Hopkins Matters to Me258
Praying with Hopkins262
Drawn in by Hopkins
My Hopkins Apprenticeship269
Why Hopkins and Me?272
Coming to Hopkins278
Hopkins and I282
Postmodern Indeterminacy and the Search for Meaning: Why Hopkins Matters to Me286
Hopkins' Poetry: I Cannot Choose but Hear290
Catching Up with Hopkins295

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