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Horizontal and Vertical Coloring: Adult Coloring Book Series

Horizontal and Vertical Coloring: Adult Coloring Book Series

by R. L. Vilches
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Adults and children of all ages can get swept away in a world of imagination and relaxation. You see, Mandalas use to be symbols that helped people no the borders of villages and kingdoms. Now, we use this "Sacred Geometry" to open the door to stress-relief, meditation and serenity. I bet you didn't know that when you where younger, that you were calming down every time you opened up and started coloring in that coloring book. Now take coloring to a whole other level! When you are stressed out from work, a break up, a terrible day at the office or you just want to enjoy some "Me time" by yourself, while getting out of your own head space for a moment.

Over 20 amazing black and white designs that you can color away until you feel the need to not do it anymore, then stop coloring. This is supposed to be a meditative process with creative juices flowing like a river onto the paper. Allow yourself to get immersed into a more calm and relaxing within minutes! Don't pay top dollar for all those appointments to the doctor. Give permission to the "Sacred Geometry" of Mandalas to do it for you. People have been doing it since the dawn of time, so why can it not be you feeling bliss or clarity of mind in just a few minutes of coloring. I think it's time for your mind, body and spirit to become whole again. Once you have felt that you have relaxed enough, just stop what you're doing. The book has done its job.

"Holy cow! This book has help me get my focus and concentration back, as well as relived so much stress at the right time that I need it. Thank you!"
-Pierce, Texas

"I follow the very simple instructions on the back of the book, and off I went. An hour later, I couldn't even remember what I was mad about earlier that day. Thank you so very much for this!"
-Patricia, Oakland California

"This is a book that you can put in your office on a busy day, and help the people in the waiting room calm down if things are taking too long."
-Jefferey T., Ohio

"My kids love coloring books, and I remember that I did too when I was young, but I never knew that, with this kind of coloring book, that I could wash away all my cares and worries with where I would change my mindset completely. This book is AMAZING! Thanks for making life a little easier. Bless you." -Katherine, Louisville, Kentucky

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ISBN-13: 9781532913822
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/22/2016
Series: Horizonatl and Vertical Coloring: Adult Coloring Book Series , #2
Pages: 56
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.12(d)

About the Author

My life began at the age of nine (9), and it was a kid being a kid, with having life by the balls with good parents, fantastic family, almost no cares in the world, except for having fun and making friends. Friends were fruitful, my desires and needs were meant. It was a beautiful life, but things were about to change. Life was too good too good to last forever. Duality set in. by the age of nine, I was able to see things that others cannot see, hear what others could no hear, and for some part, I just thought that it was solely my imagination running wild, In truth, this was the universe saying that it had to show me the balance in the equation before I think that things are always going to be good, all of the time. My parents divorced, and playing the back and forth battle of parents and playing a game of "who's the best of the two parents" and I really didn't want to play this game. I felt that I was too young to experience this kind of chaos,and it was some of those friends that I had that deal with this on a daily basis, and then the Occult came into my life. I love everything Sci-Fi and magickal. Watching the Mickey mouse movie of Mickey being a sorcerer and commanding everything with spells intrigued me. I also found it to be quite amazing to be around other people who's lives were not entirely like my own, or the total opposite. Either way, I tried to keep my mind on having fun and being a kid, till about 13 years old. I then, unknown to me, became the age where abuse and hatred began to set in. I remember that very first moment when I laid my hands on someone that ticked me off, and it had to do with a girl named Danielle at that time. I really cared about this girl, and she cared for me, as far as I thought. I then begun to understand loss and regret. For some reason I have a bad memory, but when it comes to my story, I actually remember it with the fragments that I see when thinking about it.

Anyway, my life as a teen was challenging. Bullying, trying to not feel embarrassed because of knowing that my clothes were either hand me downs or from the cheapest store imaginable, not knowing that all this will become irrelevant in a decade or so. I now have a goal to help others evolve and become better people, no matter the lifestyle that you may choose. We all have 1,000,000 things on our plates, but life doesn't have to be so stressful. This is why I started making the series that you see here. Blessings to you, with love and with light.

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